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 [14:48:25]  dylan_r (~dylanrunk@blk-138-10-122.eastlink.ca) joined #markus.
 [14:50:01] <WilliamRoy>  Hey Dylan
 [14:50:18] <dylan_r>  hey
 [14:50:47] <WilliamRoy>  Have you managed to get anything working?
 [14:51:09] <dylan_r>  no
 [14:51:39] <dylan_r>  lol. I was looking at the files we may have to change but didn't have time to implement anything. you?
 [14:51:40] <WilliamRoy>  How far have you gotten?
 [14:51:54] <WilliamRoy>  I haven't bothered to implement anything
 [14:52:03] <WilliamRoy>  I like we need a direction before we do
 [14:52:11] <WilliamRoy>  I've also had too many assignments haha
 [14:52:14] <dylan_r>  mm. I was looking for ways to create svn repos and it just doesn't seem possible
 [14:52:16] <dylan_r>  yeah I hear that
 [14:52:22] <WilliamRoy>  Its not
 [14:52:29] <WilliamRoy>  That's the biggest problem
 [14:52:38] <dylan_r>  yeah. darn.
 [14:52:42] <WilliamRoy>  if we can't create the svn repo, we may as well use git
 [14:52:44] <dylan_r>  did you get anywhere playing with rugged/
 [14:52:49] <dylan_r>  *?
 [14:52:54] <WilliamRoy>  I haven't had a chance to touch it
 [14:53:13] <dylan_r>  mm. well at least if we know we're going git it should make it easier...
 [14:53:14] <WilliamRoy>  I've got it downloaded and thats as far as I got
 [14:53:34] <dylan_r>  yeah. did you have to do anything with libgit2? I tried installing but no go
 [14:53:41] <WilliamRoy>  Git has crazy support right now because its a pro rails system
 [14:54:03] <WilliamRoy>  I think getting the bundle working this week will be my pet project
 [14:54:12] <dylan_r>  yeah everyone seems to love it. i guess it makes sense. it's just going to suck for people to have to get switched over.
 [14:54:49] <WilliamRoy>  yeah thats the down side, but git offers so many more debugging tools and control its hard to argue against
 [14:54:52] <dylan_r>  I noticed there is an svn to git conversion gem though....I wonder if that would be a useful addition if we do have to do git only
 [14:54:55] <dylan_r>  yeah
 [14:55:02] <dylan_r>  let me find it again 1 sec
 [14:55:06] <WilliamRoy>  link me to this gem
 [14:56:39] <dylan_r>  ah never mind. Not a gem, just a tool
 [14:56:41] <dylan_r>  http://viarails.net/q/How-do-I-convert-my-Subversion-SVN-code-repository-to-git
 [14:57:15] <WilliamRoy>  git-core is now part of regular git haha
 [14:57:31] <WilliamRoy>  this is what I've been playing with http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/git-svn-tutorial
 [14:57:52] <dylan_r>  ah. well. at least they make it easy
 [14:58:25] <WilliamRoy>  yeah, there was another git addon called git-svn but its lost support
 [14:58:33] <dylan_r>  I made a google doc of the files that need changing/have subversion specific code/comments in them. Will share later and we can throw it on the blog when it's done.
 [14:58:42] <WilliamRoy>  part of its functionality got add to git svn
 [14:59:00] <WilliamRoy>  That would be really good
 [14:59:02] <dylan_r>  hmm.
 [14:59:07] <dylan_r>  wait you don't have gmail eg?
 [14:59:10] <WilliamRoy>  It'll allow for group contributions
 [14:59:21] <WilliamRoy>  yeah I do, I think I sent it
 [14:59:26] <WilliamRoy>  I'll email it to again
 [14:59:30] <dylan_r>  kk thanks
 [14:59:50]  daniyall (~dl@S01065cd9986b49e3.vc.shawcable.net) joined #markus.
 [14:59:56] <dylan_r>  hey daniyall
 [15:00:04] <daniyall>  Hi
 [15:00:13] <WilliamRoy>  hey daniyall
 [15:00:31] <WilliamRoy>  sent you my gmail dylan
 [15:00:40] <dylan_r>  daniyall do you have gmail
 [15:00:40] <dylan_r>  ?
 [15:00:45] <daniyall>  yes
 [15:00:56] <daniyall>  I can email it to you
 [15:01:08] <WilliamRoy>  Daniyal have you looked into the git svn stuff?
 [15:01:16] <dylan_r>  yeah please. I have a google doc that I started putting the list of files we might need to change
 [15:02:47] <daniyall>  I just sent it.
