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 [05:14:38] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] benjaminvialle pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/OKxALA
 [05:14:38] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  Markus/master 78efe07 Joel Burford: Included effects.js, seems to fix the problem.
 [05:14:38] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  Markus/master 43773a8 Benjamin Vialle: Merge pull request #934 from joelburford/issue-903...
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 [12:05:28] <karenreid>  hi everyone. sorry I'm late
 [12:05:33] <e-morency>  hi
 [12:05:54] <karenreid>  I was just talking with Michael Margel and Oussama so it was at least MarkUs related.
 [12:06:17] <joeyperry>  we'll forgive you :)
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 [12:06:37] <karenreid>  :-)
 [12:07:52] <karenreid>  Everyone seems to be going crazy with end of term work.
 [12:08:12] <karenreid>  I'm not sure when classes end for everyone, but here the last day of class is Dec. 5
 [12:08:16] <joeyperry>  it's definitely ramping up
 [12:08:39] <joeyperry>  I think I'm done on the 6th, other than finals
 [12:09:24] <karenreid>  This means that we should be in wrap up mode. We will have one more "regular" meeting next friday, and then one post mortem meeting.
 [12:09:29] <joeyperry>  (more worried about christmas shopping though...)
 [12:10:15] <karenreid>  so the theme for this meeting is what is left to do to wrap up what you are working on
 [12:10:34] <karenreid>  technically, I'm supposed to come up with marks by Dec 10 for everyone,
 [12:11:07] <karenreid>  however, if you were hoping to have a bit of extra time to wrap things up with MarkUs (if other projects have been taking up all your time for example)
 [12:11:29] <karenreid>  I can talk with your home faculty coordinator to see when they need to have marks by
 [12:11:39] <joeyperry>  I was going to ask, if there's any problem with us contributing past the end of the term
 [12:12:30] <karenreid>  I will be effusively grateful to anyone who continues to contribute in anyway past the end of term.
 [12:13:38] <karenreid>  It does happen that people want a bit of extra time to really finish what they had started or there is some piece that they are keen to do, so you are more than welcome to continue to contribute. :-)
 [12:13:55] <joeyperry>  sounds good!
 [12:14:08] <joeyperry>  there's definitely a few things I wouldn't mind finishing up
 [12:14:13] <karenreid>  yay!
 [12:14:15] <joeyperry>  polishing up the stylesheets a bit more was one of them
 [12:14:51]  anndrey (81adf207@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #markus.
 [12:14:57] <e-morency>  I think I might continue working on it a little bit as well
 [12:15:13] <e-morency>  (when I have time)
 [12:15:19] <anndrey>  Sorry, I'm late I have another meeting
 [12:15:22] <anndrey>  had*
 [12:15:27] <karenreid>  I meant to double check to see who still needs to do some writing before the end of the term, but that is the other thing to think about.
 [12:16:27] <karenreid>  e-morency: that would be great! MarkUs has really benefited from past students who have stuck around long enough to help new students get started, work on some bugs they have some insight into, or taking on some code reviews, so the help is always appreciated.
 [12:16:42] <karenreid>  Okay, joeyperry do you want to start with the status reports?
 [12:17:04] <joeyperry>  sure! before I have to leave this lecture
 [12:18:20] <joeyperry>  I just submitted the pull request for the fix of removing the prototype legacy helper gem, so now all of that old code has been removed
 [12:18:21] <joeyperry>  it has some a few minor fixes mixed in with it, mostly javascript include clean up
 [12:18:21] <joeyperry>  apparently it should be in soon, and hopefully no one will even notice what changed :)
 [12:18:39] <joeyperry>  other than that, I've been trying to help others investigate some especially tricky bugs, like the one joel was working on with remark request
 [12:19:22] <joeyperry>  my plan now is to write up a blog post on rails debugger, and to look at speeding up the "users" table loading, as sort of a test case to apply to any of the tables
 [12:19:34] <joeyperry>  or rather, all of the other tables
 [12:20:07] <karenreid>  sound great (sorry for dragging your attention away from lecture)
 [12:20:07] <joeyperry>  and that's about it
 [12:20:22] <joeyperry>  it's no problem, I can multitask
 [12:21:01] <karenreid>  I'm just feeling for the person who is at the front of the room trying to keep your attention ;-)
 [12:21:51] <karenreid>  jolle: your turn
 [12:21:53] <joeyperry>  (student presentations of parallel computing papers, running over time)
 [12:22:38] <jolle>  I've been following and trying to help with 904, the weird remark request bug
 [12:23:03] <jolle>  I also looked into 903 and figured it out, a pull request is up for that
 [12:23:19] <jolle>  and I sent you and email about a blog idea!
