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 [11:56:14] <kiramccoan1>  hey everyone
 [11:56:20] <mikeing2001>  hi
 [11:56:28] <joeyperry>  hi hi
 [11:58:18] <karenreid>  Hi!
 [11:59:28] <Andrey_>  Hello
 [12:00:47] <karenreid>  I hope everyone is doing well.
 [12:01:05] <joeyperry>  no complaints here :)
 [12:01:39] <Andrey_>  busy as usual
 [12:01:43] <karenreid>  I'm going to have to leave a little before 1 to get to my next meeting, so why don't we get started.
 [12:01:50] <karenreid>  Andrey_: I can definitely relate. :-)
 [12:02:26] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: you are at the top of the list this time since Joel isn't here yet.
 [12:02:44] <mikeing2001>  ok
 [12:03:23] <mikeing2001>  I finally got a good testing clean envirnoment setup after many many many attempts
 [12:03:37] <karenreid>  Yay!
 [12:03:37] <mikeing2001>  i need to log an issue i found.
 [12:03:42]  jolle (~jeeulo@d172-219-72-83.abhsia.telus.net) joined #markus.
 [12:03:52] <mikeing2001>  Also, looking into 904 for jolle
 [12:04:06] <mikeing2001>  it is a very confusing and old issue
 [12:04:21] <mikeing2001>  and that is about where I am
 [12:04:25] <mikeing2001>  currently
 [12:04:44] <jolle>  yes, that darn issue! I'm happy to have help!
 [12:04:47] <karenreid>  904 does sound strange
 [12:05:04] <mikeing2001>  jolle, did you see my comment on the issue?
 [12:05:10]  e-morency (6015ba51@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #markus.
 [12:05:26] <jolle>  nope, will read it now
 [12:06:18] <mikeing2001>  i don't have a solution for it yet, i still need to look more into it
 [12:06:49] <jolle>  ok!
 [12:07:02] <jolle>  that's good info for me to keep peeking into it as well
 [12:07:15] <jolle>  if I find anything I will let you know
 [12:08:02] <mikeing2001>  ok
 [12:08:08] <karenreid>  thanks.
 [12:08:34] <karenreid>  jolle: your status report was at the top of the blog so you get to go next. :-)
 [12:08:48] <jolle>  hokee!
 [12:09:13] <jolle>  I submitted to minor pull requests, one for a better error message and the other for some deprecated code
 [12:09:18] <jolle>  (two)
 [12:09:45] <jolle>  I spent the rest of my time digging through code around issue 904
 [12:09:59] <karenreid>  Can you tell whether the issue with 904 is pulling the data from the db? I don't quite understand how it could be permissions related?
 [12:10:42] <karenreid>  is there a permissions check deeper in the code that prevents calling a function to get the marks data?
 [12:10:49] <mikeing2001>  well, students get the correct data
 [12:10:58]  *** karenreid probably asking questions that don't make sense
 [12:11:06] <mikeing2001>  and admins and TA don't ad they call the same stuff
 [12:11:41] <mikeing2001>  it's old how students get the right info and admins don't calling the same commands
 [12:11:53] <mikeing2001>  *odd
 [12:12:22] <jolle>  I haven't seen a permissions related failure, but I can see how that would explain some things
 [12:12:47] <karenreid>  true.
 [12:13:23] <jolle>  I'm not sure, still grey for me
 [12:13:37] <joeyperry>  I could try to take a look at this when I'm done of my lecture
 [12:13:44] <joeyperry>  it sounds like something that would be perfect for the rails debugger
 [12:14:00] <joeyperry>  test 2 different requests and see exactly where the calls are going
 [12:14:05] <karenreid>  Can you ensure through the debugger (or the equivalent of print statements) the path that is being followed..
 [12:14:13] <karenreid>  i.e. what joeyperry said...
 [12:14:26] <joeyperry>  yeah, you can print the stack at any point
 [12:14:34] <joeyperry>  and print out all of the environment variables
 [12:14:48] <mikeing2001>  i have used the debugger
 [12:14:52] <joeyperry>  you basically have access to irb in the rails context the entire time
 [12:15:08] <mikeing2001>  once you debug, you will see how old the issue is
 [12:15:41] <karenreid>  it is there from when the the remark request code was writen
 [12:15:56] <karenreid>  but we didn't discover it then.
 [12:16:23] <mikeing2001>  i don't understand your question
 [12:16:24] <joeyperry>  hmm, then it sounds like something worth investigating
 [12:16:36] <mikeing2001>  @ karenreid
 [12:17:11] <karenreid>  I think I was basically saying what joeyperry said better.
 [12:17:37] <karenreid>  It ought to be possible to narrow it down to the layer of code that is failing (easier said that done of course).
