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 [16:03:56] <ChristineY>  ddadacha, are you around?
 [16:17:22] <ddadacha>  ChristineY: yep what's up
 [16:18:00] <ChristineY>  Hi! My computer broke down, I'm install markus on an old machine
 [16:18:09] <ChristineY>  stuck on the db:create step
 [16:18:20] <ddadacha>  oh geez that sucks
 [16:18:28] <ddadacha>  last week of markus too :/ troll computer
 [16:18:36] <ddadacha>  can you paste the error?
 [16:18:36] <ChristineY>  there's no config/database.yml
 [16:18:58] <ddadacha>  ChristineY: yeah you have to cp a template one
 [16:19:01] <ddadacha>  which db are you using?
 [16:19:08] <ChristineY>  mysql
 [16:19:31] <ChristineY>  oh, ok so I cp database.yml.mysql database.yml
 [16:19:33] <ddadacha>  cp config/database.yml.mysql config/database.yml
 [16:19:36] <ddadacha>  yeah
 [16:19:43] <ChristineY>  OK.
 [16:20:09] <ddadacha>  and then uncomment the dev and test bits
 [16:20:17] <ChristineY>  & yup totally got trolled by my own computer :/
 [16:20:31] <ddadacha>  not sure if you're following https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/SettingUpMySQL
 [16:20:37] <ddadacha>  but that should have all the steps
 [16:20:48] <ddadacha>  but with different package names if you're on fedora
 [16:21:01]  tobioboye (~drone@gw-wifi11.cdf.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
 [16:21:06] <ddadacha>  that sucks, hope you didn't lose any work
 [16:21:14] <ddadacha>  use a live image maybe?
 [16:21:36] <ChristineY>  no, didn't know about that page. thanks
 [16:22:16] <ddadacha>  np, it's under Setting up the Database of https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/InstallationGnuLinux
 [16:22:21] <ChristineY>  didn't lose any work because managed to get computer to run long enough to push origin
 [16:22:27] <ChristineY>  then it died again
 [16:22:28] <ddadacha>  nice
 [16:22:31] <ddadacha>  geez
 [16:22:39] <ddadacha>  do you know what the issue is?
 [16:22:51] <ddadacha>  maybe a live USB will bypass any messy files
 [16:23:09] <ddadacha>  but I suppose you're a bit more screwed if it's HW issues
 [16:23:35] <ChristineY>  It
 [16:23:45] <ChristineY>  's a hardware issue, where it boots on loop.
 [16:23:54] <ddadacha>  ah
 [16:24:17] <ddadacha>  do you have other stuff you need to grab off it?
 [16:24:21] <ChristineY>  it's done this before
 [16:25:55] <ChristineY>  some, but they're not that important
 [16:26:26] <ddadacha>  that's a shame
 [16:27:06] <ddadacha>  if you know someone with the same kind of laptop, just use theirs with your hdd
 [16:27:16] <ddadacha>  if they don't mind :P
 [16:53:48] <ChristineY>  would have to be a very kind person lol
 [17:10:01] <ddadacha>  FYI http://planet.freenode.net/
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 [17:11:42] <ddadacha>  haha
 [17:11:56] <ddadacha>  persistent bot is persistent
 [17:17:59] <ChristineY>  I'm running :D!
 [17:18:29] <ChristineY>  thanks ddadacha
 [17:19:13] <ddadacha>  np
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