[06:03:26] <barns>  I'm having a problem installing markus
 [06:03:46] <barns>  when I get to setting up the db, I get the following:
 [06:03:48] <barns>  $ bundle exec rake db:create
 [06:03:51] <barns>  (in /data/markus)
 [06:03:53] <barns>  rake aborted!
 [06:03:55] <barns>  undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
 [06:03:57] <barns>  (See full trace by running task with --trace)
 [06:04:25] <barns>  running it with a trace, suggests the problem is here:
 [06:04:27] <barns>  /var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/rails-2.3.10/lib/tasks/databases.rake:55:in `create_database'
 [06:04:36] <barns>  any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?
 [06:36:02] <NelleV>  barns: mmh
 [06:36:30] <NelleV>  barns: maybe the configuration of the database ? Which database are you using ?
 [06:36:45]  #markus: mode change '-o NelleV' by NelleV!~Nelle@unaffiliated/nellev
 [06:37:54] <barns>  I figured it out
 [06:38:00] <barns>  about 10s ago
 [06:38:14] <barns>  I wan't telling rake that I wanted production mode
 [06:38:19] <barns>  *wasn't
 [06:38:19] <NelleV>  ah !
 [06:38:25] <barns>  thanks NelleV
 [06:38:30] <NelleV>  I've never deployed markus in production
 [06:38:47] <NelleV>  barns: you're welcome !
 [06:38:55] <barns>  I was following the wiki page as a guide
 [06:38:59] <NelleV>  mmh
 [06:39:07] <NelleV>  I think we have another one for deployment
 [06:39:07] <barns>  so it should possibly be update to point that step out
 [06:39:26] <NelleV>  barns: definitely. I'll have a look right now. Which page is it ?
 [06:39:28] <barns>  now I just need to write something to authenticate users against ldap
 [06:39:36] <barns>  https://github.com/MarkUsProject/Markus/wiki/InstallProdStable
 [06:40:07] <barns>  the whole page could use with a bit of reworking, it repeats itself in a few places
 [06:40:26] <NelleV>  thanks
 [06:40:34] <barns>  but I now have it setup in production, so have a fair idea of how to install it
 [06:40:57] <NelleV>  I'm working on the documentation in general right now. There's a lot to do
 [06:41:17] <NelleV>  barns: out of curiosity, are you testing/deploying markus for a university ?
 [06:42:00] <barns>  NelleV: yes, I am
 [06:42:15] <NelleV>  barns: which one ?
 [06:42:18]  *** NelleV is curious
 [06:42:31] <barns>  Stellenbosch University (www.sun.ac.za)
 [06:42:43] <NelleV>  oh
 [06:42:47] <barns>  but it will probably just be me using it
 [06:43:16] <NelleV>  nice !
 [06:43:54] <barns>  I'm happy to writeup a guide of how I would install it for you to use as a basis
 [06:44:10] <NelleV>  barns: that would be awesome !
 [06:44:42] <barns>  will do
 [06:45:17] <NelleV>  I know someone who works at Stellenbosch
 [06:46:39] <barns>  eek, small world
 [06:47:51] <NelleV>  yep, pretty small :)
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 [09:06:10] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/FgyvCw
 [09:06:10] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Closses #630 - Egor Philippov
 [09:06:10] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #646 from hoboman313/630 - Severin Gehwolf
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 [19:09:39]  ssbr_ (~ssbr@python/site-packages/ssbr) joined #markus.
 [19:10:05] <ssbr_>  I've created a group and submitted a file. What happens if my partner accepts the group invitation after the submission deadline?
 [19:11:32]  Nick change: ddadacha -> xddadacha
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 [20:11:47] <ddadacha>  ssbr_: how late are we talking?
 [20:12:06] <ddadacha>  ssbr_: after the TA's collected the assignment?
 [20:13:15]  aimenk (~aimenk@CPE00226b45e6b2-CM001ac318b812.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #markus.
