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 [10:33:25] <baadshah>  dddadacha: hey danesh
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 [11:12:01] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] fixed unobtrusive link_to with method delete - Jay Parekh
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 [11:34:03] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Closes #660. Rubric criterion failure. - Severin Gehwolf
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 [14:03:07] <aimenk>  hi sean2
 [14:03:24] <sean2>  hey :)
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 [14:37:11] <aimenk>  ddadacha: hey!
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 [14:37:31] <ddadacha>  aimenk: hey
 [14:37:35] <aimenk>  how r u?
 [14:37:58] <ddadacha>  good, you?
 [14:38:05] <ddadacha>  tobiboye: highlight work?
 [14:38:50] <aimenk>  i m good as well
 [14:42:48] <aimenk>  sean2: and i r working on our issue
 [14:43:14] <aimenk>  and still stuck on one part
 [14:43:49] <aimenk>  google is not being that helpful :\
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 [15:01:15] <tobiboye>  hey NelleV do we do any integration testing in Markus?
 [15:05:07] <sean2>  tobiboye: hey tobi- aimen and i have been having some trouble with our issue- we're trying to call an RJS file from a controller. Do you know of a way to do this?
 [15:05:45] <NelleV>  tobiboye: nope, we don't
 [15:05:46] <sean2>  We saw that you posted on review board saying to use 'yeild,' but we were unable to find any examples that looked usefull
 [15:05:49] <sean2>  oh okay
 [15:07:00] <tobiboye>  NelleV: I've been trying to write tests for instructors successfully releasing assignment grades for groupings
 [15:08:37] <NelleV>  tobiboye: integration tests ?
 [15:09:06] <tobiboye>  NelleV: ...from the look of thing we might need integration tests for that. I wonder if I should be adding other gems like webrat to be used with shoulda for that
 [15:09:52] <NelleV>  tobiboye: can you be more precised in what you are trying to do ?
 [15:09:57] <NelleV>  I don't understand
 [15:10:07] <tobiboye>  hey sean2 one sec :)
 [15:10:20] <sean2>  tobiboye: yup yup :)
 [15:14:29] <tobiboye>  NelleV: The test I am trying to test that admins can release assignment marks for students successfully. But before I can do so, I have to create an assignment, create submissions for students, submit the assignment for the students, assign graders to the students, mark the assignments and then release the results
 [15:14:47] <NelleV>  tobiboye: as always :)
 [15:18:14] <tobiboye>  seeing that I have to call these actions from multiple controllers, seems like I might have to use integration tests
 [15:18:44] <NelleV>  you don't need to call the actions
 [15:18:44] <tobiboye>  that's what I think anyway. My question is it is ok if I use a gem like webrat?
 [15:18:47] <tobiboye>  hey sean2
 [15:18:57] <NelleV>  you just need to reproduce the state of the database needed
 [15:18:57] <sean2>  tobiboye: hey, how are you today?
 [15:19:28] <NelleV>  also, there are already tests for releasing assignment. Are these new tests ?
 [15:20:10] <tobiboye>  so yield is used to inject content into a view
 [15:20:25] <tobiboye>  yes
 [15:20:49] <tobiboye>  NelleV: there doesn't seem to be a test for the entire process like I mentioned above
 [15:21:13] <NelleV>  tobiboye: the process is nto what we are trying to test in functional tests
 [15:21:25] <tobiboye>  NelleV: right.
 [15:21:26] <NelleV>  tobiboye: so indeed, we don't tests the process at all
 [15:23:09] <tobiboye>  NelleV: OK. I ran into a routing issue when I was trying to view the results of an assignment a student and so I after I fixed it, I wrote a routing test for that. That made me realize that there was not test for successfully releasing assignments
 [15:23:28] <tobiboye>  Severin also mentioned that I should write a test for that case
 [15:24:18] <tobiboye>  NelleV: I am not really trying to test the process. I just want to test successfully releasing assignments and I can only do so after I have gone through the process.
 [15:24:25] <tobiboye>  hey sean2 I am good.
