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 [11:49:33] <dylan_r>  yo.
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 [11:51:58] <WilliamRoy>  how's it going dylan?
 [11:52:57] <dylan_r>  busiest I've been in my life lol. but good. you?
 [11:53:31] <WilliamRoy>  Same haha, the learning curve this semester has been really steep
 [11:54:09] <dylan_r>  for this or all the classes?
 [11:55:14] <WilliamRoy>  all classes, I've been learning Rails/Ruby, jQuery, WebGL, Unity, Blender, and Nintendo DS SDK
 [11:56:12] <dylan_r>  woah haha. Yeah I hear that though. IOS SDK, Jquery, Rails, and phonegap + network research. cant wait till december
 [11:56:48] <dylan_r>  wake up daniyal!
 [11:57:12] <WilliamRoy>  Have you done any research on the git/svn stuff?
 [11:58:08] <dylan_r>  I've looked a bit more into it. Honestly I'm a bit confused. As far as I can tell the only dependency on SVN is in the subversion_repository.rb file?
 [11:58:35] <WilliamRoy>  And most of the files in lib/
 [11:58:59] <dylan_r>  1 sec let me browse
 [11:59:53] <dylan_r>  just lib/repo/ right?
 [12:00:58] <WilliamRoy>  I think so...
 [12:01:44] <WilliamRoy>  if you use sublime you can search markus for all of the uses of svn
 [12:02:00] <dylan_r>  k cool. So my understanding is that there's an SVN server and the bindings are basically an API for rails to use them...but the repo themselves are just normal svn repos
 [12:02:37] <WilliamRoy>  yes, MarkUs manages a collection of regular SVN repos
 [12:03:04] <WilliamRoy>  the user's can access the repos outside of MarkUs, that's why Karen wants to keep SVN
 [12:03:22] <dylan_r>  ah k. so I'm not way off then
 [12:03:35] <dylan_r>  so why wouldn't that setup work with a git server?
 [12:04:06] <WilliamRoy>  Git servers are not built to have authoization tools like SVN
 [12:04:26] <WilliamRoy>  MarkUs makes a repo for a group, there is nothing to stop another group from accessing it
 [12:04:34] <WilliamRoy>  that's why we need gitolite
 [12:04:44] <dylan_r>  ah i see.
 [12:05:33] <WilliamRoy>  Personally, I think the best thing to do is keep the svn server, svn is still maintained however the binding are not.
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 [12:06:26] <WilliamRoy>  Then replace the Svn binding with git bindings. It doesn't matter with authorization and Git because the repos are SVN
 [12:06:54] <dylan_r>  I see, so just swap out the bindings and everyone should be happy.
 [12:07:20] <dylan_r>  I was trying to find some docs on using svn with git bindings but no luck, do you have any links for that?
 [12:07:34] <WilliamRoy>  yes, however, we have to rewrite all of the svn calls in MarkUs to use the calls Git uses to operate on SVN
 [12:08:08] <dylan_r>  yeah, but in terms of actual storage/servers it stays the same. cool
 [12:08:28] <WilliamRoy>  yes, I think though that we should consider some level of modularity.
 [12:08:45] <dylan_r>  how do you mean?
 [12:08:52] <WilliamRoy>  I think having the option to use Git servers is a nice feature for profs to use.
 [12:09:21] <WilliamRoy>  not all schools teach svn. Having the option might make more people consider to use MarkUs
 [12:09:32] <dylan_r>  ah yeah. so support both? that would be nice then, and the bindings would be the same
 [12:09:57] <WilliamRoy>  The bindings would, we'd need a couple extra gems though
 [12:10:22] <dylan_r>  the libgit2, rugged?
 [12:10:56] <WilliamRoy>  that's what we'd use for svn repos with git. If we use straight Git we'd need gitolite and whatever gems it needs.
 [12:12:00] <WilliamRoy>  libgit2 is not a gem, its a library of functions
 [12:12:06] <dylan_r>  right right. 1 sec taking another look at libgit
 [12:13:15] <WilliamRoy>  I think what GitHub uses for it's repos is libgit2 for function calls, rugged to call libgit2, and gitolite for authorization. That's what most people speculate GitHub does anyways.
 [12:13:51] <dylan_r>  so wait, rugged is the git bindings then?
 [12:14:14] <WilliamRoy>  rugged is a gem, it allows us to call C functions in Ruby. It isn't a binding
 [12:14:38] <WilliamRoy>  Bindings are basically special paths to software installs
 [12:15:04] <dylan_r>  libgit (C lib) calls Libgit2 functions which manages the repos...
