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 [20:08:51] <ddadacha>  hanson: done
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 [20:15:09] <tobioboye>  hey hanson what is the name of the branch that has for form_remote_tag fixes?
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 [20:20:12] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  turns out the tutorial page I was using for git kept merging the changes with upstream/master when it should've been markus-upstream/master =)
 [20:21:40] <hanson>  tobioboye: 404_remote_tags
 [20:21:48] <tobioboye>  k cool
 [20:35:23] <hanson>  ddadacha: changes done and new diff (look at 3, ignore 2 i forgot to pick up changes from upstream)
 [20:35:56] <ddadacha>  Erop: hehe to answer your question of why we are so picky about whitespaces, each char takes up memory and is useless, why not get rid of them ;)
 [20:36:13] <ddadacha>  they also look sloppy IMO, especially if you have an editor that picks up on them
 [20:37:19] <ddadacha>  hanson: I think you may have messed up something with that 3rd one too
 [20:37:22] <Erop>  ya.....i had to turn on the "show whitespace characters" option in eclipse
 [20:37:44]  *** Erop is on the lookout for those whitespaces
 [20:38:05] <hanson>  ddadacha: what is wrong with the 3rd one? :(
 [20:38:39] <ddadacha>  hanson: are those additional (136-143) meant to be there? :/
 [20:39:16] <hanson>  ddadacha: those were always there (since rev1), yes
 [20:39:19] <ddadacha>  oh they were there before too haha
 [20:39:23] <hanson>  ddadacha: yes sir :)
 [20:39:24] <ddadacha>  wow I completely missed them
 [20:39:29]  *** ddadacha fails
 [20:41:37]  *** hanson turns on whitespace option in aptana
 [20:43:27]  *** ddadacha just uses $ git diff | grep ' $'
 [20:43:43] <ddadacha>  err grep -C 2 ' $'
 [20:43:48] <ddadacha>  can usually tell with that context
 [20:45:15]  *** hanson will try that
 [20:51:17] <ddadacha>  hanson: I'll be back on later, will review it then
 [20:51:23]  ddadacha (~ddadacha@173-230-167-62.cable.teksavvy.com) left irc: Quit: be back later
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 [21:32:47] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/76MuuA
 [21:32:47] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Closes #627 - Egor Philippov
 [21:32:47] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #653 from hoboman313/627 - Severin Gehwolf
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 [21:55:02]  ddadacha (~ddadacha@173-230-167-62.cable.teksavvy.com) joined #markus.
 [21:56:01] <ddadacha>  hanson: so want to explain to me what those bits of javascript do?
 [21:56:18]  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP (~Ayaya-Aar@S010600059a3c7a00.vf.shawcable.net) left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
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 [21:57:21] <hanson>  ddadacha: they replace the loading and complete tags originally
 [21:59:12] <hanson>  ddadacha: i followed the pattern in index.html.erb in the groups folder
 [22:01:41] <hanson>  ddadacha: they show the icon spinner when the request is being made and hides it after the request is complete
 [22:02:11] <ddadacha>  hanson: yeah I realized that, just wondering where you got it from
 [22:02:30] <ddadacha>  (I know about 0 javascript :/ )
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 [22:31:00] <ddadacha>  hanson: k maybe I'm missing something but this is the little spinner icon in the grader manager page right?
 [22:47:19] <hanson>  ddadacha: yes
 [22:48:09] <hanson>  ddadacha: i got it from the groups page, there is the exact same js snippet there too
 [22:53:36] <ddadacha>  hanson: oh haha I just realized yoru bug is a duplicate of mine
 [22:53:46]  *** ddadacha just hadn't gotten to the form_remote_tag yet
 [22:54:01] <hanson>  ddadacha: i see :) !
 [22:54:07] <ddadacha>  hanson: have you done any of the link_to_remote code?
 [22:54:31] <hanson>  ddadacha: i am working on a couple, but nothing for link_to_remote is on RB yet
 [22:54:38] <hanson>  ddadacha: there are about 30 of them
 [22:54:42] <ddadacha>  yeah but in general
 [22:55:16] <ddadacha>  hanson: https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/issues/475 would be the general one
 [22:55:44] <ddadacha>  I was wondering why everything was working fine, then I remembered the dummy helper class :/
 [22:56:38] <hanson>  ah
 [22:57:20] <ddadacha>  hanson: I only counted 23 link_to_remote's
 [22:57:31] <ddadacha>  which files have you tackled yet? Want to split this up?
 [22:58:29] <hanson>  ddadacha: I started the ones under assignments (there are 2)
 [23:00:16] <hanson>  ddadacha: I can take assignments, graders, groups, results?
 [23:00:32] <ddadacha>  1 sec, my git diff is being weird
 [23:00:40] <hanson>  ddadacha: ok
 [23:00:40] <ddadacha>  I think I started on groups or graders
 [23:00:41] <ddadacha>  1 sec
 [23:00:46] <hanson>  np
 [23:02:32] <ddadacha>  ah yeah I've hit up groups already
 [23:02:41] <ddadacha>  so that would explain why you counted 30 hehe
 [23:03:17] <ddadacha>  want to minus results and take rubrics instead?
 [23:03:34] <ddadacha>  seems about the same in number
 [23:03:34] <ddadacha>  err
 [23:03:36] <hanson>  do you mean minus groups and take rubrics?
 [23:03:39] <ddadacha>  sorry minus gruops and take rubrics
 [23:03:39] <ddadacha>  yeah
 [23:03:43] <hanson>  sure, lets do that
 [23:03:48] <ddadacha>  alright cool =)
 [23:03:54] <hanson>  ill make a note in my issue so I don't forget
 [23:03:54] <hanson>  :D
 [23:04:08] <ddadacha>  let's keep all the comments on my issue since it's more general
 [23:04:16] <hanson>  ok
 [23:04:38] <ddadacha>  I suspect we will be closing 404
 [23:05:17] <hanson>  alrighty
 [23:05:28] <ddadacha>  oh and about to shipit your review
 [23:05:50] <hanson>  thanks!
 [23:06:07] <ddadacha>  np =)
 [23:16:21]  hanson (6031eecc@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
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 [23:46:58] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/MayaFw
 [23:46:58] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #654 from hansonwu/404_remote_tags - Severin Gehwolf
 [23:46:58]  MarkUsGithubCIA (~MarkUsGit@sh1-ext.rs.github.com) left #markus.
 [23:55:51] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  Quick question, when we are trying to "create a new student"& is assigning the student a section a requirement or option?
 [23:56:51] <ddadacha>  option
 [23:56:52] <ddadacha>  err
 [23:57:06] <ddadacha>  actually it really depends on the class..
 [23:57:43] <ddadacha>  from a practical point of view, if there already exist some sections then does the student have to belong to one?
 [23:58:19] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  in the current version, even if there are existing sections, you may create a student without assigning him/her a section
 [23:58:41] <ddadacha>  right but I'm thinking more along the lines of an actual course
 [23:58:53] <ddadacha>  I would think that if there were sections, the student has to be part of one..
 [23:59:17] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  true
 [23:59:33] <ddadacha>  but what I'm getting at is that some uni might not consider this a requirement
 [23:59:36] <ddadacha>  for whatever reason :/