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 [15:55:06] <sean2>  ddadacha: hey, do you have a second for a question?
 [15:55:18] <ddadacha>  if it isn't too complicated
 [15:55:26] <ddadacha>  sean2: shoot
 [15:55:42] <sean2>  i'm planing on reusing the code in the javascript file 'views/submissions/_submission_warning.js.erb' as a generic navigational warning throughout the website.
 [15:56:10] <sean2>  i want to rename this file, and i want to move it- since it doesn't really belong to just submissions anymore
 [15:56:15] <sean2>  but i don't know where to put it
 [15:56:33] <sean2>  do you have any suggestion?
 [15:57:14]  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP (~Ayaya-Aar@S0106001195756b4f.vf.shawcable.net) joined #markus.
 [15:57:14] <ddadacha>  throughout the website being in the header?
 [15:57:19] <sean2>  uhh
 [15:57:23] <sean2>  like for example
 [15:57:46] <sean2>  any time you are editing an assignment, and you don't confirm, and then try to navigate away
 [15:57:56] <sean2>  it will ask if you are sure you want to navigate away
 [15:58:05] <sean2>  and loose any changes
 [15:58:07] <ddadacha>  hmm
 [15:58:15] <sean2>  And, there are a few other forms in the site
 [15:58:27] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: did you have time to read my response to your suggestions?
 [15:58:45] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: no not yet, sorry
 [15:58:55] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: all good =)
 [15:59:38] <ddadacha>  sean2: I'm not sure, either in views/shared or views/layouts
 [15:59:51] <ddadacha>  sean2: if you're just worried about the location, choose one or the other and then post a review
 [15:59:53] <sean2>  okay. Thanks
 [16:00:09] <ddadacha>  if there's a problem with it, someone'll point it out
 [16:00:20] <sean2>  kk thanks
 [16:00:30] <sean2>  i'm thinking views/shared
 [16:00:46] <sean2>  since it's a javascript that many views throughout the site will use
 [16:01:31] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: I can't right now either if that's what you're getting at
 [16:02:06] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: all good. :) I'll work on another issue, hopefully someone else can comment =)
 [16:02:10] <ddadacha>  sean2: tbh I just looked at folder names :P Just see what the content of the files in each folder is and go accordingly
 [16:03:03] <sean2>  kk, thanks!
 [16:03:58] <ddadacha>  np
 [16:25:49] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  sean2: any luck on your modal problem?
 [16:28:21] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: Egor wrote that in rails 3.1, rjs-files are being deprecated
 [16:29:11] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: and if I follow the role_switch style, it uses the rjs-files
 [16:29:17] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  in the dummy call
 [16:30:01] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: hmm I did not know that
 [16:30:12] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hmm yeah
 [16:30:23] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: perhaps leave it for now and ask the other core devsd
 [16:30:47] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  sure
 [16:31:04] <ddadacha>  wonder where he read that though
 [16:31:11] <ddadacha>  I don't remember that in the release notes
 [16:32:06] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hmm right
 [16:36:02] <sean2>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: hi, sorry- i wasn't watching the IRC and my sound was off. Yes, i think aimen and i are close to getting it running! i havn't worked on that issue today yet. How is everything on your end?
 [16:37:08] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  sean2: I had to make some core changes to my modal since I wasn't using the link_to tag and was calling the javascript directly, now I am having trouble loading my modal dialog form when the button is clicked
 [16:37:56] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: just wanted to double check, if the students_controller has my dummy action, the rjs file should be in the views/student folder right?
 [16:38:55] <ddadacha>  yeah and should be named identically (minus file ext) to the action
 [16:39:04] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: maybe leave this for now
 [16:39:15] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: ask tonight at the meeting, perhaps others will have more insight
 [16:39:36] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: sure, sounds good. I just looked up the rails 3.1 release notes, nothing about deprecation of rjs type files
 [16:40:25] <ddadacha>  Benjamin_V, NelleV: Have either of you heard about this? ---^ Re Egor's reply to Aimen's email about how rjs is going to be deprecated
 [16:43:32] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: is Severin one of the people in the channel?
 [16:43:40] <sean2>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: i'm not sure- we havn't gotten the modal working yet. I still feel like i need to learn a lot about it. If you can get your modal working properly, perhaps you should think about creating a blog post about how modals are used in markus?
