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 [13:47:09] <baadshah>  heyy can someone tell me how to add a key to the config/locale/en.yml file???
 [13:47:32] <baadshah>  i'm trying to add empty: key to assignment.group
 [13:47:44] <baadshah>  but i'm getting syntax error on that line
 [13:53:47] <baadshah>  has anyone worked with adding a key to en.yml file?
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 [15:53:23] <baadshah>  tobioboye: hey tobi
 [15:53:53] <baadshah>  i've a question about inserting keys in the en.yml locale
 [15:53:56] <tobioboye>  hey baadshah
 [15:54:00] <tobioboye>  ok
 [15:54:05] <tobioboye>  fire away :)
 [15:54:19] <baadshah>  ok so i wnat a translation for "Empty Group"
 [15:54:22] <baadshah>  if the group is empty
 [15:54:22] <baadshah>  right
 [15:54:28] <baadshah>  and so in en.yml file
 [15:54:53] <baadshah>  i wrote the line empty: "Empty Group"
 [15:54:56] <baadshah>  under assignment.group
 [15:55:28] <baadshah>  soo...in grouping.rb file where I use this translation...i call it like: I18n.t('assignment.group.empty')
 [15:55:33] <baadshah>  but it gives me Syntax error
 [15:55:35] <baadshah>  :|
 [15:56:41] <baadshah>  tobioboye: so do you know what could be wrong with it?
 [15:56:46] <tobioboye>  one sec
 [15:57:48] <tobioboye>  can you pastie the part of the assignment in en.yml
 [15:58:13] <baadshah>  yup
 [15:58:21] <tobioboye>  and the call in the assignments file
 [15:58:46] <tobioboye>  thanks
 [15:58:56] <baadshah>  tobioboye: here u go..http://pastie.org/3422968
 [15:59:34] <tobioboye>  thanks
 [16:01:15] <baadshah>  tobioboye: and in grouping.rb....this is how i'm calling it.....http://pastie.org/3422988
 [16:04:03] <tobioboye>  syntax looks
 [16:04:05] <tobioboye>  greate
 [16:04:07] <tobioboye>  *great
 [16:04:32] <tobioboye>  is the error message a syntax error
 [16:05:17] <baadshah>  yes...so i've a test for that functioin in grouping_test.rb
 [16:05:24] <baadshah>  and when i run tht test file
 [16:05:30] <baadshah>  tobioboye: it gives me...the following:
 [16:05:31] <baadshah>  /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/yaml.rb:133:in `load': syntax error on line 131, col 12: ` empty: "Empty Group"' (ArgumentError)
 [16:09:05] <tobioboye>  can you pls try return I18n.t(':assignment.group.empty') if student_user_names.size == 0
 [16:09:26] <baadshah>  ok
 [16:09:30] <tobioboye>  so adding a colon to the front of assignment.group
 [16:09:52] <tobioboye>  let me know what happends
 [16:09:55] <tobioboye>  *happens
 [16:10:00] <baadshah>  tobioboye: same error
 [16:10:16] <tobioboye>  ok
 [16:11:13] <tobioboye>  is line 131 the line with the assignment.group.empty
 [16:15:05] <tobioboye>  hey baadshah can you pls put a breakpoint in the get_all_students_in_group function and check the value of I18n.t(assignment.group.empty')?
 [16:15:21] <baadshah>  okay
 [16:15:22] <baadshah>  sure
 [16:15:28] <baadshah>  tobioboye: let me try that
 [16:15:36] <tobioboye>  actually I am trying it too
 [16:15:44] <NelleV>  baadshah: are you using tabs or spaces ?
 [16:15:45] <tobioboye>  just pulled your branch
 [16:16:22] <baadshah>  NelleV: i'm using tabs..but i've specified the spacing to 2
 [16:17:55] <NelleV>  baadshah: what do you mean by you've set the spacing to 2 ?
 [16:18:11] <NelleV>  baadshah: does your tab key outputs a tab caracter or 2 spaces ?
 [16:18:25] <baadshah>  NelleV: i mean..i've specified the tab width to 2
 [16:19:51] <NelleV>  baadshah: uses spaces
 [16:20:03] <NelleV>  changing the tab width only changes the way it looks on your computer
 [16:20:04] <tobioboye>  hey NelleV will using tabs affect the translation of I18n.t(':assignment.group.empty')?