 [12:15:09] <dylan_r>  do I have it now? lol
 [12:15:32] <WilliamRoy>  rugged calls libgit2 from what I understand
 [12:15:41] <dylan_r>  yup. sweet
 [12:16:07] <WilliamRoy>  I do think we need to bind libgit2 to rugged though
 [12:16:07] <dylan_r>  think I got it now.
 [12:16:33] <WilliamRoy>  but there are tons of reference for that, seeing as the ruby community loves git
 [12:17:10] <dylan_r>  mm.
 [12:17:18] <dylan_r>  I need to read these over again, apparently lol.
 [12:17:34] <dylan_r>  thats cool though, that seems like the most sensible solution
 [12:17:52] <dylan_r>  I like the fact that there's still the choice, too
 [12:18:11] <WilliamRoy>  I agree, but when we write our git functions, we should consider adding support for git repos at the same time.
 [12:18:52] <WilliamRoy>  whether we implement them or not, we should make it easy/easier for that functionality to be added
 [12:19:26] <dylan_r>  right, stub it out at least?
 [12:19:57] <jerboaa>  FWIW, basically what you need to do is implement AbstractRepository in lib/repo/repository.rb for Git using ruby git bindings.
 [12:20:17] <jerboaa>  SubversionRepository is one impl
 [12:21:57] <dylan_r>  well so it is...cool
 [12:22:51] <jerboaa>  if you start using something like git-svn (things end up in an SVN repo), but AFAIK it would be nicer if MarkUs could write Git repos.
 [12:24:07] <jerboaa>  repos end up in wherever REPOSITORY_STORAGE points to. if you serve those up using svnserve you can access them using the svn cli tool.
 [12:25:13] <jerboaa>  the big unknown is the equivalent of REPOSITORY_PERMISSION_FILE (svn_authz in the SVN case)
 [12:25:23] <jerboaa>  HTH
 [12:26:03] <dylan_r>  will give us good stuff to look at, thanks!
 [12:26:10]  *** jerboaa hasn't looked at markus' source code in a *long* time
 [12:26:18] <jerboaa>  np
 [12:26:24] <dylan_r>  hahah.
 [12:26:43] <dylan_r>  I think the idea was to still be able to create git repos, just be able to manage svn ones if they chose also
 [12:28:03] <jerboaa>  right. there should likely be a new config thing REPOSITORY_TYPE? where type in { "git", "svn" }. then use GitRepository otherwise SubversionRepository
 [12:28:47] <jerboaa>  see lib/markus_configurator.rb
 [12:29:34] <dylan_r>  markus_config_repository_type ?
 [12:29:57] <jerboaa>  ha! just saw, we've got that already :)
 [12:30:15] <dylan_r>  where are these configs defined?
 [12:31:03] <jerboaa>  config/environments/*.rb
 [12:31:11] <dylan_r>  ah jsut found it. thanks
 [12:31:17] <dylan_r>  *just
 [12:31:42] <jerboaa>  for dev - development.rb is the right one. for production - production.rb is crucial
 [12:31:59] <jerboaa>  (big surprise :-P)
 [12:32:21] <dylan_r>  lol
 [12:33:35] <jerboaa>  good luck!
 [12:33:48] <WilliamRoy>  Thanks!
 [12:33:50] <dylan_r>  thanks for the help!
 [12:35:24] <dylan_r>  Bill do you want to collab on a blog post for Monday? Karen seems to be keen on that =P
 [12:36:19] <WilliamRoy>  Yeah that would be a good idea, It'll help us condense ideas and look for feedback
 [12:37:03] <dylan_r>  yeah. I'll save this convo too so we can link to it/fill in Daniyal
 [12:37:28] <WilliamRoy>  all of the irc logs are stored on the markUs project site
 [12:37:54] <dylan_r>  ....well fine lol
 [12:38:32] <WilliamRoy>  haha I was just saying it's easy to link the log to him
 [12:38:55] <WilliamRoy>  What do think the best way to approach this problem is?
 [12:38:56] <dylan_r>  is there anything else we need to get through? I'm sorry I didn't have much in to input.
 [12:39:19] <dylan_r>  which? the blog or what we've been talking about
 [12:39:50] <WilliamRoy>  What are we going to write in the blog, what are we going to argue is the best solution.
 [12:40:12] <dylan_r>  If we can get it to work with both SVN and Git, I think that would be it.
