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 [00:18:54] <baadshah>  hey does anyone know what :id does Grouping have?
 [00:19:13] <baadshah>  so to find a specific grouping...it's...Grouping.find(params[:id])
 [00:19:58] <baadshah>  but it's returning nil. it says it doesn't exist
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 [14:45:15] <barns>  i've not installed markus yet, but is there a way to make it do ldap auth?
 [14:45:39] <NelleV>  barns: yes
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 [14:46:25] <NelleV>  barns: I think all the universities that use markus do the authentification with ldap
 [14:46:32] <barns>  fantastic, I've been hunting for a similar solution for ages
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 [17:35:14] <Erop>  hey NelleV ddadacha how do you guys prefer to write your tests? Which tool?
 [17:35:27] <Erop>  i see that most tests use shoula....am I expected to use it too?
 [17:36:00] <ddadacha>  the few tests I had to write were based off of another file
 [17:36:07] <ddadacha>  so I just mimiced it - those used shoulda
 [17:36:21] <ddadacha>  I believe either of the 2 can be used though
 [17:36:26] <ddadacha>  but I'm not 100% sure tbh
 [17:36:30] <Erop>  i see nothing on the markus wiki regarding testing so i am confused
 [17:36:41] <NelleV>  Erop: yes, it should be based on shoulda
 [17:36:44] <Erop>  there's some pages for cucumber and some other thing
 [17:36:51] <Erop>  but cucumber is not even in the gemfile
 [17:36:58] <Erop>  ok Nellev
 [17:37:17] <NelleV>  Erop: shoulda and machinist
 [17:37:51] <NelleV>  nothing was seriously developped with cucumber
 [17:38:03] <NelleV>  it was more a burden than anything else, and not maintained
 [17:38:10] <ddadacha>  (ah sorry I meant either of the 2 between machinist and shoulda)
 [17:41:06] <NelleV>  time for me to go! see ya
 [17:42:11] <Erop>  cya
 [17:45:41] <Erop>  ddadacha do you know if there's a tool to allow us to auto generate at least a portion of the test or does it all have to be written by hand?
 [17:45:59]  *** ddadacha always wrote it by hand
 [17:46:01] <Erop>  <--- totally new to testing
 [17:46:05] <Erop>  ah ok
 [17:46:06] <ddadacha>  and by always I mean the 1 test :P
 [17:46:09] <ddadacha>  so
 [17:46:13] <Erop>  man you're lucky
 [17:46:15] <ddadacha>  <--- only done 1 test
 [17:46:16] <ddadacha>  :P
 [17:46:23] <ddadacha>  by 1 I mean 1 bug to write tests for
 [17:46:33] <Erop>  severin's getting me to write 2 now
 [17:46:42] <ddadacha>  yeah I have one as well on the burner
 [17:46:50] <ddadacha>  and I'm sure my next bug will need LOADS
 [17:46:52] <Erop>  and not letting me take more bugs until i finish those it seems :(
 [17:47:08] <ddadacha>  better to write the tests and finish off the bugs than pile yourself on with new ones
 [17:47:14] <ddadacha>  better for markus anyway ;)
 [17:47:19] <Erop>  just curious, what bug is that
 [17:47:24] <ddadacha>  which?
 [17:47:34] <Erop>  that youre working on, that needs loads of tests
 [17:47:42] <ddadacha>  #475 _will_ need loads
 [17:47:45] <ddadacha>  I have yet to fix the bug :P
 [17:47:57] <ddadacha>  it's removing all the legacy code we're using
 [17:48:05] <ddadacha>  err all the legacy code from one lib IIRC
 [17:48:15] <Erop>  i see
 [17:48:40] <Erop>  i feel like we're running out of bugs to do...most are taken and being worked on
 [17:49:03] <Erop>  i see that some ppl are taking bugs that aren't even in the milestone now
 [17:49:15] <Erop>  will probably bring that up tonight
 [17:51:32] <ddadacha>  well there're always features that Karen has in mind
 [17:51:41] <ddadacha>  the short term goal was to get rid of the rails 3 stuff
 [17:51:50] <Erop>  ooooh features
 [17:52:03] <ddadacha>  she usually has a list of stuff she wants newly implemented and I'm sure we can come up with something ;)
 [17:52:05] <Erop>  are they for milestone 1.0?
 [17:52:10]  *** ddadacha has no clue :P
 [17:52:22] <ddadacha>  just talking from what we did the first time I worked on markus
 [17:52:44] <ddadacha>  I would assume they're for the next release though
 [17:53:01] <ddadacha>  which probably is 0.12 not 1.
 [17:53:01] <ddadacha>  0
 [17:54:28] <ddadacha>  anyway, I have to leave work now
 [17:54:31] <ddadacha>  see you in 3 hours!