 [20:14:04] <ddadacha>  ssbr_: I just tried before TA's have collected, it'll be fine
 [20:14:15] <ddadacha>  let me check about after they've collected
 [20:14:40] <ddadacha>  ssbr_: FWIW you can try all this yourself at demo.markusproject.org if you really wanted to/it was urgent enough =)
 [20:15:50] <ssbr_>  ddadacha: not too urgent. I can probably email the prof if it becomes an issue.
 [20:15:58] <ssbr_>  It's my own partner's fault if he doesn't add himself before the deadline
 [20:15:59] <ddadacha>  let me just double check
 [20:16:12] <ddadacha>  oh I thought you meant from a TA's perspective
 [20:17:22] <ssbr_>  Nah, the course I'm TAing doesn't use markus
 [20:17:53] <ssbr_>  I mean, what the TA sees is important. I'd want him to mark down the grade for my partner as well as myself
 [20:19:28] <ddadacha>  hmm found a bug
 [20:19:58] <ssbr_>  woot. Sup?
 [20:21:50] <ddadacha>  ah unrelated, if you create an assignment, it automatically assumes sections and then you can't uncheck it
 [20:21:54] <ddadacha>  tobioboye: is that a known bug --^
 [20:22:13] <ddadacha>  tobioboye_: -^
 [20:23:24] <ddadacha>  pro tip, if you have 2 sessions of yourself in the channel, make sure your current one's the shortest :P
 [20:23:26] <ddadacha>  or highlight
 [20:24:15] <tobioboye_>  yeah it was a mistake that I left the other logged in at work
 [20:24:40] <tobioboye_>  I don't like having multiple instances anyway
 [20:24:59]  Nick change: tobioboye_ -> tobio
 [20:25:22] <ddadacha>  ;)
 [20:25:38] <ddadacha>  ssbr_: just tested, you should be fine as long as the person accepts the invite
 [20:25:46] <ddadacha>  *before marks are released
 [20:26:19] <ddadacha>  I collected an assignment with just the 1 member once the due date had passed, then accepted the invite as student, everything was intact
 [20:26:22] <ssbr_>  Ah, neat.
 [20:26:37] <ssbr_>  Thanks for your hard work. You should've just told me to try it myself on the demopage :<
 [20:26:43] <ssbr_>  It's reassuring
 [20:26:54]  *** ddadacha was curious
 [20:27:02] <ddadacha>  I think this was brought up recently too
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 [22:08:53] <aimenk>  hey tobio u there?
 [22:09:17] <aimenk>  hey tobioboye u there??
 [22:09:45] <tobio>  yeah aimenk
 [22:09:55] <aimenk>  i was wondering if i could get ur self on something
 [22:09:55] <tobio>  sup? :)
 [22:10:00] <aimenk>  how r u?
 [22:10:09] <aimenk>  help* not self
 [22:11:20] <tobio>  yeah sure
 [22:11:38] <aimenk>  so i m working on issue 327
 [22:12:03] <aimenk>  basically adding columns first name and last name to Submission under Assignments
 [22:12:07] <aimenk>  i was able to do everything
 [22:12:10] <aimenk>  but sort
 [22:12:19] <aimenk>  so i am looking at submissions controller
 [22:12:28] <aimenk>  line 63
 [22:12:41] <aimenk>  and just trying to figure out how i can set up Sorting
 [22:15:20] <tobio>  ok
 [22:15:28]  *** tobio is taking a look at the bug description
 [22:17:45] <aimenk>  ok :)
 [22:17:47]  karenreid (~karenreid@bas1-toronto05-1177663643.dsl.bell.ca) joined #markus.
 [22:20:00] <aimenk>  tobio: i tried doing this " 'first_name' => lambda { |a,b| a.student.first_name.downcase <=> b.student.first_name.downcase},"
 [22:20:05] <tobio>  what file are you looking at?
 [22:20:05] <aimenk>  but i dont think that works
 [22:20:18] <aimenk>  submissions_controller
 [22:20:35] <tobio>  k
 [22:20:43] <aimenk>  under line 63
 [22:23:51] <tobio>  hey aimenk I'm actually not sure how tables work
 [22:23:56] <tobio>  i'm taking a look to figure out
 [22:24:03] <aimenk>  oh kk
 [22:24:05] <tobio>  so when you try what you have about what do you get?