 [15:03:01] <dylan_r>  thanks
 [15:04:02] <dylan_r>  OK. So do we want to go around and say what we know/don't know/ideas?
 [15:04:19] <WilliamRoy>  ok, what we do know
 [15:04:22] <WilliamRoy>  to start
 [15:04:29] <WilliamRoy>  git cannot create svn repos
 [15:04:42] <WilliamRoy>  it can clone and push to already existing svn repos
 [15:05:22] <WilliamRoy>  but that have authentication issues because we're using git repos as the middle man to svn
 [15:05:27] <WilliamRoy>  has*
 [15:07:10] <dylan_r>  Guess that about sums it up...the not being able to create new repos is sort of a showstopper for this idea of keeping svn support.
 [15:08:11] <WilliamRoy>  Do you think it would be possible for rails/ruby to interact with the server's shell?
 [15:08:19] <WilliamRoy>  we could manage svn that way
 [15:09:39] <dylan_r>  I don't know..and I don't know the implications of that environment wise. I don't know if you can deploy Markus to different boxes like linux and windows, but that would create issues.
 [15:10:17] <WilliamRoy>  markus already doesn't work on windows haha
 [15:10:54] <WilliamRoy>  you're right though, there could be a lot of dependancies
 [15:11:07] <WilliamRoy>  also, I don't like programs touching my shell
 [15:11:41] <dylan_r>  yeah. I feel like between hacking away for svn or just using git...git seems like the obvious answer
 [15:12:10] <dylan_r>  Can bring it up tomorrow with Karen though, just to see
 [15:12:25] <WilliamRoy>  I agree
 [15:12:45] <daniyall>  Yeah we should discuss it with Karen, but I also think completely replacing svn with Git would be easier
 [15:13:25] <dylan_r>  plus we know it'll be supported for a good long while
 [15:13:41] <daniyall>  The purpose of keeping svn was to make it easier for students who are learning version control for the first time
 [15:14:01] <WilliamRoy>  Git is easy to teach if you have no idea about version control
 [15:14:29] <WilliamRoy>  I think we should implement the git repos in parallel with the svn main build
 [15:14:53] <WilliamRoy>  that way if the svn repos catch up, the profs could have a choice about which platform they'd like
 [15:15:01] <WilliamRoy>  similar to the database situation
 [15:15:24] <dylan_r>  agreed. might as well leave the svn code alone.
 [15:15:56] <WilliamRoy>  well that will allow us to still easily work on master too
 [15:16:16] <daniyall>  Besides changing some configuration stuff, would the main work for that be making a git_repository that extends reposityr?
 [15:16:17] <WilliamRoy>  i suppose with master, not on master
 [15:16:30] <WilliamRoy>  partially
 [15:16:43] <WilliamRoy>  we also need a whole new authentication system
 [15:16:53] <daniyall>  right.
 [15:17:11] <dylan_r>  yeah that's going to be fun.
 [15:17:15] <WilliamRoy>  that would require a new settings page for admin and student
 [15:17:38] <WilliamRoy>  and probably some database modifications
 [15:17:50] <WilliamRoy>  do we know how svn authenicates now
 [15:17:54] <WilliamRoy>  ?
 [15:18:04] <dylan_r>  not at all. would be good to look into that this week
 [15:18:06] <daniyall>  Could/Should the new authentication system be used for svn as well?
 [15:18:39] <WilliamRoy>  maybe, I don't know how svn authenticates
 [15:19:00] <dylan_r>  i don't think it could. but is there a way we could implement the it auth problem that leaves it blind to the user like now? that would be nice
 [15:19:15] <WilliamRoy>  so far we need to look into, authentication of svn and can it be recycled AND how to bundle the new git stuff
 [15:19:44] <WilliamRoy>  does svn use a ssh key pair to authenticate?
 [15:19:51] <WilliamRoy>  idk I've never used it
 [15:20:10] <dylan_r>  I don't know. Will need to play around as a student on it
 [15:21:07] <dylan_r>  well, theres 3 of us and as I see it 3 problems. 1) How svn authenticates now, 2)Managing authentication with Git, 3) actually implementing the git methods and building the git_repository class
 [15:21:28] <dylan_r>  i don't know if thats a good way to break it up but it might give us all something to do without overlapping
 [15:21:35] <WilliamRoy>  there is also the issue of installing the bindings
 [15:21:45] <dylan_r>  ..that too lol
 [15:21:58] <WilliamRoy>  that kind of goes with implementation though
 [15:22:43] <dylan_r>  yeah. Maybe it can be a 'first person to get it' shares with the rest deal, since it's a roadblock for everyone
 [15:23:11] <WilliamRoy>  for the most part, number 1 and 2 don't need the git bindings
 [15:23:27] <dylan_r>  1 not much...2 i feel like you would?
