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 [11:58:48] <karenreid>  Hi klejao and mikeing2001
 [11:58:53] <karenreid>  How are things going?
 [12:00:29] <karenreid>  jeffrey might not be able to make it due to illness and doctors appointment, and daryn said he would be late
 [12:01:14] <mikeing2001>  It's been an interesting week. The grace day issue is becoming harder to fully solve
 [12:01:44] <klejao>  hi. things are good. I received an approval to deliver my fix to issue 581
 [12:01:56] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: oh dear
 [12:02:03] <klejao>  mike, let me know if you want to work on this together
 [12:02:03] <karenreid>  what's up?
 [12:02:42] <mikeing2001>  klejao: I do need another brain on this
 [12:02:53] <karenreid>  oh I had forgotten about memory_repository. I'm not even sure if I know what it is about anymore
 [12:03:30] <mikeing2001>  memory_repository was not design to be friendly for this issue
 [12:04:13] <karenreid>  is it essentially a back end for the svn bindings to facilitate testing?
 [12:06:43] <mikeing2001>  I think it is. I know it is used for back end testing but the overall properties I am still a little confused
 [12:08:41] <klejao>  mike, if you can send me a separate email explaining your status, I can take a look this weekend
 [12:09:35] <mikeing2001>  karenreid: It looks like you are reading the status on the blog. In my second bullet point, about how grace days are calculated, am I right or wrong?
 [12:10:08] <karenreid>  I'm pretty sure the main purpose is for testing. If that is the case, and it is more painful to get the memory test right, then it may not be worth it.
 [12:10:38] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: yes, you are right about how grace days are calculated
 [12:10:44] <karenreid>  or should be caculated
 [12:10:48]  darynl (~darynl@bas4-toronto02-1176006482.dsl.bell.ca) joined #markus.
 [12:10:50] <mikeing2001>  Yea, the subversion change is like a 1 line change
 [12:11:02] <darynl>  hey guys
 [12:11:28] <mikeing2001>  hi daryn
 [12:11:33] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: if it is a oneline change could we make in the old version for the people using it this summer?
 [12:11:37] <karenreid>  hi darynl
 [12:12:07] <karenreid>  I can ask Alan Rosenthal to make the change.
 [12:13:58] <mikeing2001>  karenreid: well it's now exactly 1 line change. I think it is a 8 line change but very simple.
 [12:14:55] <karenreid>  There is one person using MarkUs this summer who may get bitten by this bug. It would be nice to prevent it, so if it is relatively easy to insert into old code (without breaking anything else), then I'd like to do it.
 [12:15:24] <karenreid>  klejao: for #293 is that really the Submissions view you are looking at?
 [12:15:43] <klejao>  yes
 [12:15:59] <karenreid>  This would be a fantastic one to work on. There was some progress made on it this winter in a different context. Let me dig up the tickets....
 [12:16:15]  lissyx (~alex@2a01:240:fe3c:3:4953:95fa:3322:ee5e) joined #markus.
 [12:20:00] <karenreid>  The most relevant ticket is 689.
 [12:20:26] <karenreid>  The goal was to add more general preferences to the submissions table (since it is prety big)
 [12:20:44] <klejao>  ok ill take a look at issue689
 [12:20:58] <karenreid>  I'm not sure how far sean and aimen got on the issue.
 [12:21:55] <karenreid>  The idea with 689 was to allow the user to specify which columns to display.
 [12:22:15] <karenreid>  It is actually more important to save the preference of how many rows to display.
 [12:22:18] <tobioboye>  hi everyone!
 [12:22:29] <karenreid>  But the same mechanism could be used for both.
 [12:22:33] <karenreid>  hi tobioboye!
 [12:22:36] <mikeing2001>  TOBI!!!
 [12:22:36] <tobioboye>  karenreid: I think they got to the stage of giving users the ability to select the columns they want using a popup with checkboxes
 [12:22:51]  *** tobioboye was eavesdropping
 [12:22:57] <karenreid>  but saving it across sessions?
 [12:23:10] <karenreid>  I meant "but not"
 [12:23:36] <tobioboye>  no I don't think they got there yet. Getting it persisted across sessions was the intended end goal
 [12:23:50] <tobioboye>  A review is still up let me take a look
 [12:23:58] <karenreid>  klejao: then you have your work cut out for you :-)
 [12:24:14] <tobioboye>  mikeing2001: hey Mike :)
 [12:24:16] <karenreid>  klejao: you will also have very happy instructors when this feature works!
