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 [11:01:33] <npettiaux>  Hello, I am trying to install "markus prodcution" on a brand new debian squeeze and I have problem.
 [11:02:43] <NelleV>  hi npettiaux !
 [11:03:13] <NelleV>  maybe I can help
 [11:03:43] <npettiaux>  Hello Nelle
 [11:03:51] <npettiaux>  as defined in https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/InstallProdStable
 [11:04:32] <npettiaux>  I enter "bundle exec rake db:create" and I get "(in /home/markus/markus-0.11.0)
 [11:04:32] <npettiaux>  rake aborted!
 [11:04:32] <npettiaux>  undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass"
 [11:04:39] <NelleV>  mmh
 [11:04:49] <NelleV>  the database configuration file must be missing
 [11:05:14] <NelleV>  npettiaux: are you using postgresql ?
 [11:06:05] <npettiaux>  I use mysql and I have set it up with user markus, pw markus. It is defined in config/database.yml
 [11:06:38] <NelleV>  have you created the test database too ? I think there's a problem and rake excepts both prod and test to be configured
 [11:07:30] <NelleV>  I've never installed markus in prod
 [11:07:42] <npettiaux>  I thin only production is defined in database.yml. I'll change database.yml immediately
 [11:09:17] <npettiaux>  I have uncommented all the lines corresponding to test, and rerunned the command. Same result
 [11:11:28] <NelleV>  npettiaux: try bundle exec rake db:create RAILS_ENV="production"
 [11:11:37] <NelleV>  it may be trying to create the development one
 [11:11:44] <npettiaux>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/InstallationGnuLinux says type "bundle exec rake db:create:all"
 [11:12:24] <NelleV>  that creates all databases (dev, test and prod). Benjamin_V knows all this better than I do
 [11:12:45] <npettiaux>  I tried and got "markus_production already exists". It must have worked !
 [11:13:12] <NelleV>  I'm surprised that no where in the documentation, the environment is specified
 [11:13:46] <NelleV>  I think it was trying to create the development one, which isn't specified in the configuration file
 [11:15:43] <npettiaux>  exact. This is not defined in the doc.
 [11:16:18] <NelleV>  I'll fix this tonight
 [11:17:13] <npettiaux>  thanks. I go on : some other troubles
 [11:17:26] <npettiaux>  the next line says "bundle exec rake db:schema:load"
 [11:17:48] <npettiaux>  I get "rake aborted!
 [11:17:48] <npettiaux>  no such file to load -- ruby-debug"
 [11:18:56] <NelleV>  I think you need to specify the environment for each command: bundle exec rake db:schema:load RAILS_ENV="production"
 [11:19:06] <NelleV>  but this error is not linked to that...
 [11:19:57] <npettiaux>  you were right.
 [11:20:16] <NelleV>  wow, that was not an explicit error...
 [11:21:12] <npettiaux>  I have just defined RAILS_ENV and rerun the bundle command. It worked apparently (I got a lot of -- initialize_schema ... --migrated_upto ...)
 [11:21:34] <NelleV>  ok, so the database has been set up properly and the schema build
 [11:21:59] <npettiaux>  yes (I see it in phpmyadmin). I go on
 [11:24:00] <npettiaux>  I did create a user (Markus Maximilian) and populated the db as proposed. All worked (at least I did not get any error)
 [11:29:41] <npettiaux>  I checked again the page https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/InstallProdStable. No reference to defining RAILS_ENV="production"
 [11:31:42] <NelleV>  yes, I think that's an issue with the documentation
 [11:32:30] <barns>  I promised to have a look at writing a new set of production install docs, but have not yet had the time
 [11:32:33] <NelleV>  up to now, people installing were either developpers or had developpers on site to help them
 [11:33:02] <barns>  not me ;)
 [11:33:39] <npettiaux>  I see. By the way, is there any user documentation ? I did not find any on the website.
 [11:33:59] <NelleV>  npettiaux: there is some, but mixed up in the middle of the developper's documentation
 [11:34:03] <NelleV>  I was supposed to extract that
 [11:34:15] <NelleV>  I think centrale nantes has some in french on a blog
 [11:36:04] <NelleV>  npettiaux: we've got four pages
 [11:36:09] <NelleV>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/UserGuide
 [11:36:11] <Benjamin_V>  Hi !
 [11:36:15] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: Still need help ?
 [11:36:16] <NelleV>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/Doc_Admin
 [11:36:22] <NelleV>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/Doc_Grader
 [11:36:28] <NelleV>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/Doc_Student
 [11:36:36] <Benjamin_V>  I think not (just read the whole discussion)
 [11:37:07]  baadshah (~jay@CPE001346fab9ed-CM602ad086fb19.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #markus.