 [12:23:48] <karenreid>  jolle: I did read that email, but haven't had much time to think about it.
 [12:24:08] <karenreid>  The question was whether a blog post on what makes a good issue submission would be a good idea.
 [12:24:35] <karenreid>  I think it will likely be fairly short, but I do think it would be useful for students just getting started.
 [12:24:50] <karenreid>  Does anyone else have an opinion?
 [12:25:23] <anndrey>  Well does it make a difference how many issues we open?
 [12:25:30] <jolle>  other than that I'm not quite sure what to write
 [12:25:32] <joeyperry>  sometimes it's good to have a defined structure for that sort of thing, sort of like the pull requests
 [12:25:48] <joeyperry>  I'm not sure if markus has something like that, so I could see this being useful
 [12:26:09] <joeyperry>  things like, rails version, ruby version, steps to reproduce, etc.
 [12:26:44] <anndrey>  ^ This is a good idea
 [12:26:46] <joeyperry>  unless it's something very simple, like tweaking the layout somewhere, moving a button...
 [12:27:01] <karenreid>  that's a good point. jolle you could also look at a few of the issues that you have worked on and give examples of good ones or harder to understand ones.
 [12:27:22] <jolle>  ok
 [12:27:45] <karenreid>  The bottom line is that it is better to have an issue in the list than to not put something in just because you aren't quite sure how to reproduce it or are having trouble explaining it.
 [12:28:25] <joeyperry>  gotta change rooms, brb
 [12:28:34] <karenreid>  Actually, one piece of advice that I would add is that when you start working on an issue, to add comments to the issue with things you have learned about it, such as the steps to reproduce, etc.
 [12:29:08] <karenreid>  jolle: sounds like a plan
 [12:29:41] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: your turn
 [12:30:00] <karenreid>  It seems that we are getting very very close to a new release!
 [12:30:02] <mikeing2001>  What I have been doing was a first round of editing the documentation
 [12:30:24] <mikeing2001>  This weekend I will do a second round check to make sure I didn't forget anything
 [12:30:40] <mikeing2001>  Then I want to fix the failing test cases
 [12:30:59] <karenreid>  :-)
 [12:31:00] <mikeing2001>  And then the only problem for a new release is issue 904
 [12:31:06] <mikeing2001>  with postgresql
 [12:32:33] <karenreid>  e-morency: your turn
 [12:32:37]  joeyperry (~joeyperry@wpa-2-1019.cc.umanitoba.ca) left irc: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
 [12:32:45] <karenreid>  I'm looking forward to trying out the user preferences
 [12:32:53] <karenreid>  thanks for the blog post
 [12:33:13] <e-morency>  well I hope it was useful :) you're welcome
 [12:33:40] <e-morency>  after this week's assignment rush I finally created a pull request for the user preferences and published my blog post
 [12:34:02] <e-morency>  I also worked on a presentation for my coordinator
 [12:34:20] <e-morency>  (and for my project course)
 [12:34:59] <karenreid>  what kind of presentation do you have to give? to whom?
 [12:35:11] <e-morency>  I also started looking into some of the points Severin Gehwolf mentioned
 [12:35:49] <e-morency>  I have a 20-30 minutes presentation to give on decembre 11 or 12 during my project course
 [12:36:06] <e-morency>  I'll be presenting Markus and what I worked on during the term
 [12:36:41] <e-morency>  december 11 and 12 will be two project presentation days
 [12:37:05] <karenreid>  sounds good. I know the UBC students have to do something similar. Does anyone else have additional presentations to do?
 [12:37:07] <e-morency>  so I started working on my presentation (and the powerpoint support)
 [12:38:47] <anndrey>  At Dalhousie we have to do a presentation as well
 [12:40:35] <karenreid>  If I can help in any way with these other pieces, please let me know. I'd be happy to proofread, provide information.
 [12:41:37] <karenreid>  anndrey: I think it is your turn
 [12:42:15] <anndrey>  Well I tried to work on issue 915, no success there
 [12:42:36] <anndrey>  I had trouble with git trying to post my code for joey to look at
 [12:42:54] <anndrey>  so I might just copy paste it and send an email instead.
 [12:43:51] <anndrey>  I kind of feel frustrated with ruby and adding stuff
 [12:44:03] <anndrey>  I might just go and do more view changes
 [12:44:21] <anndrey>  I saw some bug in the summary for the graders before released
 [12:44:39] <karenreid>  I'm sorry to hear you have had so much trouble with 915
 [12:45:17] <anndrey>  It is hard to code when you don't have a good understanding of the model and language
 [12:45:31] <anndrey>  but the bigger issue is not having the time to learn all of that
 [12:45:48] <anndrey>  cause I can definitely learn that, but I don't have the time to sit down and just try stuff
 [12:45:53] <anndrey>  in small portions
 [12:46:26] <anndrey>  I wish I could have done more :(
 [12:46:34] <anndrey>  as for the blog post
 [12:46:40] <anndrey>  I have two ideas
 [12:46:45]  antez (8e670d78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #markus.