 [12:24:30] <darynl>  that one seems interesting I'll help kristian on that too
 [12:25:04] <klejao>  :) thanks. we can work on this together daryn
 [12:25:11] <darynl>  cool
 [12:25:17] <klejao>  let's make some instructors happy
 [12:25:29] <tobioboye>  the review is http://review.markusproject.org/r/1178/
 [12:25:37] <karenreid>  While you are working on this, keep notes to write a blog post about implementing and saving preferences across sessions. There are some interesting UI and implementation issues to consider.
 [12:26:35] <darynl>  ok
 [12:26:52] <karenreid>  one thing to be careful of with the submissions table is that it can't get any slower to load.
 [12:27:39] <karenreid>  We (I mean Anton) put an incredible amount of work into getting the load time as fast as it is. If you see any db optimizations that would speed it up, please try it.
 [12:28:31] <karenreid>  And test it will large numbers of (~800) students in the table.
 [12:28:58] <karenreid>  It is the table most used by instructors and TAs, so we care about it a lot ;-)
 [12:29:48] <karenreid>  75 is another related ticket
 [12:30:52] <karenreid>  mikeing2001: I didn't really mean to cut off conversation about the svn and grace days bugs
 [12:31:33] <mikeing2001>  karenreid: It ok, i don't have anything else really to say
 [12:31:51] <karenreid>  I do think that it would not be worthwhile going to heroic efforts to make the memory version work if there is a high degree of confidence that the real version will work correctly.
 [12:32:20] <karenreid>  Sometimes the mocked out systems are more trouble than they are worth
 [12:33:06] <karenreid>  darynl: any comments on what you have been working on? It sounds like you have a couple of things you could work on next.
 [12:34:36] <darynl>  no comments particularly on what i've been doing
 [12:35:02] <darynl>  but i was wondering if you had a chance to go through the issue list and cut down on them?
 [12:35:14] <karenreid>  sigh. I wish.
 [12:35:17] <darynl>  :P
 [12:35:29] <karenreid>  It has been another crazy week here in administration land.
 [12:35:38] <darynl>  haha
 [12:36:15] <darynl>  should we start a page somewhere where we can continually add onto?
 [12:36:27] <darynl>  so if we find something we think may be completed
 [12:36:33] <darynl>  we can add it to the list
 [12:36:40] <darynl>  and give it a status
 [12:36:44] <karenreid>  darynl: that sounds good to me.
 [12:36:47] <klejao>  i agree to daryn
 [12:36:53] <darynl>  where can we do this tho?
 [12:37:02] <klejao>  do we have permissions to create another wiki page?
 [12:37:33] <karenreid>  a wiki page would make sense, but I'm going to have to ask ddadacha or tobioboye to explain how to do it.
 [12:38:21] <karenreid>  how about just creating an issue that we can add to?
 [12:38:28] <karenreid>  that might be the easiest way
 [12:38:42] <darynl>  Just afraid it may get buried :P
 [12:39:00] <darynl>  a wiki page seems more "efficient"
 [12:39:27] <darynl>  easier to clean up i guess
 [12:39:50] <karenreid>  Do you have edit permissions on the wiki?
 [12:40:26] <karenreid>  If you do that would be easiest
 [12:40:40] <darynl>  no :(
 [12:41:15] <darynl>  I think i'll have to ask tobi to provide it
 [12:41:16] <karenreid>  I think we were trying to do the wiki edits by checking out the git repo for the wiki and making pull requests. Not the easiest :-(
 [12:41:31] <darynl>  oh...
 [12:48:31] <darynl>  kind of sounds like a hassle then...but I'll check with tobi anyways
 [12:49:39] <karenreid>  okay
 [12:49:39] <darynl>  I have a question about review board also, I notice all our requests become red after a while
 [12:49:39] <darynl>  is there a meaning to that?
 [12:49:39] <darynl>  I'm guessing after a certain amount of days, it turns red to show it hasn't been review in a long time?
 [12:49:39] <karenreid>  I'm guessing it is related to the last updated time.
 [12:49:40] <karenreid>  anything else? Does everyone know what they are working on this coming week?
 [12:49:40] <darynl>  that's all for me
 [12:49:40] <mikeing2001>  I'm good
 [12:49:40] <klejao>  im good as well
 [12:49:40] <karenreid>  Great! Don't be afraid to bug me by email during the week if things come up.
 [12:49:40] <darynl>  alright! talk to you all soon!
 [12:49:40] <mikeing2001>  We will :)
 [12:49:40] <karenreid>  :-)
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 [12:49:40] <karenreid>  bye!
 [12:49:40] <klejao>  bye now
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