 [11:37:11] <npettiaux>  yes
 [11:37:45] <npettiaux>  I have not yest set up the rack. I do not know which Mongrel or passanger to choose.
 [11:37:59] <NelleV>  passenger is faster
 [11:38:04] <NelleV>  and better
 [11:38:11] <barns>  and muuuch easier
 [11:38:22] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: passenger !
 [11:39:09] <npettiaux>  OK. I'll try then immediately. Thanks for the links to the docs. Are these given in the main page on markusproject.org ?
 [11:39:19] <npettiaux>  If yes, I must be blind ;)
 [11:39:24] <NelleV>  nope, they are not
 [11:39:33] <NelleV>  I'm currently working on a new site where they will be
 [11:40:22] <npettiaux>  A link to "on github wiki you'll find all the proper documentation" could be a good beginning.
 [11:42:11] <npettiaux>  to install passenger, in synaptic I see that I have to get libapache2-mod-passenger that installs some dependencies
 [11:44:14] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: libapache2-mod-passenger will install passenger :)
 [11:45:29] <npettiaux>  thanks. I'll go then
 [11:48:05] <npettiaux>  done ok
 [11:50:06] <npettiaux>  in https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/ApachePassenger, it is said "sudo passenger-install-apache2-module"
 [11:51:51] <npettiaux>  but I do not have such a "passenger-install-apache2-module". As root, I see passenger-config passenger-status
 [11:51:51] <npettiaux>  passenger-make-enterprisey passenger-stress-test
 [11:51:51] <npettiaux>  passenger-memory-stats
 [11:52:45] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: maybe the page is not up-to-date :-/
 [11:53:25] <npettiaux>  How can I help with my (very) little experience ?
 [11:56:58] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: I guess Debian now installs directly the passenger module into Apache.
 [11:57:45] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: I am trying this on my computer.
 [11:58:38] <npettiaux>  Benjamin_V: thanks.
 [11:59:58] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: I am using the next stable release of Debian (wheezy) and the libapache2-mod-passenger package also installs the apache module.
 [12:00:16] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: so "sudo passenger-install-apache2-module" is not needed anymore
 [12:00:27] <npettiaux>  I have installed debian in a virtualbox, for portability reasons (once it will run, I give the VM to the school where they want some "isolation"). I must now set it up to be able to able to access it from my main machine
 [12:00:55] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: Ok. I understand
 [12:01:25] <npettiaux>  Benjamin_V: ok. How do I need to proceed to have the Virtualhost running ?
 [12:19:19] <npettiaux>  I am reading docs to help me with VirtualHost and access to the VM.
 [12:35:50] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/ApachePassenger
 [12:43:10] <npettiaux>  j'avais lu. Merci bcp.
 [12:44:33] <npettiaux>  I have added the VirtualHost info to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and restarted apache
 [12:44:42]  sean2 (~sean@user244-189.wireless.utoronto.ca) joined #markus.
 [12:45:26] <npettiaux>  Now I have "ServerName markus.localhost"
 [12:50:03] <npettiaux>  Apache restarted without complaining but, when, in the virtualmachine, when I go to "http://markus.localhost" with the navigator, I get "cannot resolve hostname".
 [12:50:27] <npettiaux>  I do not understand either how to start markus (aka the ruby server).
 [12:50:28] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: you need to add markus.localhost to /etc/hosts
 [12:50:34]  lissyx (~alex@ left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
 [12:50:36] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: passenger will do that for you
 [12:52:16] <npettiaux>  great : with markus.localhost added to /etc/hosts ... markus has started.
 [12:53:56] <npettiaux>  NelleV and Benjamin_V: much thanks. I'll now read the docs, use markus and write down any comments.
 [12:56:44] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: That's cool :)
 [12:57:01] <Benjamin_V>  npettiaux: Don't hesitate to give us feedback.
 [13:12:43] <npettiaux>  What is the best way to give you any feedback ? (how can I register on the ML markus-users@cs.toronto.edu)
 [13:15:54] <NelleV>  I think you've got our personal email address
 [13:16:04] <NelleV>  I don't think it is worth subscribing to the mailing list for that
 [13:16:17] <NelleV>  most of what goes on on that mailing list is for developpers
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 [13:20:27] <npettiaux>  OK. I'll do by email. Indeed, I have found your gmail adress. Much thanks and soon by email or irc again.
 [13:21:58] <NelleV>  npettiaux: are you going to be using markus at ULB ?
 [13:30:57]  lissyx (~alex@ joined #markus.
