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 [15:15:39] <aimenk>  hey ddadacha
 [15:15:45] <aimenk>  how's it going?
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 [19:58:13] <aimenk>  hey tobioboye
 [20:02:48] <tobioboye>  hey aimenk sorry for the late response
 [20:02:53] <tobioboye>  what's up?
 [20:02:59] <aimenk>  oh no worries :) i kno u r busy
 [20:03:26] <aimenk>  sorry to bother u again for like the 100th time
 [20:03:36] <aimenk>  but i had some questions n stuff
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 [20:17:37] <tobioboye>  please go ahead
 [20:17:56] <tobioboye>  I didn't realize you were pinging me :)
 [20:18:07] <tobioboye>  aimenk:
 [20:18:13] <aimenk>  lol its ok
 [20:18:35] <tobioboye>  aimenk: what's your question
 [20:18:41] <aimenk>  so the issue we were working on with when u press refresh the columns go back to normal settings
 [20:19:03] <aimenk>  i think u had talk to sean and told him to use the if and else statements and use the session variable
 [20:19:05] <aimenk>  we tried that
 [20:19:30] <aimenk>  but then say if we "hide Group name" then refresh the page. The try to show group name it wont display it
 [20:19:41] <aimenk>  unless u refresh the page again
 [20:19:59] <aimenk>  the reason being is that it makes the instance variable false and never draws that column again
 [20:20:30] <aimenk>  so we were thinking is there a way that everytime def browse is called (so basically page refreshed) we could like render or call the action update_column_filter
 [20:21:17] <aimenk>  tobioboye: if u look at the review i kinda tried to explain what issues we encountered (http://review.markusproject.org/r/1178/)
 [20:22:41] <tobioboye>  aimenk: taking a look at the review
 [20:22:50] <aimenk>  ok thanks :)
 [20:26:41] <tobioboye>  what did you mean by "We would check if "col1" is set to false dont put the element into the table. But this method didn't work as intended because elements that weren't places in the table could no longer be unhidden through AJAX"
 [20:27:14] <aimenk>  so basically remember before when we tried AJAX
 [20:27:30] <aimenk>  we would say if @submission)Col_header[:col1] is true
 [20:27:37] <aimenk>  then show the table element
 [20:29:35] <aimenk>  So basically we save the values of each column (whether to hide or show them) in instance variable, then when page is refreshed we check if session[:submission_col_filter][:col1] is true, if it is show the element
 [20:30:38] <aimenk>  now say if i have hidden group name. then i refresh the page. then i try to show group name, it wont display it
 [20:32:01] <tobioboye>  can you pastie update_submissions.rjs?
 [20:33:02] <aimenk>  oh u mean update_column_filter.rjs
 [20:33:13] <aimenk>  http://pastie.org/3669025
 [20:33:29] <tobioboye>  yeah I meant that
 [20:34:14] <aimenk>  then we tried doing something like this http://pastie.org/3669028
 [20:34:25] <aimenk>  in (app/views/submissions/_submissions_table_sorting_links.html.erb and app/views/submissions/submissions_table_row/_table_row.html.erb)
 [20:34:41] <aimenk>  so that after refresh it would check again if values r true or false
 [20:38:06] <tobioboye>  yeah that makes sense
 [20:38:58] <aimenk>  yea but that didnt work properly
 [20:39:08] <aimenk>  cause if we change the group name to say hidden
 [20:39:12] <aimenk>  then refresh the page
 [20:39:17] <aimenk>  then try to show group name it wont show it
 [20:39:25] <aimenk>  unless we refresh the page again
 [20:39:25] <tobioboye>  so once you remove a column once you cannot get it to show up if you try using the modal to enable it?
 [20:39:28] <tobioboye>  right
 [20:39:35] <aimenk>  yeaa
 [20:39:41] <aimenk>  unless u click refresh
 [20:39:47] <tobioboye>  can you check what the value of submission_col_dict is
 [20:40:10] <tobioboye>  so if the change you made from the modal is reflected in the session dictionary
 [20:40:22] <aimenk>  yea i think it does
 [20:40:27] <tobioboye>  confirm
 [20:40:38] <tobioboye>  put a break point in the browse view
 [20:40:50] <aimenk>  cause in our check box we also use the session[submission_column_filter] value
 [20:40:50] <tobioboye>  and check the values of the dictionary
 [20:41:01] <aimenk>  so if its true click the checkbox
 [20:41:04] <aimenk>  else dont
 [20:41:08] <aimenk>  and that reflects it
 [20:41:35] <tobioboye>  no what I meant is put a break point right before the line "<% if session[:submission_col_dictionary][:Col1])"
 [20:41:40] <tobioboye>  in browse
 [20:41:48] <tobioboye>  and check the value of the dictionary
 [20:42:04] <aimenk>  so use debugger?
