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 [17:06:54] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 9 new commits to master: http://git.io/YDYJIg
 [17:06:54] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  Markus/master c7310e6 Daryn Lam: Fixed adding criterion for assignments under the 'flexible' marking scheme. The functionality to add, delete, get the sum of marks, and flash messages for flexible criterion did not work.
 [17:06:54] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  Markus/master 0d48bd4 Daryn Lam: Review board fixes
 [17:06:54] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  Markus/master af630ef Daryn Lam: Merge branch 'master' into issue745
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