 [16:43:50] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: no he isn't on right now, jerboaa's his nick
 [16:43:50] <NelleV>  ddadacha: yes
 [16:43:57] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: ooh
 [16:44:32] <ddadacha>  NelleV: so it is being deprecated? That means role switching's going to need to be changed :S
 [16:44:45] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  sean2: sure I'll look into that once I get it working.. :D
 [16:44:47] <ddadacha>  tobioboye`: -^
 [16:45:42] <NelleV>  ddadacha: that means everything is going to be changed :p
 [16:46:12] <sean2>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: Cool! :D
 [16:47:48]  Nick change: sean2 -> sean_afk
 [16:49:04] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  lol
 [16:56:55] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: I'm not sure how I should proceed with things right now, ideally I do still want to not call the javascript directly?
 [16:57:23] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: on that note, I followed the download csv and upload csv dialogs and they called them directly, which is why my style ended up to be like that
 [16:57:41] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: yeah I think ignore my style comment then
 [16:57:52] <ddadacha>  hmm but then that makes link_to fail too right
 [16:58:10] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: well I had link_to_function before that. :)
 [16:58:13] <ddadacha>  yeah
 [16:58:34] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: can you work on something else right now? A bit busy
 [16:58:39] <ddadacha>  can I get back to you tonight?
 [16:58:41] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  ddadacha: yeah no worries
 [16:58:47] <ddadacha>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: alright, ty
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 [20:47:30] <aimenk>  Hey guys!!
 [20:48:13] <Erop>  heya
 [20:48:26]  Nick change: sean_afk -> sean2
 [20:48:48] <ChristineY>  Hi~
 [20:48:53] <sky_>  Hi!
 [20:49:17]  ddadacha (~ddadacha@173-230-167-62.cable.teksavvy.com) joined #markus.
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 [20:51:09] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  helllllo
 [20:52:05]  hanson (6031eecc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #markus.
 [20:53:07] <tobioboye>  hey
 [20:54:15] <hanson>  hello!
 [20:54:31] <baadshah>  helloo
 [20:55:31]  karenreid (~karenreid@vpn-shaper01.cs.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
 [20:55:46]  #markus: mode change '+o karenreid' by MarkUsBot!~MarkUsBot@li136-145.members.linode.com
 [20:56:41] <karenreid>  Hi everyone!
 [20:56:52] <hanson>  hi karenreid
 [20:56:56] <tobioboye>  hello
 [20:57:03] <ChristineY>  hello karenreid
 [20:57:05] <baadshah>  karenreid: hii!
 [20:57:14] <sky_>  hi karenreid
 [20:57:16] <karenreid>  I hope everyone had a good week.
 [20:57:40] <karenreid>  Let's dive right in with the "rounds
 [20:57:41] <karenreid>  "
 [20:57:55] <karenreid>  I have hanson up first :-)
 [20:57:57] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  helllo!
 [20:58:02] <hanson>  ok :P
 [20:58:21] <hanson>  I really don't have much to add to my punchline, but I'm happy I'm finally through all the link_to_remote's !
 [20:58:35] <hanson>  and I already picked up an issue which I'll be starting on
 [20:58:49] <karenreid>  Yay! That's a major accomplishment.
 [20:58:49] <hanson>  other than that, nothing special from my end !
 [20:58:56] <karenreid>  Sounds good
 [20:59:07] <karenreid>  Erop: your turn
 [20:59:43] <Erop>  I also don't have much to add to my punchline as I just finished writing it recently
 [20:59:53] <Erop>  i finished one bug this week
 [20:59:58] <karenreid>  :-) Looks good
 [21:00:01] <Erop>  for this bug, I did a lot of gradeview testing
 [21:00:12] <Erop>  fixing routes, buttons, etc
 [21:00:37] <Erop>  it should mostly be working....Hanson picked up a bug that I have logged for it, for the one thing I did not get to work
 [21:01:00] <Erop>  other than that I am working on the API and am currently writting a blog post about it
 [21:01:30] <karenreid>  Excellent. Thanks.
 [21:01:38] <Erop>  i would appreciate it if ddadacha could do a review for me, for the changes that I have posted to review board regarding the new API changes
 [21:01:49] <Erop>  as Severin told me that he is very busy this week
 [21:02:10] <Erop>  but ya...that's all for me for now
 [21:02:21] <ddadacha>  Erop: I can get to it later this week, Thurs/Fri..have a midterm on Wed :/
 [21:02:31] <Erop>  ok np
 [21:02:48] <karenreid>  ddadacha: your turn (what's the midterm for?)