 [12:17:56] <mikeing2001>  when student create a remark request, the data is right
 [12:18:07] <karenreid>  by old you mean how long the bug has been in the code?
 [12:18:22] <jolle>  I'd love to follow the debugging steps of anyone who attacks this, that would be really helpful for me
 [12:18:27] <mikeing2001>  I meant odd
 [12:18:35] <karenreid>  sorry...
 [12:18:54] <karenreid>  sigh
 [12:19:59] <karenreid>  well let's move on and we can come back to this issue later
 [12:20:13] <karenreid>  Andrey_: sounds like you could use a bit of help too..
 [12:20:22] <Andrey_>  Yes
 [12:20:32] <Andrey_>  I was working on issue 915
 [12:20:40] <Andrey_>  trying to add the median to the dashboard
 [12:20:49] <joeyperry>  I think I might write up a blog post about how to take advantage of the debugger, so anyone who's interested could watch for that
 [12:20:54] <Andrey_>  I basically followed how the average was added to it
 [12:20:56] <joeyperry>  I'm no expert, but from what I do know helps me out a lot
 [12:21:24] <Andrey_>  But once I added the code to the view
 [12:21:39] <Andrey_>  ruby could not find the median
 [12:22:08] <Andrey_>  I don't have a full understanding of how to exactly define things in ruby
 [12:22:19] <mikeing2001>  about the dashboard and remark request. I think it would be useful to have some notification on the dashboard that a student requested a remark, karenreid thoughs
 [12:22:19] <jolle>  joeyperry that would be great!
 [12:22:20] <Andrey_>  so it would be great if someone could have a look
 [12:23:07] <joeyperry>  I could take a look as well, there's a lot of 'magic' that goes on with rails and views
 [12:23:13] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: yes, it would definitely be good to have notification somewhere.
 [12:23:21] <joeyperry>  so often it's not obvious how/what is being passed into the view to be rendered
 [12:23:28] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: it does appear as a separate icon in the submissions view.
 [12:23:40] <joeyperry>  one thing that helps, is that any member variables of the controller "@something" automatically go in
 [12:23:47] <karenreid>  thanks joeyperry that would be great
 [12:24:09] <Andrey_>  well I followed the average one to one
 [12:24:11] <mikeing2001>  karenreid, yes i know about that the two "!!" but with so many students it may be overlooked easily
 [12:24:17] <Andrey_>  adding the function to the model
 [12:24:22] <Andrey_>  and calling it in the controllers
 [12:24:34] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: but something like the number of remark requests pending or a list of the group names on the dashboard would be useful
 [12:24:43] <Andrey_>  but then the view could not find the median which I added in the model
 [12:24:44] <joeyperry>  I've gotta run out of this lectureu, brb
 [12:25:33] <kiramccoan1>  @Andrey.. Ive found that sometimes you need to pass it in as a local variable when rendering the view
 [12:25:44] <mikeing2001>  karenreid, yes something like that should not be that hard to tackle by either Andrey_ or jolle
 [12:26:20] <kiramccoan1>  is that whats happening with the average variable? it might also help to do a grep on the average variable and see where it is being used ( might not be if its used in lots of places)
 [12:26:37] <Andrey_>  which is exactly what I did
 [12:26:52] <Andrey_>  and i followed it steps
 [12:27:03] <Andrey_>  but it still seem to miss something
 [12:27:14] <Andrey_>  I probably missed something small somewhere
 [12:27:43] <Andrey_>  Once I figure out how to add this, there should be no problem adding anything else to the dashboard
 [12:27:55] <Andrey_>  anything that already exists somewhere in the project
 [12:28:14] <Andrey_>  should be easily transferable to the dashboard
 [12:28:41] <Andrey_>  I look again into that soon
 [12:28:57] <Andrey_>  and if I still can't figure it out I'll contact Joey or somebody else
 [12:29:03] <Andrey_>  who seem to have more experience with it
 [12:30:07] <karenreid>  Andrey_: I'll write a ticket about the feature mikeing2001 and I were just talking about.
 [12:30:15] <karenreid>  Andrey_: thanks
 [12:30:31] <karenreid>  e-morency: your turn
 [12:30:40] <e-morency>  hi
 [12:30:44] <Andrey_>  btw I gtg
 [12:31:07] <joeyperry>  hey Andrey_, can you push your code for that issue to your branch?
 [12:31:09] <mikeing2001>  jolle, about remark request, i need to write a ticket for it but there is issues when a student clicks the save button. There are pop-ups
 [12:31:14] <joeyperry>  issue-915?