 [22:24:13] <aimenk>  like an error
 [22:24:29] <aimenk>  undefined method `student' for #<Grouping:0x10cfdd380>
 [22:27:45]  karenreid (~karenreid@bas1-toronto05-1177663643.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
 [22:27:56]  karenreid (~karenreid@vpn-shaper02.cs.toronto.edu) joined #markus.
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 [22:32:06] <tobio>  ok
 [22:32:30] <tobio>  do you know what "a" is?
 [22:32:39] <tobio>  can you place a break point and find out what the value of a is
 [22:32:44] <tobio>  i suspect it is a string
 [22:39:01] <aimenk>  hmm
 [22:39:35] <aimenk>  i m not sure what "a" is
 [22:39:42] <aimenk>  yea i can take a look at that
 [22:42:30] <tobio>  ok. I am also debugging right now
 [22:42:52] <tobio>  trying to find out what the code should be doing
 [22:43:52] <aimenk>  kk thankss
 [22:48:38] <aimenk>  tobio: i think a and b params are used for dorting
 [22:48:42] <aimenk>  sorting*
 [22:49:04] <aimenk>  like if a is bigger than b replace a with b in the table
 [22:49:32] <aimenk>  but for some reason i m not able to get the first_name value
 [22:51:44] <tobio>  yep that's right
 [22:53:06] <aimenk>  yea so i cant seem to get the value for first_name.
 [22:53:07]  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP (~Ayaya-Aar@host149-243.wifi.ubc.ca) left irc: Quit: Ayaya-Aaron-MBP
 [22:53:12] <aimenk>  any ideas how?
 [22:54:33] <tobio>  yeah so I am currently looking at the handle_paginate _event code
 [22:54:44] <aimenk>  o okk
 [22:55:10] <tobio>  I am trying to figure out why we can't access the students
 [22:56:26] <aimenk>  yea
 [22:57:02] <aimenk>  cos i used student.first_name, when i placed it for groups and that seemed to work
 [22:57:10] <aimenk>  but there sorting was different than submissions
 [22:59:01]  MarkUsGithubCIA (~MarkUsGit@sh1-ext.rs.github.com) joined #markus.
 [22:59:01] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/G6k62Q
 [22:59:01] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Closes #586 - Egor Philippov
 [22:59:01] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #647 from hoboman313/586 - Severin Gehwolf
 [22:59:01]  MarkUsGithubCIA (~MarkUsGit@sh1-ext.rs.github.com) left #markus.
 [22:59:57] <tobio>  sorry what do you mean by their sorting was different than submissions?
 [23:02:09] <tobio>  I'll take a look at this tonight and I will get back to you tomorrow. Sorry I am not too familiar with sorting and pagination
 [23:03:57] <aimenk>  oh thats okk
 [23:04:00] <aimenk>  suree thats fine
 [23:04:54] <aimenk>  but for the "Graders" view when i added the sorting it was under apps/view/graders/_boots.js.erb
 [23:04:59] <aimenk>  and i just added this line
 [23:05:12] <aimenk>  full_name: {display: "<%= I18n.t('user.full_name') %>", sortable: true},
 [23:05:17] <aimenk>  it had to do with filter tables
 [23:05:26] <aimenk>  but we can do this tomorrow. thanks for ur help :)
 [23:05:57] <tobio>  k sorry my brains a little dead from programming all day :P
 [23:06:05] <aimenk>  tobio: haha thats ok!!
 [23:06:08] <tobio>  I was staring at the code for the longest time
 [23:06:21] <aimenk>  lol no worries. i know the feeling
 [23:06:23] <tobio>  k we can do this early tomorrow (7pm) :)
 [23:06:51] <aimenk>  i might have to stay late at work tomorrow :( if not tomorrow, maybe we can do this on saturday
 [23:07:24] <aimenk>  tobio: k i m off for tonight. will talk to u soon :) have a good night.
 [23:07:50] <tobio>  good night
 [23:07:56]  aimenk (~aimenk@CPE00226b45e6b2-CM001ac318b812.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #markus.
 [23:08:05]  Nick change: tobio -> tobioboye_afk