 [20:43:03] <tobioboye>  yep
 [20:45:31] <aimenk>  so
 [20:45:40] <aimenk>  i checked the value is true
 [20:45:53] <aimenk>  like first i unchecked the box
 [20:45:55] <aimenk>  then refresh the page
 [20:46:08] <aimenk>  the checked the box the group name didnt show up
 [20:46:16] <aimenk>  and i checked the value it was true :s
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 [20:51:10] <tobioboye>  sorry i'm kinda confused by your reply
 [20:51:41] <tobioboye>  aimenk: did you check the value for the case when the column should be displayed and it's not ?
 [20:52:04] <aimenk>  yea
 [20:52:10] <tobioboye>  cool
 [20:52:13] <tobioboye>  what was the value?
 [20:52:28] <aimenk>  the value for session[:submission_col_dictionary][:Col1] = true
 [20:52:34] <aimenk>  but the column1 was not showing
 [20:52:52] <aimenk>  unless i physically press refresh, then it shows
 [20:54:01] <tobioboye>  put a break point before line 4 in update_column_filter.rjs
 [20:54:45] <tobioboye>  *actually I meant put a break point before line 6 and check to see if the column is set to show
 [20:55:43] <aimenk>  tobioboye: sorry how would i check that
 [20:55:47] <aimenk>  p value?
 [20:55:52] <tobioboye>  yep
 [20:59:34] <aimenk>  tobioboye: i m a bit confused about debugger
 [20:59:46] <aimenk>  i placed it on line 6
 [21:00:12] <aimenk>  kk nvm got it
 [21:00:18] <aimenk>  yea so it says value is true
 [21:01:42] <tobioboye>  check if "elem. show" is called on the column you are trying to set to be visible
 [21:01:51] <aimenk>  i think whats happening is first when we hide the "Group Name" element
 [21:02:01] <aimenk>  then refresh the page.
 [21:02:26] <aimenk>  the if else statements runs and removes the element from the table as it is said to false
 [21:02:41] <tobioboye>  yeah debug each iteration of the loop in the update_column_filter.rjs
 [21:02:45] <aimenk>  then when update_column_filter is called again it cant find the element in the table
 [21:03:03] <tobioboye>  make sure that the column you want to set to be visible has the "elem. show" call
 [21:03:17] <tobioboye>  ah I see
 [21:03:39] <aimenk>  yeaaaa
 [21:05:25] <tobioboye>  are you sure it's not there?
 [21:05:36] <tobioboye>  because we only set the element to be invisible
 [21:05:39] <tobioboye>  we do not remove it
 [21:08:06] <aimenk>  yea
 [21:08:13] <aimenk>  but the if statement removed it
 [21:08:30] <aimenk>  cause it runs if statement and it says the element is not suppose to be there
 [21:09:03] <aimenk>  cos it only creates the element and places it in the table if session[:submission_col_dictionary][:Col1] is true
 [21:09:24] <aimenk>  but since we refresh the page and if statement is set to false, it doesnt even include the element in the table
 [21:13:10] <tobioboye>  I thought you didn't do a refresh
 [21:13:37] <aimenk>  no like if i hide the element, then do a refresh
 [21:13:45] <aimenk>  then try to display the element it wont
 [21:13:52] <aimenk>  like if we dont do the refresh that works
 [21:14:08] <tobioboye>  ok
 [21:14:08] <aimenk>  but there could be a scenario when some one hides a column of columns then refreshes the page for some reason
 [21:14:14] <tobioboye>  yep
 [21:14:18] <aimenk>  then tries to display the columns again
 [21:14:18] <aimenk>  a
 [21:14:22] <aimenk>  and cant
 [21:14:45] <aimenk>  couple of columns* (not column of columns)
 [21:14:49] <aimenk>  lol
 [21:15:13] <aimenk>  sorry tobioboye if i have confused u.
 [21:15:23] <tobioboye>  nope I'm following
 [21:15:30] <aimenk>  okk good :)
 [21:16:35] <tobioboye>  I'm just looking for the most efficient way for you to render the update_column_filter.rjs file
 [21:17:00] <aimenk>  oh ok. yea that's what we were doing earlier, had the hardest time figuring it out
 [21:18:16] <aimenk>  cause if we render the update_column_filter then i dont think we need the if statements anymore
 [21:19:49] <tobioboye>  yep
 [21:44:03]  ayrus12 (~ayrus@user6-20.wdw-res.utoronto.ca) joined #markus.
 [21:44:26] <tobioboye>  hey aimed
 [21:44:36] <tobioboye>  nvm
 [21:44:44] <aimenk>  yeaa
 [21:44:46] <aimenk>  lol okk
 [21:52:46] <aimenk>  tobioboye: i m gonna go away for a bit and come back in an hour
 [21:53:13] <aimenk>  if not i'll be online tomorrow and we can talk about this
 [21:53:15] <tobioboye>  ok I'll probably not be onine
 [21:53:23] <tobioboye>  *online when you get back
 [21:53:27] <tobioboye>  yeah I should be online tomorrow
 [21:55:11] <aimenk>  ok perfect. we can further look into it tomorrow.
 [21:55:21] <aimenk>  this will give us time to try few things
 [21:55:28] <aimenk>  have a good night. talk to u tomorrow :)
 [21:55:30]  aimenk (~aimenk@CPE00226b45e6b2-CM001ac318b812.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #markus.
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