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 [10:23:29] <oussama>  Hello everyone
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 [11:17:18] <nick___>  hey
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 [12:48:46] <oussama>  Hi all
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 [12:51:04] <danielstjules>  T minus 7 minutes to chat
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 [12:52:10] <danielstjules>  I gotta write up my status report real quick
 [12:52:18] <danielstjules>  I ended up passing out last night. still not feeling great
 [12:52:41] <oussamaBA>  is everything alright?
 [12:53:04] <danielstjules>  yea just came down with a real bad cold. fever, cough, headaches, the whole lot
 [12:53:08] <marcbodmer>  I'm sick too!
 [12:53:13] <danielstjules>  yay
 [12:53:19] <danielstjules>  it's all that quality time we spent together
 [12:53:23] <danielstjules>  spread the germs
 [12:53:30] <marcbodmer>  lol I think its the fact its -25C here
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 [12:53:40] <Alysha>  hahaha it's cold here too...
 [12:53:46] <oussamaBA>  it is Cold on Toronto
 [12:53:59] <oussamaBA>  cold in Toronto
 [12:54:02] <danielstjules>  -25 here right now, with windshield prob -35
 [12:54:25] <ian__>  it's no better here
 [12:54:31] <danielstjules>  manitoba right?
 [12:54:37] <ian__>  yeah
 [12:54:38] <danielstjules>  is u manitoba in winnipeg?
 [12:54:40] <Alysha>  i wouldn't want to go out in those conditions..
 [12:54:49] <Alysha>  -1 is cold enough for me
 [12:54:57] <ian__>  yes it is
 [12:54:58] <danielstjules>  haha dang
 [12:55:00] <danielstjules>  ah ok
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 [12:55:33] <ian__>  -26,-38 with wc
 [12:55:35] <danielstjules>  ian: here's the song I was talking about at the sprint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLlsjEP7L-k
 [12:55:42] <danielstjules>  One Great City - it's about winnipeg lol
 [12:55:52] <danielstjules>  damn, got me beat by 1-2 degrees lol
 [12:55:58] <danielstjules>  but that's cause you guys are as north as Thunder Bay
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 [12:59:17] <ian__>  Winnipeg isn't bad as long as you have your own car
 [12:59:23] <ian__>  the transit system needs work
 [12:59:25] <ian__>  to put it nicely
 [12:59:42] <darynl>  couldn't be worse than torontos
 [13:00:07] <ian__>  I was bussing home from the university today and had to wait ~30 mins for a bus
 [13:01:06] <darynl>  damn
 [13:01:23] <Alysha>  yeah that's no fun.. i usually get passed by busses because they're too full to even stop
 [13:01:37] <ian__>  that happens sometimes
 [13:01:41] <oussamaBA>  where is that?
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 [13:01:46] <Alysha>  vancouver
 [13:01:47] <ian__>  but usually only with the bussses that go to the uni in peak hours
 [13:01:47] <karenreid>  Hi everyone!
 [13:01:52] <ian__>  hey Karen!
 [13:01:54] <danielstjules>  hi karen!
 [13:01:57] <Alysha>  hi karen!
 [13:01:59] <mikewu>  hi Karen
 [13:02:06] <Mike-Stewart>  Hey
 [13:02:09] <marcbodmer>  Hi karen!
 [13:02:14] <karenreid>  This is going to be a challenge to get to the meetings on time. My students wanted to ask lots of questions.
 [13:02:15] <darynl>  hello everyone
 [13:02:16] <oussamaBA>  hi karen
 [13:02:20] <karenreid>  So everyone made it back okay?
 [13:02:33] <Alysha>  yup no delays this time
 [13:02:56] <ian__>  yup
 [13:03:16] <karenreid>  I'd like to introduce darynl and oussamaBA who are both Toronto students working on MarkUs.
 [13:03:37] <karenreid>  We weren't able to bring them to the sprint, but they have pretty much the same requirements this term as you do.
 [13:03:52] <marcbodmer>  I spoke with darynl on Skype and got him up to speed, oussama if you want to talk just let me know
 [13:04:03] <karenreid>  darynl worked on MarkUs as an independent study course in the summer, and oussamaBA has done a little bit on MarkUs last term.