 [16:20:32] <NelleV>  a tab is a character \t, as \n is a caracter
 [16:21:32] <tobioboye>  NelleV: I will think since there is no tab or space in 'assignment.group.empty', using tabs instead of spaces might not affect the translation of the string provided
 [16:21:40] <tobioboye>  I might be wrong :)
 [16:21:54] <NelleV>  tobioboye: I'm pretty sure yml is sensitive to the way the code is indented
 [16:22:04] <tobioboye>  o wow :)
 [16:22:08] <NelleV>  which means it is sensible to tabs and spaces
 [16:22:18] <tobioboye>  I had no idea :)
 [16:22:57] <NelleV>  the number of spaces used to indent is not important, but elements should be aligned properly
 [16:23:08] <NelleV>  which means mixture of tabs and spaces is doomed to fail :)
 [16:23:16] <tobioboye>  that makes sense as the only reason it can't find the string
 [16:23:42] <NelleV>  well, there is a syntax error
 [16:23:54] <NelleV>  I don't think the yml is parsed at all. It should fail on all the pages
 [16:24:15] <baadshah>  ohhhhhhh
 [16:24:20]  karenreid (~karenreid@bas1-toronto05-1088919753.dsl.bell.ca) joined #markus.
 [16:24:23] <NelleV>  baadshah: it works ?
 [16:24:24] <baadshah>  so should i just use spaces then?
 [16:24:34] <baadshah>  NelleV: let me try with just spaces instead of tabs
 [16:24:40] <NelleV>  baadshah: always, for all the programming languages
 [16:24:54] <NelleV>  unless it is said to only use tabs
 [16:25:48] <baadshah>  NelleV: oh wow that got rid of the syntax error
 [16:25:58] <baadshah>  so you were right about the spacing
 [16:26:00] <NelleV>  sweet :)
 [16:26:05] <tobioboye>  NelleV: I like it when programmers argue about tabs vs spaces :)
 [16:26:12] <baadshah>  lolll
 [16:26:31] <NelleV>  tobioboye: I don't argue. I use python :p
 [16:26:33] <baadshah>  NelleV: so for any language that is space/tab sensitive...i should always use space?
 [16:26:41] <tobioboye>  NelleV: :)
 [16:26:50] <baadshah>  for python..if i'm using gedit..i should use spacing??
 [16:26:57] <baadshah>  and not use tabs?
 [16:27:05] <tobioboye>  NelleV yeah I agree with spaces too anyway :)
 [16:27:05] <NelleV>  baadshah: for all progamming languages, you should use spaces, unless it is explicitely said to use tabs :p
 [16:27:24] <NelleV>  baadshah: basically, as you did on your computer, a tab can be displayed as a certain number of space
 [16:27:28] <NelleV>  baadshah: but it is a character
 [16:27:53] <NelleV>  baadshah: so let say you code with tabs, and I code with spaces. You set your tabs to be of 2 spaces, but I see them as 4 (that's my configuration)
 [16:28:04] <NelleV>  I press enter, and I have autoindentation. It will put 4 spaces
 [16:28:08] <baadshah>  ohh
 [16:28:18] <baadshah>  that makes sense
 [16:28:19] <NelleV>  and when you get the code again, the code isn't indented properly, because it is a mixture of tabs and spaces
 [16:29:03] <NelleV>  baadshah: with python, you have a very high probability that the code just won't run, because it is indetation-sensitive, ie it dies as soon as there are spaces and tabs in the same file
 [16:30:04] <baadshah>  NelleV: mm...that's good to knoww..i wasn't aware of this complication with space/tabs mixture
 [16:33:20] <baadshah>  tobioboye: NelleV: thanks a lot!! the test passes :)
 [16:34:11] <tobioboye>  hey baadshah do all the test cases in grouping_test.rb pass?
 [16:34:46] <tobioboye>  both on your issue branch and on master?
 [16:37:02] <baadshah>  i'm actually just writing an issue on that
 [16:37:09] <baadshah>  there's about 10 other tests that are failing
 [16:37:19] <baadshah>  but i want to finish work on my issue..so i'm writing up that issue
 [16:37:33] <baadshah>  tobioboye: but i need to see if that file is failing on my master as well
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 [16:52:46] <baadshah>  tobioboye: one more question tobi :)
 [17:02:51] <tobioboye>  yeah sure
 [17:02:54] <tobioboye>  sorry was afk
 [17:05:17] <baadshah>  tobioboye: oh np...i'm having another error..because i'm making a call to another function..and it says undefined local variable...and i'm not sure what the scope of the call is
 [17:05:30] <baadshah>  tobioboye: in particular....http://pastie.org/3422968
 [17:05:39] <baadshah>  i'm calling get_all_students_in_group
 [17:05:57] <baadshah>  and student_user_names which is in get_all_students_in_group is saying it's undefined
 [17:06:20] <tobioboye>  I guess the error is in the function group_name_with_student_user_names?