 [15:25:08] <sean2>  ok cool :)
 [15:25:23] <sean2>  yes so you had mensioned that i can use yield to inject content into an html right
 [15:25:31] <sean2>  into a view, right ****
 [15:25:33] <tobiboye>  sean2: I mentioned that you should consider using yield because that way, you can just render the update_column_filter.rjs file and get the columns to disappear even after a refresh
 [15:26:15] <sean2>  i see
 [15:26:34] <tobiboye>  sean2: Does any part of what I am saying make any sense?
 [15:26:47] <sean2>  partly
 [15:26:52] <sean2>  so
 [15:27:10] <sean2>  i agree if we could render update_column_filter.rjs then
 [15:27:22] <sean2>  we would get the columns to disappear even after a refresh
 [15:27:58] <sean2>  But aimen and i have looked pretty hard to find a way to render this .rjs file, and have not found a way
 [15:28:13] <sean2>  Your suggesting we should use yield?
 [15:30:16] <NelleV>  tobiboye: you shouldn't have to go through the whole process
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 [15:30:54] <NelleV>  tobiboye: are you talking about released results ?
 [15:31:39] <NelleV>  tobiboye: l408 of the submission_controller_test
 [15:32:24] <tobiboye>  NelleV: yes just releasing results successfullky
 [15:32:28] <tobiboye>  *successfully
 [15:34:28] <tobiboye>  sean2: yeah take a look at ut aimen and i have looked pretty hard to find a way to render this .rjs file, and have not found a way
 [15:34:44] <NelleV>  tobiboye: I'm 99.9% sure you can do this without going through the complex process
 [15:34:58] <tobiboye>  sean2: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/layouts_and_rendering.html#understanding-yield
 [15:35:01] <NelleV>  tobiboye: but you can fire a mail to the mailing list to see how people feel about adding the new gem
 [15:36:29] <tobiboye>  NelleV: ok. :). Do you happen to know what parts of the process I don't need to successfully release the results?
 [15:37:10] <tobiboye>  sean2: there is a brief explanation of what yield does. Take a look at the link and let me know if you run into any problems
 [15:38:17] <sean2>  kk, i will read through it
 [15:38:56] <NelleV>  tobiboye: nope, sorry
 [15:39:20] <NelleV>  tobiboye: I'd have to take more time to have a look at what you are trying to do
 [15:41:15] <tobiboye>  NelleV: no worries :) I will send the email to markus-dev
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 [15:44:27] <tobiboye>  NelleV: question about line 408 of submissions_controller_test.rb
 [15:44:39] <tobiboye>  this is not a test of success it is?
 [15:44:58] <tobiboye>  *test of success is it?
 [15:48:38] <sean2>  tobiboye: i read through the article you sent me- i think i understand how yeild works, but i don't know why it would be useful to us\
 [15:51:16] <tobiboye>  sean2: cool :). So you should be using yield on the submisions browse.html.erb view to render the update_column_filter.rjs file
 [15:52:58] <sean2>  so the way i've seen yield being implimented is to inject code into a view
 [15:53:06] <NelleV>  tobiboye: it should be
 [15:53:24] <sean2>  but we want to have our .rjs file change the view by showing/hiding elements
 [15:53:40] <NelleV>  tobiboye: but it isn't
 [15:54:00] <sean2>  hmm
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 [16:03:44] <tobiboye>  NelleV: that's right. there is a todo to test the correctly releasing the assignment results
 [16:11:47] <sean2>  tobiboye: so we still can't find a useful way to use yield, do you know how we should be using it? or should we continue researching it ourselves?
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 [16:32:21] <tobiboye>  hey sean2 I just know that it might be useful. ...might keyword
 [16:34:48] <sean2>  kk
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 [16:35:10] <sean2>  ok so we will spend some more time working on it, but we might move on to other things
 [16:35:29] <sean2>  thanks for the help- i'll let you know if we need to ask more questions ^^
 [16:36:45] <tobiboye>  have you tried inserting the rjs yeild with the browse view?
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 [16:41:33] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] tobioboye pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/HGfSFg
 [16:41:33] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #709 from tobioboye/issue_669_final - Oloruntobi Ogunbiyi
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 [16:48:39] <sean2>  tobiboye: no i haven't tried inserting the rjs yield with the browse view.