 [13:04:36] <karenreid>  It was great to see the status reports up
 [13:04:51] <karenreid>  and that everyone has their environments set up and ready to go.
 [13:05:27] <karenreid>  What we normally do at a meeting is go through the list and invite further comment on the status reports.
 [13:05:42] <karenreid>  We probably don't really need to do that this time, since I saw most of you so recently.
 [13:06:24] <karenreid>  one request I have is to put the ticket numbers in the text of the status report as well as linking it. I don't tend to remember the issue numbers, but sometimes it helps
 [13:06:58] <karenreid>  marcbodmer: thanks for the blog post!
 [13:07:24] <karenreid>  I had forgotten already what people were thinking about for their larger projects.
 [13:08:41] <marcbodmer>  Yep, no problem
 [13:09:01] <karenreid>  The next step is to make sure everyone has a plan for this week and going forward.
 [13:10:23] <karenreid>  maybe the easiest way to do that is to going around and get everyone to comment or ask questions
 [13:11:03] <karenreid>  marcbodmer: do you want to start?
 [13:11:08] <marcbodmer>  Sure
 [13:11:29] <marcbodmer>  So...
 [13:11:37] <danielstjules>  lol
 [13:11:53] <Mike-Stewart>  Is this different from what we included in our status reports?
 [13:12:08] <danielstjules>  Just got my status report done. I'm not caught up.
 [13:12:11] <danielstjules>  *I'm now
 [13:12:18] <karenreid>  really an opportunity to expand on the status report.
 [13:12:40] <marcbodmer>  My plan for this week was to look at some more Github issues before continuing onwards. There are 2 reasons I want to do this...
 [13:12:45] <karenreid>  If there isn't anything else to say, that's okay, but if there are questions or other things to add, now is a good chance.
 [13:13:37] <marcbodmer>  1. Looking at Github issues lets you work on all parts of the application, giving you a more solid idea of how the different parts of the application works as well as how they all work together
 [13:14:46] <marcbodmer>  2. There may be issues relevant to my long term goals, which I would like to address and find before I dive in to my long term goal. That way, I know if I am doing something wrong or if there was an existing bug
 [13:15:17] <karenreid>  I'll all for knocking off more issues :-)
 [13:15:42] <karenreid>  You probably want to be a little careful not to spend too long on it so that you can get started on your larger project.
 [13:16:00] <danielstjules>  I feel like another week would be reasonable though?
 [13:16:06] <karenreid>  sure
 [13:16:08] <danielstjules>  Because it is a fairly large rails codebase
 [13:16:12] <marcbodmer>  Yea I feel like this week and next week would suffice
 [13:16:17] <karenreid>  I agree
 [13:16:37] <danielstjules>  Plus it would be awesome to get the number of issues down to say...150 :p
 [13:17:00] <karenreid>  that would make my day!
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 [13:17:10] <danielstjules>  lol marc
 [13:17:15] <darynl>  the issue list probably shouldn't be that high anyways, since there are some issues that should be closed but aren't
 [13:17:16] <Alysha>  i think it would also help people like me that aren't familiar with ruby on rails to tackle more issues before the larger project
 [13:17:34] <karenreid>  absolutely
 [13:17:51] <Mike-Stewart>  That might be a good plan for all of us
 [13:18:07] <karenreid>  ian__: you are planning to work on the test infrastructure. Was anyone else going to join you on that?
 [13:18:21] <ian__>  I think Nick was also going to work on the test framework
 [13:18:34] <nick___>  yes i am
 [13:18:37] <karenreid>  d'oh I should have remembered that.
 [13:18:49] <ian__>  it's just the 2 of us as far as I know
 [13:18:59] <karenreid>  I'm going to send you email with Brian Bo and Mina Almasry's contact info.
 [13:19:15] <karenreid>  they worked on it last term and would be happy to give you and with getting started on it.
 [13:19:19] <nick___>  How many people are there reviewing the pull requests? does it take a long time for them to get through
 [13:19:31] <danielstjules>  yeah, I noticed yours still haven't gone through Nick
 [13:19:39] <karenreid>  There are a small number of people who have been reviewing the requests.