 [12:40:30] <dylan_r>  From the config files it seems like that has had some previous thoughts to it as well
 [12:40:34] <WilliamRoy>  I agree, so the priority would be SVN
 [12:41:00] <dylan_r>  yeah, I agree. i think getting off the svn bindings would be a good first step
 [12:41:13] <dylan_r>  then get the git repo implementation
 [12:41:31] <WilliamRoy>  if we can get off the svn bindings we could jump from ruby 1.8.7 to 2.0
 [12:42:01] <dylan_r>  shweet. Yeah I like that as step 1.
 [12:42:05] <WilliamRoy>  Do we want to look into a plan to implement the SVN-Git stuff? Or look into a small test case first
 [12:42:56] <dylan_r>  the which? the git_repository implementation or the git-svn functionality?
 [12:43:27] <WilliamRoy>  svn repo with git bindings
 [12:44:14] <dylan_r>  ah yeah. I don't know. I think it would be nice to make some sort of plan. Make sure its feasible and all
 [12:44:37] <dylan_r>  although if a case study would make that easier I dont know
 [12:45:34] <dylan_r>  short answer; not sure.
 [12:45:53] <WilliamRoy>  I would agree with that.
 [12:46:18] <WilliamRoy>  So what do you want to cover in the blog post then?
 [12:46:34] <WilliamRoy>  state the issue, svn bindings.
 [12:46:50] <WilliamRoy>  pose solution 1: use git bindings to interact with svn.
 [12:47:04] <WilliamRoy>  pose soltuion 2: replace svn complete with Git.
 [12:47:31] <WilliamRoy>  pose solution 3: switch to Git bindings, and add at feature to choose SVN or Git repos.
 [12:47:58] <WilliamRoy>  That's all I can think of to write.
 [12:48:07] <dylan_r>  then proposed resources/libs/gems to use for that?
 [12:48:22] <dylan_r>  case study if we can find.
 [12:49:04] <WilliamRoy>  I think it might be best to try it with markus first, that way we know what can be implemented
 [12:49:04] <dylan_r>  maybe we can make mention of what jeremy was mentioning, just to give a better idea of how it would fit in. I don't know if that's too specific though
 [12:49:14] <dylan_r>  ah yea
 [12:49:34] <WilliamRoy>  Yeah that would be good, also request additional information about how svn is implemented into markus
 [12:50:28] <dylan_r>  yeah. And ask for any discussion for how we want to go about branching and such for this from someone with more experience with git
 [12:51:01] <dylan_r>  all i can think of
 [12:51:32] <WilliamRoy>  I have a pretty good amount of experience with git. But I know svn experience. Or how to use a a versioning system inside an application
 [12:51:39] <WilliamRoy>  no* not know
 [12:51:59] <WilliamRoy>  but I have no svn experience.*
 [12:52:06] <WilliamRoy>  typos everywhere haha
 [12:52:10] <dylan_r>  lol. yeah same here.
 [12:52:15] <dylan_r>  well I think thats a decent start
 [12:52:39] <WilliamRoy>  who's writing the post?
 [12:53:08] <WilliamRoy>  do we just want to write pieces of it and have one of us put it all together and post it saturday/sunday?
 [12:53:32] <dylan_r>  yeah I think thats good. You understand how the parts fit together better that I do
 [12:53:32] <WilliamRoy>  btw, do we even have a meeting monday? its thanksgiving haha
 [12:53:47] <dylan_r>  haha hmm. I'll email Karen...
 [12:53:52] <WilliamRoy>  I understand what we have to add, but not how to add it.
 [12:54:43] <dylan_r>  mm. well from the points above I guess just pick a few and you can let me know which ones to tackle
 [12:55:30] <WilliamRoy>  Ok, I'll send an email out tonight to you and daniyall about how we're composing the blog post.
 [12:55:46] <dylan_r>  k sounds good. I'm emailing Karen now about that meeting lol
 [12:56:04] <WilliamRoy>  yeah that would be nice hahaha
 [12:56:38] <WilliamRoy>  I'll break up the post into parts and we'll iteratively add to it until its ready to post.
 [12:57:10] <dylan_r>  sounds good
 [12:57:27] <WilliamRoy>  Alrighty, anything else you can think of?
 [12:58:02] <dylan_r>  mm nope, good over here
 [12:59:02] <WilliamRoy>  Ok cool, I'll email you tonight. Have a good one!
 [12:59:19] <dylan_r>  sweet, thanks. you too man!
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