 [21:02:50] <tobioboye>  i will do one then Erop :)
 [21:02:58] <ddadacha>  karenreid: my other course
 [21:03:23] <ddadacha>  not so tough but with work, my free time is about 0 tonight and tomorrow
 [21:03:47] <ddadacha>  this week I didn't get that much done on my bugs, I went through the pagination links but they are being difficult
 [21:04:34] <ddadacha>  I noticed the notes link didn't quite redirect to what it should have when I pushed the review, I think it's a combo of the link and Jay's issue with the notes modal
 [21:04:47]  *** ddadacha will wait til that gets in to test
 [21:05:04] <baadshah>  ddadacha: u weren't able to fetch my edit_groups branch?
 [21:05:06] <ddadacha>  I spent most of the rest of my time helping others =)
 [21:05:12] <ddadacha>  baadshah: I was but git was being a pain
 [21:05:16] <ddadacha>  baadshah: and it was..3am :P
 [21:05:46] <baadshah>  ddadacha: ah..lol..kk..i can help u get it later..let me know
 [21:05:54] <ddadacha>  there've been so many pushes to upstream lately (which is great!) that I have so many damn merge issues :/
 [21:06:42] <ddadacha>  oh and I responded to the blog post comments
 [21:06:43] <karenreid>  sounds good. Thanks for all your help with others!
 [21:06:43]  *** karenreid hopes that git is behaving now
 [21:07:01] <ddadacha>  some great feedback from everyone!
 [21:07:05] <karenreid>  The problems that come with lots of activity! :-)
 [21:07:12] <ddadacha>  including a (much) former dev I think
 [21:08:11] <karenreid>  ChristineY: your turn
 [21:08:41] <ChristineY>  OK, a bug was found in the cookie detection code I made before
 [21:08:57] <ChristineY>  finally fixed it - bit it invovles a lot of redirects.
 [21:09:21] <ChristineY>  What happens is that the page needs to be redirected so that cookies[] actually reads the cookie, and is not just set locally.
 [21:10:08] <ChristineY>  And then it redirects again to get rid of a parameter set so that it can tell that it's already been redirected
 [21:10:16] <karenreid>  sigh
 [21:10:18] <ChristineY>  I hope the redirections aren't a problem
 [21:10:51] <karenreid>  ChristineY: the blog post sounds like a good idea
 [21:10:55]  *** Ayaya-Aaron-MBP got in trouble for using too many redirections from the main devs :(
 [21:11:10]  *** ChristineY is apprehensive
 [21:11:19] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  Good luck. :)
 [21:11:22] <ChristineY>  karenreid: ok, thanks! I will get on it then.
 [21:11:29] <karenreid>  Still it is worth looking at.
 [21:12:17] <karenreid>  I read some blog articles today where the theme was that the writer (of text books, blog articles, etc.) learns far more through the writing process than the readers. :-)
 [21:12:17] <ChristineY>  that's all from me this week!
 [21:12:41] <karenreid>  Sounds good. It will be interesting to see the reviews of your fix.
 [21:12:49] <karenreid>  aimenk: your turn
 [21:13:00] <aimenk>  hi
 [21:13:14] <aimenk>  so this week i was working on the issue 689
 [21:13:31] <aimenk>  where i was working on creating filters for submission table
 [21:13:49] <aimenk>  i wrote a blog about different ways the pop up can be displayed, decided to go with the modal
 [21:14:02] <aimenk>  this week i implement the modal with the help of sean
 [21:14:11] <sean2>  :)
 [21:14:24] <aimenk>  i had some trouble with it, send an email to markus-dev and got replies (thanks to egor, hanson and severin)
 [21:14:27] <aimenk>  and it was finally working
 [21:14:48] <karenreid>  aimenk: and sean2: Nice!
 [21:15:07] <aimenk>  next we plan to implement the show/hide columns
 [21:15:11] <aimenk>  and then just take it from there
 [21:15:29] <aimenk>  we learnt a lot doing this, danesh also helped us a lot
 [21:15:37] <karenreid>  aimenk and sean2: while you are working on this one, can you also look into setting the number of rows displayed as a preference?