 [13:19:46] <danielstjules>  Maybe we should start reviewing each others requests like Karen suggested yesterday
 [13:19:48] <nick___>  maybe it's cuz my code is too bad lol
 [13:19:48] <Mike-Stewart>  I have one outstanding as well
 [13:19:55] <Alysha>  i do too
 [13:20:09] <karenreid>  Yes, please start reviewing each others' requests.
 [13:20:39] <darynl>  are we still using review board for review requests or just on github now?
 [13:20:58] <danielstjules>  Just github
 [13:21:07] <darynl>  alright, i
 [13:21:15] <darynl>  i'll look at the requests
 [13:21:17] <karenreid>  You can comment on them and state whether you have tested them, or just read the code. I can do the pull requests, but I don't have time to do the reviews, so if at least one other person has looked at the code I can work on it.
 [13:21:48] <darynl>  ok
 [13:21:54] <ian__>  I have a github question
 [13:22:02] <ian__>  when testing these pull requests
 [13:22:08] <ian__>  is ipossible to pull the code into our repo for testing?
 [13:22:25] <Mike-Stewart>  Clone the person's issue branch, and run that
 [13:22:30] <danielstjules>  yea
 [13:22:36] <darynl>  beat me to it
 [13:22:40] <darynl>  :P
 [13:22:45] <ian__>  oh ok
 [13:22:46] <ian__>  thanks
 [13:22:53] <danielstjules>  you can also add their fork as a remote fork
 [13:23:01] <danielstjules>  ie: git remote add ian
 [13:23:15] <danielstjules>  then if you wanted to pull, you could do "git pull ian issue-123"
 [13:23:16] <ian__>  that certainly beats copying all the changes over into your branch manually
 [13:23:49] <danielstjules>  But I might just be biased, cause I prefer console over github interface
 [13:23:53] <danielstjules>  lol eya
 [13:23:54] <ian__>  I'll give that a whirl sometime and let you know if I have any problem
 [13:23:55] <nick___>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/pull/973 looks done
 [13:24:05] <karenreid>  that's a good way to make sure that the person doing the commit got everything into the system
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 [13:24:48] <karenreid>  thanks
 [13:25:30] <karenreid>  ian__: anything else to add or ask?
 [13:26:15] <oussamaBA>  Karen, I have a question
 [13:26:16] <ian__>  well this is probably a better question for the contacts you're going to send me
 [13:26:24] <ian__>  but the test framework uses ant right?
 [13:26:32] <danielstjules>  lol you're the third person to ask
 [13:26:33] <karenreid>  not any more
 [13:26:41] <ian__>  no?
 [13:26:55] <ian__>  it says it does on the page currntly
 [13:26:59] <ian__>  *currently
 [13:27:09] <nick___>  that has to change
 [13:27:10] <karenreid>  the first version did, but we decided it was too heavy weight, and could be replace by a program that
 [13:27:20] <nick___>  the text displayed on the webpage i mean
 [13:27:25] <karenreid>  spits out the right xml
 [13:27:28] <karenreid>  which page?
 [13:27:41] <ian__>  when the teacher is setting up the test
 [13:28:00] <karenreid>  that's because the new stuff hasn't made it to master yet
 [13:28:11] <karenreid>  hmm, I wonder where it is.
 [13:28:21] <karenreid>  That's the first question to ask mina and brian
 [13:28:30] <marcbodmer>  Also, thats one other thing I wanted to add. If your issues are related to any pages in the wiki, or if you ever stumble upon any outdated wiki pages, make a note of it so they can be updated. I am working on an update for the Mac OS X installation wiki page as well.
 [13:28:43] <ian__>  alright
 [13:28:50] <ian__>  should we be working on what's currently there?
 [13:29:00] <marcbodmer>  The wiki pages are in a separate repo, so you will have to clone that repo in order to submit any changes.
 [13:29:08] <karenreid>  yes please! I can get them on the wiki pretty fast now.
 [13:29:16] <mikewu>  okay, i was gonna ask about how to edit the wiki