 [17:06:23] <baadshah>  i know i'm calling it wrong..any idea how to call that function properly?
 [17:06:28] <baadshah>  yess
 [17:06:39] <baadshah>  it's when i call get_all_students_in_group
 [17:06:54] <tobioboye>  when do you call group_name_with_student_user_names?
 [17:06:59] <baadshah>  says: "undefined local variable: student_user_names"
 [17:07:49] <baadshah>  tobioboye: it gets called in: app/views/notes/_grouping.html.erb
 [17:07:58] <baadshah>  this method was already existing...i just modified it
 [17:08:08] <baadshah>  to call get_all_students_in_group
 [17:08:23] <baadshah>  tobioboye: you can see originally how that method was..in your master clone
 [17:12:51] <baadshah>  tobioboye: btw..this is the test and after the line...it's the test result of that test
 [17:12:54] <baadshah>  tobioboye: http://pastie.org/3422988
 [17:14:16] <tobioboye>  hey baadshah student_user_names was a local variable that was defined in the function group_name_with_student_user_names
 [17:14:40] <tobioboye>  so now that you removed the line that instantiated it, it can't be found
 [17:14:47] <tobioboye>  baadshah: do you understand what I mean?
 [17:15:14] <baadshah>  tobioboye: but i'm calling get_all_students_in_group function right
 [17:15:28] <baadshah>  tobioboye: so shouldn't that make the call and return the usernames
 [17:15:36] <tobioboye>  no wait a sec
 [17:15:46] <tobioboye>  baadshah: take a look at line 9 of the diff
 [17:16:20] <tobioboye>  *line 9 of the function group_name_with_student_user_names within the code on pastie
 [17:16:50] <baadshah>  tobioboye: ohhhhh
 [17:16:53] <tobioboye>  you are having a boolean check "student_user_names.size == 0"
 [17:17:03] <baadshah>  tobioboye: wow!!! thanks a lot!! that was a stupid mistake
 [17:17:07] <baadshah>  tobioboye: lol thnks
 [17:17:07] <tobioboye>  no worries
 [17:17:12] <baadshah>  tobioboye: didn't see that
 [17:17:13] <baadshah>  lol
 [17:17:16] <tobioboye>  lol
 [17:17:19] <tobioboye>  it happens
 [17:17:24] <tobioboye>  :_
 [17:17:27] <tobioboye>  :)
 [17:17:36] <tobioboye>  do you still have any issues with the test thing?
 [17:19:14] <baadshah>  tobioboye: no that test is fine!! :) and one last thing..for today's meeting, i'm supposed to be doing the minutes..i'm not sure what i've to do for that
 [17:19:31] <baadshah>  i tried to look for a minutes blog..didn't find much though :\
 [17:22:21] <tobioboye>  yeah just take note of what everyone says
 [17:22:24] <tobioboye>  and summarize it
 [17:22:30] <tobioboye>  in a couple of line for each person
 [17:23:32] <tobioboye>  baadshah: take a look at http://blog.markusproject.org/?p=3379
 [17:27:42] <baadshah>  tobioboye: so basically we just summarize what everyone said in the meeting, right?
 [17:29:07] <tobioboye>  yep :)
 [17:30:38] <baadshah>  tobioboye: ok thanks a lot!! all right..i think i'm done 2 of the issues..i've posted it on RB..so let me know how it is when you get around to look at it on RB
 [17:30:44] <baadshah>  tobioboye: byee!! :) thanks again for the help
 [17:31:57] <tobioboye>  you're welcome
 [17:32:05] <tobioboye>  k sure
 [17:33:13] <baadshah>  tobioboye: all right..g2g byee!
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 [20:53:30] <baadshah>  hey everyone!! :)
 [20:53:36] <ChristineY>  hi~
 [20:53:38] <sky_>  hi
 [20:53:48] <tobioboye>  hello
 [20:53:50] <sean2>  hi everyone!
 [20:54:10] <baadshah>  rockin' markus!!??? :D
 [20:54:31] <hanson>  hello!