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 [01:55:41] <hanson_>  xddadacha: tried the rails channel, not much luck...
 [01:55:53] <hanson_>  ill try to dig around a bit more maybe
 [01:56:50] <hanson_>  NelleV: maybe you might have an idea? I'm having trouble making one of the link_to_remote -> link_to conversions work...
 [01:56:51] <hanson_>  https://gist.github.com/1824219/b878b934a320c2f2a039d7324c9f9656c615c9e9
 [02:17:51] <NelleV>  hanson_: I'll have a look
 [02:17:54] <NelleV>  after coffee
 [02:23:54] <hanson_>  NelleV: thanks :)
 [02:25:46] <hanson_>  i get a 302 redirect that doesnt really do anything after i click ok in the popup. then i get force-signed out..
 [02:29:00] <NelleV>  hanson_: for which controller is that ?
 [02:29:19] <hanson_>  assignments
 [02:30:20] <NelleV>  can you try using the path helper instead of the "old-style" :action?
 [02:31:23] <hanson_>  NelleV: sorry, can you demonstrate :P
 [02:31:25] <NelleV>  hanson_: I need to test it. I'mm guessing it's getting pretty late for you
 [02:31:45] <NelleV>  and I'll soon have to go. The best is for me to have a look today, and tell you this tonight
 [02:32:00] <hanson_>  NelleV: alright. thank you!
 [02:32:38] <NelleV>  this way, I have time to wake up :p
 [02:39:14] <hanson_>  sounds good ;P
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 [16:43:26] <ddadacha>  baadshah: how'd that problem go yesterday?
 [16:43:31] <ddadacha>  did you and Tobi solve it?
 [16:49:40] <baadshah>  ddadacha: heyy...noo..actually tobi thinks that it's not even a problem
 [16:49:49] <baadshah>  it's just suppose to work like that :|
 [16:49:58] <ddadacha>  uhh what now?
 [16:50:13] <baadshah>  soo u know how if a grouping has a student..it wouldn't invalidate
 [16:50:13] <ddadacha>  it's supposed to not invalidate it when you click invalidate?
 [16:50:37] <baadshah>  tobi was saying it might be that...a grouping with students should be invalidates
 [16:50:48] <baadshah>  so i went to confirm with karen today after class..but didn't get to her
 [16:50:51] <baadshah>  she probable left
 [16:50:55] <baadshah>  so i'll confirm it with her on irc
 [16:51:23] <baadshah>  b/c he thinks severin pretty much fixed it..since severin said..just to fix the tests
 [16:51:24] <ddadacha>  a group with students should or should not?
 [16:51:37] <baadshah>  tobi said...a group with students shouldn't be invalidated
 [16:51:46] <baadshah>  or he thought that's how the functionality is
 [16:51:54] <baadshah>  so he thought it's finee...there's no problem apparantly :s
 [16:52:34] <baadshah>  which i'm doubtful about..b/c if u read the confirm message for invalidate..it says.."all students will not be able to submit" or somethingl ike that
 [16:52:44] <NelleV>  what is the problem ?
 [16:53:11] <ddadacha>  hmm I could have sworn demo was invalidating but it isn't now :/
 [16:53:29] <baadshah>  yeaa
 [16:53:44] <ddadacha>  NelleV: when you go to Assignments -> A.. -> Groups, we thought that you could invalidate groups which contained students
 [16:53:59] <baadshah>  yes
 [16:54:00] <ddadacha>  and when we couldn't we thought that was a bug
 [16:54:06] <NelleV>  I don't know of that functionnaly
 [16:54:09] <NelleV>  functionnality
 [16:54:12] <baadshah>  NelleV: it's issue 602
 [16:54:46] <ddadacha>  baadshah: what's weird is I've made a group of 10 students (i.e. more than max) and it still won't let me invalidate it...
 [16:54:49] <NelleV>  there is a validate, but there never was a invalidate :)
 [16:54:51] <ddadacha>  maybe that's intentional
 [16:55:00] <ddadacha>  NelleV: what do you mean?
 [16:55:21] <NelleV>  a group is invalid when it doesn't fit the criteria set by the admin
 [16:55:34] <NelleV>  we implemented a validate method in order to lift that limit in some cases
 [16:55:43] <NelleV>  but an admin never could invalidate a group that is valid
 [16:55:52]  #markus: mode change '-o NelleV' by NelleV!~Nelle@unaffiliated/nellev
 [16:55:54] <ddadacha>  then why are there invalidate buttons? :/
 [16:55:59] <NelleV>  o_O
 [16:56:25] <NelleV>  the only way I could see that working is cancel the validation previously applied
 [16:56:28] <NelleV>  can you test that ?