 [12:46:45] <karenreid>  It is definitely a different way of learning, and time is always a factor :-(
 [12:47:04] <anndrey>  either write about CRAP principles or addition to the Dashboard
 [12:48:16] <karenreid>  Have you done some other work with CRAP principles in another course?
 [12:48:45] <anndrey>  CRAP applies to many places
 [12:49:07] <anndrey>  I have covered them in writing and in web creation
 [12:49:26] <karenreid>  True, I'm just wondering about what level of analysis of MarkUs in this context you are interested in.
 [12:50:46] <antez>  Hi all.
 [12:50:46] <karenreid>  In other words, I think it would be interesting to see how the principles apply to a variety of views in MarkUs, but I'm not sure if that's what you had in mind.
 [12:51:18] <anndrey>  Well I will looking into each portion and checking if markus comply to them
 [12:51:28] <anndrey>  and where are there issues
 [12:51:41] <anndrey>  cause there are definitely some alignment issues in markus
 [12:52:01] <anndrey>  some contrast as well
 [12:52:02] <karenreid>  That sounds like a good blog post to me (and will lead to new issues being created)
 [12:52:24] <anndrey>  Yes
 [12:52:49] <anndrey>  So I think that I won't be working on the dashboard anymore
 [12:53:01] <anndrey>  I'll work on the CRAP principles
 [12:53:05] <anndrey>  the view of things
 [12:53:42] <anndrey>  writing the blog and create issues and fix some of them
 [12:54:02] <karenreid>  anndrey: that sounds good
 [12:54:21] <karenreid>  antez: your turn :-)
 [12:54:46] <karenreid>  904 is definitely an interesting issue and would be wroth a blog post.
 [12:55:16] <karenreid>  I was just thinking about describing it to the person who teaches the db course here as an example of an interesting problem.
 [12:55:25] <antez>  My status: I attempted to set up RVM because I thought 904 may be ruby version related but failed to set up svn binding for 1.93 in RVM
 [12:56:14] <antez>  THe other guys have found out that 904 is not related to ruby version so I will just use 1.8.7 if I get the chance to fix it.
 [12:57:10]  anndrey (81adf207@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
 [12:57:36] <karenreid>  I think joey and mikeing2001 have a pretty good idea of what is causing the problem (based on the comments in the issue), but you are welcome to work on the fix.
 [12:57:44] <karenreid>  Can you reproduce the bug?
 [12:58:06] <karenreid>  are you using postgres in your development environment?
 [12:58:26] <antez>  I spend all my night yesterday trying to compile svn before i actually read the comments. Time wasted.
 [12:58:36] <antez>  I am not using postgres
 [12:59:25] <antez>  I thought I actually reproduced the bug once last week on my local dev environment even though I am using mysql
 [13:00:07] <karenreid>  ok. As long as you can reproduce it.
 [13:00:41] <antez>  I will definitely switch to postgres before my attempt to fix it/
 [13:01:00] <mikeing2001>  i got to go to class, karenreid I will talk to you either next tuesday or thursday about the new release
 [13:01:01] <antez>  But has Joel already started on it?
 [13:01:06]  mikeing2001 (~g9mike@b2240-02.cdf.utoronto.ca) left #markus.
 [13:01:47] <jolle>  nope, I think this one is over my head
 [13:01:59] <jolle>  I might hover to another issue
 [13:02:08] <jolle>  903 is done though
 [13:02:10] <karenreid>  jolle (Joel) is working on some other things. Joey was taking a look at it and wrote a bunch of the comments
 [13:02:52] <antez>  Yes I am aware of that.
 [13:03:19] <karenreid>  if you can look at Joey's comments and make some progress there, I think it would be useful to have two people looking at it.
 [13:03:40] <karenreid>  It is the biggest remaining bug in the code that we'd like to get into the release.
 [13:03:56] <antez>  This will be my chance to work on something more advanced and write about it on Markus blog.
 [13:05:29] <karenreid>  :-)
 [13:05:34] <e-morency>  I gotta go too, have a great weekend!
 [13:05:42] <karenreid>  thanks e-morency !
 [13:05:48]  e-morency (cea7b614@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
 [13:05:50] <jolle>  me too, gotta run
 [13:05:56] <jolle>  happy friday all!
 [13:06:05] <karenreid>  I think that's it for the formal meeting. I'm around if anyone has questions.
 [13:06:08] <karenreid>  Have a good weekend.
 [13:06:17] <antez>  Bye everyone!
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