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 [14:06:38] <ddadacha>  (Farah)
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 [21:00:44] <aimenk>  hey tobioboye`
 [21:00:51] <aimenk>  how's it going?
 [21:09:54] <tobioboye`>  good
 [21:10:03] <tobioboye`>  I'm looking at your code
 [21:10:13] <tobioboye`>  give me 15 :)
 [21:12:38] <aimenk>  tobioboye`: i figured out the issue
 [21:12:54] <aimenk>  in my form_tag for the method instead of sending get i was send post
 [21:18:36] <tobioboye`>  yeah that was an issue
 [21:18:54] <tobioboye`>  there is still problems with how you are setting the columns to be falase
 [21:19:01] <tobioboye`>  *invisible
 [21:19:07] <aimenk>  hmm
 [21:19:10] <aimenk>  yeaa
 [21:19:16] <aimenk>  it gives errors
 [21:19:31] <tobioboye`>  yeah I'm fixing them right now
 [21:20:39] <aimenk>  also tobioboye`
 [21:20:47] <aimenk>  it doesnt close the modal when i click Save
 [21:20:55] <aimenk>  do i have to give an extra command for it to close the modal
 [21:21:09]  tobioboye_ (~drone@gw-wifi16.cdf.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
 [21:21:56] <aimenk>  tobioboye_: did u get my last msg? lol
 [21:22:09] <tobioboye_>  yeah I did
 [21:22:35] <tobioboye`>  yeah i'm fixing all those
 [21:22:53] <tobioboye`>  i will fix that after I finish getting the columns not to show up
 [21:23:01] <tobioboye`>  let's talk in half an hour :)
 [21:23:15]  tobioboye` (806420ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed
 [21:23:19] <aimenk>  lol okk
 [22:13:36] <tobioboye_>  hey aimenk so I've cleaned up parts of the code
 [22:13:47] <aimenk>  hey tobioboye_
 [22:13:49] <tobioboye_>  now onto the not so fun parts
 [22:14:00] <tobioboye_>  of messing around with git to get you to have the changes
 [22:14:28] <tobioboye_>  there are two issues however
 [22:14:58] <aimenk>  yeaa
 [22:14:59] <aimenk>  lol
 [22:15:03] <aimenk>  how do i do that?
 [22:16:56] <tobioboye_>  one is you will have to close the modal, and the other is whenever you refresh the page, the columns that you selected to disappear so you have to include some javascript that will set the columns of the submissions view to be the corresponding value in @ submission_col_header
 [22:18:28] <aimenk>  oh okk
 [22:18:59] <aimenk>  yea i have that in my update_Column_header.rjs file
 [22:19:05] <aimenk>  i m not sure if u had a chance to look at it
 [22:21:32] <aimenk>  this is basically the info in my update_column_header
 [22:21:59] <aimenk>  http://pastie.org/3639013 tobioboye_ so depending on what's clicked or not, it gets updated
 [22:27:53] <tobioboye_>  hey aimenk so I have pushed my changes to my master branch. Please never push changes to your master at all costs
 [22:28:12] <aimenk>  oh ok
 [22:28:39] <tobioboye_>  to get my changes do $git pull git@github.com:tobioboye/Markus.git master:tobi_changed
 [22:28:55] <tobioboye_>  now this creates a new local branch called tobi_changed
 [22:29:09] <tobioboye_>  which you can switch to using $git checkout tobi_changed
 [22:29:16] <aimenk>  okk let me try
 [22:30:03] <aimenk>  tobioboye_: it says i have conflicts :s
 [22:30:23] <tobioboye_>  what branch were you on?
 [22:30:35] <aimenk>  i was on my issue327a branch
 [22:30:48] <tobioboye_>  please switch to master
 [22:30:52] <aimenk>  k
 [22:31:03] <tobioboye_>  and try
 [22:31:25] <aimenk>  it wont let me
 [22:31:42] <aimenk>  it says "error: you need to resolve your current index first"
 [22:34:25] <tobioboye_>  ok try doing a git reset HEAD
 [22:34:41] <aimenk>  kk
 [22:35:41] <aimenk>  then?
 [22:38:07] <aimenk>  tobioboye_: its not letting me checkout
 [22:38:43] <aimenk>  gives this error http://pastie.org/3639068
 [22:42:33] <tobioboye_>  I actually said try $git reset HEAD
 [22:43:14] <aimenk>  yea i did that
 [22:43:23] <aimenk>  then tried to checkout master
 [22:43:29] <aimenk>  or is there steps in the middle
 [22:46:42] <tobioboye_>  ok what does $ git status give you
 [22:46:49] <tobioboye_>  after the reset HEAD
 [22:47:23] <aimenk>  so i already did the reset
 [22:47:32] <aimenk>  then git status gave me this
 [22:47:32] <aimenk>  http://pastie.org/3639106
 [22:48:36] <tobioboye_>  ok so please delete all of them using $ rm -f <path to each of the files>
 [22:48:54] <aimenk>  okk
 [22:50:45] <tobioboye_>  once you've done that, please switch to master and then run the previous command to get the changes I made on my branch
 [22:53:00] <aimenk>  okk
 [22:53:38] <aimenk>  kk tobioboye_ finally! lol
 [22:53:42] <aimenk>  i m on ur branch now :)
 [22:55:03] <tobioboye_>  k great!!
 [22:55:36] <tobioboye_>  ok take a look at the changes and modify them accordingly. I must say some of what I did was tacky to you might have to consider more elegant ways of doing some things.
 [22:55:54] <aimenk>  hmm okk
 [22:55:57] <tobioboye_>  k try running the changes
 [22:56:22] <aimenk>  ok so i ran the modal
 [22:56:26] <aimenk>  it looks good
 [22:56:42] <aimenk>  like when u click on a checkbox and press save it disappears from the back
 [22:58:23] <tobioboye_>  ok now the issues are you have to add a close call for the modal
 [22:58:38] <aimenk>  yea
 [22:58:44] <aimenk>  would that be when Save in clicked
 [22:58:56] <tobioboye_>  actually it should do so by default when you click Save
 [22:59:06] <aimenk>  hmm that's what i thought
 [22:59:12] <tobioboye_>  adding a call back for the Save function might help
 [22:59:15] <aimenk>  cos i think thats what happens for role_switch
 [22:59:27] <tobioboye_>  look up examples of submit_tag in markus and online
 [22:59:36] <aimenk>  hmm okk
 [23:00:22] <aimenk>  tobioboye_: so i m looking at update_column_filter
 [23:00:48] <aimenk>  actually nvm
 [23:00:57] <aimenk>  i was gonna ask what u did, but it seems pretty self explanatory
 [23:01:39] <tobioboye_>  the other issue is you will have to add the check of the values of the dictionary whenever the submissions view is triggered so that the columns you select to be invisible stay that way
 [23:01:47] <tobioboye_>  I will leave the rest to you :) I have to go now
 [23:02:25] <aimenk>  ok sure tobioboye_ thanks for your help :)
 [23:08:36]  aimenk (~aimenk@airmarshal-v198-507.airyork.yorku.ca) left #markus.
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