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 [08:55:47] <jerboaa>  karenreid, I don't know if you've heard but barns is giving MarkUs a try in za :)
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 [09:03:07] <barns>  its all installed and working nicely :)
 [09:03:44] <barns>  my todo list has "rewrite production install docs on it"
 [09:03:50] <karenreid>  hi barns
 [09:04:14] <barns>  hi karenreid
 [09:04:16] <karenreid>  barns: where are you using it?
 [09:05:03] <barns>  Stellenbosch
 [09:10:53] <karenreid>  That's great!
 [09:11:18] <barns>  its only my class thats using it
 [09:11:27] <barns>  but still, i like it
 [09:12:10] <karenreid>  Is it a programming course? What level are the students?
 [09:12:48] <karenreid>  Is it okay if we mention it on our blog? We are very happy to have new users!
 [09:13:02] <barns>  sure, go right ahead
 [09:13:12] <barns>  ts programming at 2nd year level
 [09:13:27] <barns>  and will be 3rd year level next semester
 [09:16:09] <karenreid>  barns: Nice. We'll be interested to hear feedback on how well it works for you.
 [09:16:37] <karenreid>  barns: could you also tell me your name? Is there a web site for you or your course that I could point to?
 [09:17:12] <karenreid>  jerboaa: I also heard from someone at Humber College who may be interested in using MarkUs. A U of T CS grad who is teaching there.
 [09:18:26] <jerboaa>  karenreid, very cool!
 [09:18:46] <karenreid>  jerboaa: he has 1000 students in a first year C course
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 [09:20:38] <jerboaa>  karenreid, ok. waterloo has about that as well, haven't they?
 [09:21:05] <karenreid>  Yes. It seems to be working okay there.
 [09:21:54] <barns>  our individual courses don't have (public facing) sites, only at a departmental level
 [09:22:02] <jerboaa>  It would be a good idea to encourage students to not submit all at once 5mins before the deadline
 [09:23:28] <barns>  I thankfully only have 120 students
 [09:23:34] <barns>  tho that is a fair number
 [09:23:44] <barns>  for all at once
 [09:24:21] <jerboaa>  barns, 120 shouldn't be a problem at all
 [09:25:03] <barns>  I suspect it wont work so well for our course with 2000 students, who only write tests ;)
 [09:27:59] <jerboaa>  barns, The only known bottle-neck is the submission process. It's pretty much a DDOS scenario when they choose to submit 5 mins prior the deadline all at once. I wrote about about it here if you are interested: http://blog.markusproject.org/?cat=168
 [09:27:59] <karenreid>  barns: we have seen some concurrency problems with students submitting things at the last minute when there are large numbers of students (>1000), and the UI would definitely be sluggish.
 [09:33:00] <barns>  mmm, I see
 [09:33:05] <barns>  I must run home now
 [09:33:10] <barns>  I think i'm the only one still at work
 [09:33:29] <barns>  but i'll be about
 [09:33:39] <karenreid>  barns: thanks for chatting with us (I was wondering what time it was there!)
 [09:33:55] <jerboaa>  barns, It was good talking :)
 [09:34:52] <barns>  soon to be 5pm
 [09:35:12] <barns>  but its the fair Cape so people try go home early ;)
 [09:35:22] <barns>  (exxcept me with a late afternoon class on Fridays...)
 [09:35:45] <karenreid>  I'm planning to be going home by 5pm in frosty Toronto! :-)
 [09:37:25] <barns>  its supposedly 30 outside here now
 [09:38:47] <karenreid>  barns: it's a balmy 0C here (We have had a warmer than usual winter) :-)
 [09:50:21] <barns>  hehe
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