 [16:48:46] <sean2>  i will try that next
 [16:50:38] <ChristineY>  Hi everyone. Did anyone see the route tests review I posted yet?
 [16:51:06] <ChristineY>  Just wondering if I'm going in the right direction, and should continue in the same way or not
 [16:51:11] <ChristineY>  http://review.markusproject.org/r/1221/
 [17:28:24] <ddadacha>  ChristineY: I'll take a look in ~30 mins
 [17:28:30]  *** ddadacha is heading home
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 [17:36:54] <aimenk>  tobiboye: if u get time
 [17:37:02] <aimenk>  can u please look at my review and comment
 [17:37:17] <aimenk>  it's right here http://review.markusproject.org/r/1191/
 [17:37:21] <aimenk>  whenever you get time :)
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 [18:00:42]  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP (~Ayaya-Aar@d50-98-254-60.bchsia.telus.net) joined #markus.
 [18:00:57] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  heey
 [18:10:33]  Nick change: m_conley -> m_conley_away
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 [19:21:10] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: you there? :)
 [19:21:18] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: yep
 [19:21:24] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I need some help!
 [19:21:26] <ddadacha>  ChristineY: review coming up in 5, sorry for the delay
 [19:21:32] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: shoot
 [19:22:10] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  trying to understand how .make works
 [19:22:14] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  in testing
 [19:22:54] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I know that its defined in blueprints.rb
 [19:23:09] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  but does it do anything besides the stuff that is nested within do?
 [19:23:31] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  specifically, I am looking at PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule.blueprint
 [19:23:48] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  and inside there are 2 lines, assignment_id {0} and type {'PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule'}
 [19:24:17] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: can you give me a few? Just want to finish off ChristineY's review
 [19:24:27] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  sure no worires
 [19:43:15] <ChristineY>  ddadacha: thanks! :)
 [19:44:33] <ddadacha>  ChristineY: jumped the gun there :P added another comment too FYI
 [19:44:34] <ddadacha>  np!
 [19:44:40] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: taking a look now
 [19:44:47] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  :)
 [19:45:23] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I'm getting this error
 [19:45:23] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  NoMethodError: undefined method `each' for #<Period:0x108f27bb0>
 [19:45:37] <ddadacha>  from what, your code?
 [19:45:41] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  yup
 [19:45:44] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  its calling
 [19:45:45] <ddadacha>  paste the code please
 [19:45:49] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule.make
 [19:45:53]  *** ddadacha looks at the blueprint
 [19:46:05] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  the error i thrown on this line
 [19:46:06] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  periods {Period.make(:submission_rule_id => self.object_id)}
 [19:46:31] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  (I added that line)
 [19:48:25] <ddadacha>  okay so my understanding of blueprints is it's just a blueprint for an object, when you call make, it runs the appropriate code. This code could setup variables or also call other blueprints nestingly (<-- totally a real word..)
 [19:49:06] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: so you're adding that line under PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule.blueprint ?
 [19:49:12] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  yes
 [19:49:15] <ddadacha>  could you just paste the chunk of code?
 [19:49:22] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule.blueprint do
 [19:49:23] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  assignment_id {0}
 [19:49:24] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  type {'PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule'}
 [19:49:25] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  periods {Period.make(:submission_rule_id => self.object_id)}
 [19:49:26] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  end
 [19:49:27] <ddadacha>  uhh careful
 [19:49:30] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  oops
 [19:49:36] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ill do it via paste next time
 [19:49:39] <ddadacha>  if it;s any longer, bot spam filters kick in :P
 [19:49:44] <ddadacha>  for your own good ;)
 [19:49:45] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  yea :P
 [19:49:49] <ddadacha>  or PM me it
 [19:50:04] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  oko
 [19:50:06] <ddadacha>  paste if others are on, they can take a look too then though
 [19:51:29] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  right
 [19:51:43] <ddadacha>  could you paste the entire error?
 [19:51:45] <ddadacha>  or is it jsut that one line
 [19:52:17] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  (pm)
 [19:52:47] <ddadacha>  that's not the same erorr...