 [13:50:14] <npettiaux>  not at ULB, I am there a physics TA, but at the Ecole supérieure d'informatique (HEB-ESI) where some colleagues are also interested.
 [13:50:40] <npettiaux>  But they want me to test personnally first and give them a tutorial ;-)
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 [14:01:15] <NelleV>  oh nice
 [14:15:09]  npettiaux (~NPETTIAUX@cable- left irc: Quit: Quitte
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 [14:57:08] <baadshah>  heyy..does anyone know how to debug a function that gets run in a child thread?
 [15:07:54] <ddadacha>  baadshah: still stuck on that test huh?
 [15:08:20] <ddadacha>  baadshah: perhaps being a bit more explicit about the problem/program run path will help
 [15:08:25] <ddadacha>  (for others sake I mean)
 [15:13:51] <baadshah>  ddadacha: yaa..so i actually did go into collect_next_submission which is run in the child thread
 [15:15:55] <baadshah>  but it's really hard to follow..because wen u're debuggin in a child thread..everything is slow and it's hard to see where u're going and from where..loll
 [15:16:05] <baadshah>  i'm gonna give that debugging one more try though
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 [20:48:11] <aimenk>  heyy everyone
 [20:48:25] <ChristineY>  Hi aimenk :D
 [20:48:51] <aimenk>  how r u?
 [20:49:18] <baadshah>  hello!!
 [20:49:29] <ChristineY>  slightly stressed with end of term, but good. you?
 [20:49:45] <aimenk>  same heree
 [20:49:53] <aimenk>  too much work...
 [20:50:38] <hanson>  hey everyone
 [20:50:54] <sky_>  too little sleep - -
 [20:51:04] <sky_>  hey hanson
 [20:51:46] <baadshah>  yaa end of term is always rough...so many assignments..and they all have to be due on the same day
 [20:52:14] <ChristineY>  me too! and also 2 quizzes on the same day >>
 [20:52:18]  karenreid (~karenreid@vpn-shaper00.cs.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
 [20:52:23]  tobioboye (~drone@gw-wifi8.cdf.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
 [20:52:35] <aimenk>  yea true :(
 [20:52:44]  #markus: mode change '+o karenreid' by MarkUsBot!~MarkUsBot@li136-145.members.linode.com
 [20:52:47] <dadacha>  brb
 [20:53:07]  sean2 (~sean@user247-44.wireless.utoronto.ca) joined #markus.
 [20:53:14] <ChristineY>  um, should I add my own lines to the post?
 [20:53:57] <karenreid>  Hi everyone
 [20:54:03] <sky_>  hi karenreid
 [20:54:15] <ChristineY>  hi karenreid
 [20:54:34] <karenreid>  I just got back from the U of T sponsored game showcase where the game programming students showed off their work. It was pretty impressive!
 [20:54:42] <dadacha>  ChristineY: yours are up
 [20:54:48] <ChristineY>  k
 [20:54:48]  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP (~Ayaya-Aar@S010600059a3c7a00.vf.shawcable.net) joined #markus.
 [20:54:59] <karenreid>  More than 350 people had walked through the door by the time I had left. :-)
 [20:55:05] <dadacha>  wow!
 [20:55:06] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hi sorry for being late. :(
 [20:55:07] <sean2>  karenreid: yeah it was awesome! i think i saw you in the crowd
 [20:55:15]  *** dadacha would have liked to have gone
 [20:55:25] <karenreid>  Hi sean2 I didn't see you there.
 [20:55:26] <dadacha>  hopefully next year I'll be showcasing mine ;)
 [20:55:55] <baadshah>  :)
 [20:55:55] <tobioboye>  dadacha: good luck
 [20:56:05] <karenreid>  :-)
 [20:56:09] <sean2>  karenreid: i didn't have time to stay very long :S
 [20:56:15] <karenreid>  Okay. Last status report meeting. Let's go around first, and then we can talk about the final wrapup.
 [20:56:29] <karenreid>  sean2: me either, but I did get to play couple of games.
 [20:57:04] <karenreid>  sky_: I see your punchline at the top, so you get to start us off
 [20:57:14] <sky_>  thanks
 [20:57:55] <sky_>  last week was pretty tough for me (all other courses stuff), I only finished the post and some fix to my code (both 2 issues). This week will definitely be better. I will submit my code and clean up the RB.
 [20:58:44] <karenreid>  Sounds good.
 [20:58:58] <sky_>  the post is something about test and 'shoulda', i also included some useful links
 [20:59:25] <ChristineY>  I read your post sky
 [20:59:29] <ChristineY>  it's good :)