 [12:31:52] <Andrey_>  hmm yea
 [12:32:01] <Andrey_>  I will
 [12:32:04] <e-morency>  I don't have a lot to say today since I mostly worked on my 4 assignment due next week, but I still continued working on my blog post and I am now ready to create a pull request for the Submissions preferences
 [12:32:08] <joeyperry>  I know usually you wouldn't when it's not complete, but then I can take a look :)
 [12:32:30] <karenreid>  e-morency: that sounds great
 [12:32:32] <jolle>  mikeing2001 This? https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/issues/903
 [12:32:34] <e-morency>  I should finish writing my blog post and post it today (or this weekend at least)
 [12:32:36] <Andrey_>  I will push it later today
 [12:32:46] <e-morency>  I'll create the pull request at the same time
 [12:33:35]  Andrey_ (81adf26d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
 [12:33:46] <karenreid>  kiramccoan1: your turn
 [12:33:48] <mikeing2001>  jolle, ok good. there should be another one. I have to do more testing to verify it wasn't me editing the code that caused it
 [12:36:41] <kiramccoan1>  I created a pull request for my sorting feature on the grades but last week and got some feedback for it. When I went to update the feature with the suggestions I also noticed that I hadnt taken into account the students view which is not handled. So I added some extra code that only displays the sorting to the ta and admin as the student is likely to have only 1 row anyways (right?). Now Im in the process of trying to write unit tests and functional tes
 [12:37:05] <karenreid>  sounds great!
 [12:37:18] <karenreid>  I don't think the student view needs any sorting.
 [12:37:43] <kiramccoan1>  me neither
 [12:38:50] <karenreid>  joeyperry: your turn (I like the idea of the blog post)
 [12:39:29] <joeyperry>  yeah, I've been really trying to think of something that I could write about, where I actually knew enough to make it worth it and might actually benefit some of the other devs
 [12:39:41] <joeyperry>  so debugging in rails might be the way to go
 [12:40:04] <karenreid>  what makes the chrome debugger better than FF (or other)?
 [12:40:13] <joeyperry>  for issues, I'm pretty much ready to wrap up the task of removing the prototype helper code
 [12:40:31] <joeyperry>  well, in rails you debug with the "debugger" gem, it's unrelated to the chrome debugger
 [12:40:51] <joeyperry>  it's all command line based, but you can get ide's that implement it a little more graphically
 [12:41:20] <joeyperry>  I like the chrome debugger because it's built right into the the browser, you don't need a plugin, and so it seems to behave a little better
 [12:41:39] <karenreid>  I'll have to try it. :-)
 [12:41:52] <joeyperry>  though I haven't used the firefox one too much, since I find it a bit confusing
 [12:42:00] <joeyperry>  (I know many people who prefer it)
 [12:42:34] <joeyperry>  right, well about the prototype stuff, I had mentioned last week that there's some functions on the Flexible Marking page that are broken, and they contain some prototype_helper stuff
 [12:42:36] <karenreid>  I was just wishing the pace of change would slow down long enough for me to get on top of something. :-)
 [12:42:45]  antez (8e670d77@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #markus.
 [12:42:45] <joeyperry>  so I'm still waiting for the patch from Mike to get pulled before I can finish it up
 [12:43:17] <joeyperry>  I was considering pulling his changes, just to test my own fixes, but then my patch won't get applied until his does, so I figured I would just wait
 [12:43:25] <mikeing2001>  joeyperry, the pull should be ready to be merge
 [12:43:26] <karenreid>  joeyperry: send a note to markus-dev asking for a review with the particular issue.
 [12:43:33] <joeyperry>  other than that, I fixed a small issue with disabled button stylings
 [12:43:45] <mikeing2001>  i updated it to remove the conficts
 [12:43:55] <joeyperry>  mikeing2001, no worries, it'll only take a few minutes to test out once I get it
 [12:44:03] <joeyperry>  oh? I didn't know there were any conflicts
 [12:44:07] <joeyperry>  I guess it's a pretty big fix
 [12:44:19] <karenreid>  joeyperry: and mikeing2001 if you are really stuck and are confident that the fix is complete, you can walk me through the merge process
 [12:44:43] <joeyperry>  merge conflicts can be a huge pain
 [12:44:48] <mikeing2001>  karenreid, i really don't know the merge process
 [12:44:49] <joeyperry>  especially when merging someone elses code...
 [12:45:02] <karenreid>  ok, then I'm not a good person to do it.
 [12:45:11] <joeyperry>  oh, you mean pulling into master
 [12:45:15] <joeyperry>  on github...
 [12:45:23] <karenreid>  yes
 [12:45:30] <karenreid>  so that you aren't blocked on it.
 [12:45:36] <joeyperry>  right
 [12:45:58] <karenreid>  but I still want to have confidence that things that are pulled into master are solid
 [12:45:59] <joeyperry>  I do have the fix that I did for the fleixble marking on a branch locally, but I don't trust to test with that one
 [12:46:02] <joeyperry>  since it won't be what's going up