 [16:56:39] <NelleV>  create a group that isn't valid, validate it, and then try unvalidating it
 [16:56:52] <NelleV>  I didn't remember such a functionnality
 [16:56:55] <ddadacha>  ah yeah that works
 [16:56:59] <NelleV>  ah
 [16:57:00] <ddadacha>  or well an empty group
 [16:57:02] <ddadacha>  let me try with 1
 [16:57:22] <ddadacha>  oh yeah that works
 [16:57:37] <ddadacha>  baadshah: can you try a group of 1 student but the rules are groups of at least 2?
 [16:57:38] <NelleV>  :)
 [16:57:45] <baadshah>  yes
 [16:57:55] <ddadacha>  NelleV: so is a group with more than the max considered invalid?
 [16:57:55] <NelleV>  the term invalidate isnt very well chosen
 [16:57:55] <baadshah>  let me try that
 [16:58:06] <NelleV>  ddadacha: nope, but that should not happen unless the admin does it
 [16:58:28] <ddadacha>  NelleV: yeah that's what I'm doing, it defaults to valid and cannot be invalidated (this is on demo)
 [16:58:31] <NelleV>  or there is a serious bug in markus /o\
 [16:58:57] <ddadacha>  You have assigned more than the maximum number of students to group group_0220
 [16:59:04] <ddadacha>  Group is valid
 [16:59:10] <ddadacha>  :/
 [16:59:16] <baadshah>  ddadacha: okay so what did you want me to test?
 [16:59:17] <ddadacha>  it's just a warning too
 [16:59:29] <baadshah>  ddadacha: was just fixing some merge conflict i had
 [16:59:47] <ddadacha>  baadshah: Assignment rule says groups of at least 2, make a group (as admin) of 1 student. Check that it is invalid, then validate it, make sure it changes
 [16:59:48] <NelleV>  ddadacha: but that makes sens
 [16:59:49] <ddadacha>  then invalidate it
 [17:00:22] <ddadacha>  NelleV: why does it make sense that you cannot invalidate it then?
 [17:00:53] <ddadacha>  well I suppose if you're going by the idea that the admin knows what they're doing then yeah it does..
 [17:00:59] <NelleV>  ddadacha: because you would need to delete students from the group to make it valid
 [17:01:19] <NelleV>  ddadacha: instead of invalidating the group, the admin would just do that
 [17:02:56] <ddadacha>  I guess my understanding of the purpose of invalidate was wrong, I was thinking it was more for if an admin is doing scratch work and forcefully says this group is wrong (and then maybe stop with the course and come back to it later)
 [17:03:13] <ddadacha>  I suppose it makes sense that there is no purpose to invalidate then for the overly large group
 [17:03:36] <NelleV>  mmh, that was not the original goal of this functionnality
 [17:04:15] <NelleV>  but maybe some use it this way ?
 [17:04:23] <ddadacha>  what, how I am saying it?
 [17:06:08] <ddadacha>  I don't think anyone uses it the way I mentioned, I just meant that's how I understood it
 [17:06:47] <ddadacha>  maybe we should split this table up into 2 - Valid groups and Invalid groups that have been cleared by the admin?
 [17:07:31] <NelleV>  I think we should add something to the table to show that groups have been forced validated
 [17:07:41] <NelleV>  or should not be valid but are
 [17:07:42] <ddadacha>  or that :P
 [17:07:54] <NelleV>  but there is too much data right now on these tables
 [17:07:58] <NelleV>  we need to rethink the UI
 [17:08:40] <baadshah>  currently, it has the two other tabs
 [17:08:52] <baadshah>  the current valid groups and current invalid groups
 [17:08:58] <ddadacha>  we can maybe just add another icon at the end which indicates it's force validated
 [17:09:19] <ddadacha>  baadshah: the not valid tab doesn't include those that have been forced
 [17:09:38] <NelleV>  ddadacha: I'm serious when I'm saying the whole UI needs to be rethinked :p
 [17:09:44] <NelleV>  ddadacha: I thought about the icon too
 [17:10:01] <NelleV>  but we still need to sort things out, on what should be there, what shouldn't, and how to reorganise it
 [17:10:17]  *** ddadacha kinda likes the UI
 [17:10:32] <NelleV>  ddadacha: you haven't seen in long enough :p
 [17:10:33] <ddadacha>  but I don't use it enough to know how likable it is in a fully bloated systems
 [17:10:40] <ddadacha>  yeah hehe
 [17:11:30] <baadshah>  loll
 [17:11:46] <baadshah>  soo..should we discuss this with karen?
 [17:11:53] <baadshah>  i mean rethinking about the UI?
 [17:12:14] <NelleV>  baadshah: I don't think that is a priority right now
 [17:12:57] <baadshah>  okay..so should i leave the functionality as it is?
 [17:13:08] <NelleV>  ifit is working properly, yes
 [17:13:17] <baadshah>  and just fix up the routes issue that severin mentioned on the #602 issue page
 [17:14:56] <ddadacha>  baadshah: I thought the routes were fine?
 [17:16:30] <baadshah>  ddadacha: no..the branch that severin had some routes issue