 [15:23:47] <WilliamRoy>  you can develop outside ruby, basically as a test
 [15:24:02] <WilliamRoy>  even its just a bash program
 [15:24:07] <WilliamRoy>  if its*
 [15:24:09] <dylan_r>  true
 [15:24:30] <WilliamRoy>  libgit2 has all the git functions, it would just be a matter of translation
 [15:24:55] <dylan_r>  and good luck installing libgit2 on osx =/
 [15:25:13] <WilliamRoy>  hahaha, watch me get it first try :P
 [15:25:33] <dylan_r>  probably :S
 [15:25:44] <dylan_r>  alright well lets set some goals for this week then
 [15:26:00] <WilliamRoy>  I'll start working on the bundler for libgit2 and rugged
 [15:26:03] <dylan_r>  i think one should definitely be getting everything we need installed
 [15:26:04] <dylan_r>  cool
 [15:26:21] <WilliamRoy>  I'll try and get both OSX and ubuntu working
 [15:26:33] <WilliamRoy>  which version of Ubuntu are you running Daniyal?
 [15:26:42] <daniyall>  Kubuntu 13.10
 [15:27:06] <dylan_r>  I'll look into the svn authentication
 [15:27:21] <dylan_r>  maybe daniyall we can both do that. might need two lol
 [15:27:34] <daniyall>  OK. I wanted to look into that too.
 [15:27:56] <WilliamRoy>  maybe start with git authentication and work towards svn
 [15:28:09] <dylan_r>  sounds good.
 [15:28:11] <WilliamRoy>  that way you'll know what you need and maybe some of its already in Markus
 [15:28:24] <dylan_r>  should we aim for this on 1.9.3?
 [15:28:45] <WilliamRoy>  probably not, 1.9.3 doesn't work on all the OSX machines
 [15:28:58] <WilliamRoy>  that's the primary development environment
 [15:29:04] <dylan_r>  oh right.
 [15:29:09] <dylan_r>  hokay.
 [15:29:14] <daniyall>  Yeah Markus on 1.9.3 doesnt work for me after upgrading to Kubuntu 13.10
 [15:29:22] <daniyall>  Im running on 1.9.2 right now
 [15:29:27] <WilliamRoy>  1.8.7 is fine for now i think
 [15:29:49] <WilliamRoy>  we'd be skipping to ruby 2 anyways once git works haha
 [15:30:09] <dylan_r>  true
 [15:30:42] <WilliamRoy>  so dylan and daniyal on authentication, and I'll start working on implementation?
 [15:31:27] <dylan_r>  sounds good! if we get the bundle done I can help make a guide for others too
 [15:32:24] <WilliamRoy>  I was just going to say I'd start that too
 [15:32:32] <WilliamRoy>  haha
 [15:32:43] <dylan_r>  well whatever haha. whoever has time
 [15:32:55] <WilliamRoy>  Is there anything we need to talk to Karen or the other developers about?
 [15:33:33] <daniyall>  We still need to ask if its ok to develop git side by side with svn
 [15:33:42] <dylan_r>  well, besides the whole leaving svn behind thing..lol
 [15:34:09] <WilliamRoy>  we're not leaving it behind, we're waiting for it to catch up haha
 [15:34:13] <dylan_r>  i think thats it though.
 [15:34:16] <dylan_r>  (if)
 [15:34:37] <dylan_r>  we all good then/
 [15:34:38] <dylan_r>  ?
 [15:34:57] <WilliamRoy>  i think so, are we going to share new info with between each other somehow?
 [15:34:58] <daniyall>  Yeah, I think so.
 [15:35:14] <WilliamRoy>  just the email chain we've been using?
 [15:35:21] <dylan_r>  Yeah i guess just email if we get anywhere
 [15:35:50] <dylan_r>  cool, well good luck. talk to you guys tomorrow lol
 [15:36:10] <WilliamRoy>  ok awesome, tty tomorrow
 [15:36:14]  dylan_r (~dylanrunk@blk-138-10-122.eastlink.ca) left #markus.
 [15:36:32] <daniyall>  Talk to you tomorrow. Bye
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 [16:50:45] <ariannedee>  Is anyone there that can help me with the way javascript is inserted into rails using link_to_function?
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