 [17:54:36]  Nick change: ddadacha -> xddadacha
 [17:54:55] <Erop>  bi
 [18:07:40]  aimenk (~aimenk@v248-130-63-251-36.airyork.yorku.ca) joined #markus.
 [18:41:18] <aimenk>  xddadacha: heyy danesh u therE?
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 [19:40:23] <baadshah>  tobioboye: hey tobi..sorry for the late email. I just sent u the punchlines. can you put it up on the blog? thanks.
 [19:44:43] <tobioboye>  baadshah: no worries I am putting the post together now
 [19:45:09] <baadshah>  ok awesome. thank u :)
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 [20:35:54] <dadacha_>  hey all
 [20:37:23]  jerboaa (~jerboaa@CPE0013f7f849da-CM0013f7f849d6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #markus.
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 [20:44:38] <aimenk>  hii
 [20:44:47] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hello
 [20:44:52] <sky__>  u r early aimenk :)
 [20:45:04] <aimenk>  i know
 [20:45:14] <aimenk>  lol
 [20:45:22] <sky__>  not on way home again ha Ayaya-Aaron-MBP ? :P
 [20:45:38] <aimenk>  how is everyone?
 [20:45:48] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  at home =)
 [20:46:14] <sky__>  Sky is not bad, but need more time to work
 [20:46:20] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  aimenk: I ran into a crazy error last week where rails kept saying mysql gem wasn't installed
 [20:46:38] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  aimenk: have you ran into a similar issue?
 [20:46:38] <aimenk>  noo wayy
 [20:46:53] <aimenk>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: i have had a lot of problems with mysql
 [20:47:09] <aimenk>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: do u have a macbook?
 [20:47:19] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  aimenk: yup, osx lion
 [20:47:31] <aimenk>  how did u install ur mysql?
 [20:47:34] <aimenk>  through macports?
 [20:47:47] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  aimenk: no, the mysql install
 [20:47:56] <aimenk>  yea i have the same
 [20:48:01] <aimenk>  its working fine for me thu
 [20:48:11] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I had it working until saturday
 [20:48:22] <aimenk>  is ur gem pointing at the right version
 [20:48:22] <sky__>  i know Ayaya-Aaron-MBP, so frustrating to always deal with irrelevant those issue when code
 [20:48:26] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I did a fetch from the upstream, and it went downhill from there
 [20:48:32] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I believe it is
 [20:48:40] <aimenk>  sometimes it doesnt point at the right version. remember tobioboye we had the same problem
 [20:48:58] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  yeah toni was debugging it with me a couple days ago
 [20:49:12] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  I ended up just switching up the adapters and using sqlite3 right now
 [20:49:13] <aimenk>  which version is it pointing at
 [20:49:15] <tobioboye>  hey Ayaya-Aaron-MBP do you still have any problem?
 [20:49:25] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  not since I switched over to sqlite
 [20:49:33] <aimenk>  sqlite3 is good too
 [20:49:34] <tobioboye>  aimenk: I don't think Ayaya-Aaron-MBP is using rvm
 [20:49:40] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  not using it
 [20:49:44] <aimenk>  ohh tobioboye
 [20:49:45] <tobioboye>  the problem you had aimenk was with rvm
 [20:49:48] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  i have 2.8.1 installed, but it doesn't recognize it
 [20:49:51] <aimenk>  yea i had the rvm issue
 [20:50:19] <aimenk>  Ayaya-Aaron-MBP: did u try postgresql?
 [20:50:47] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  aimenk: new, the installation seemed to take too long
 [20:51:09] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  tobi said sqlite would be fine in non-production, so I'll just run with that for a bit
 [20:51:17] <aimenk>  yeaa sqlite is good
 [20:51:29] <aimenk>  maybe later on if u get time
 [20:51:35] <aimenk>  try uninstalling and reinstalling it again
 [20:51:36] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  yeah
 [20:51:41] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  =(
 [20:51:44] <aimenk>  that always seems to work for me
 [20:51:52] <aimenk>  yeaaa it sucks.. wastes a lot of time
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 [20:52:47] <baadshah>  hey guys
 [20:52:50] <baadshah>  how is everyone doing?
 [20:52:57] <sky__>  hey baadshah
 [20:53:15] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hi
 [20:53:34] <baadshah>  how's markus treating u guys? :p
 [20:53:57]  karenreid (~karenreid@bas1-toronto05-1177663643.dsl.bell.ca) joined #markus.
 [20:54:37] <hanson>  baadshah: good good, learning more
 [20:54:58] <karenreid>  Hi Everyone!
 [20:55:10] <tobioboye>  hello
 [20:55:10] <sky__>  hi karenreid , r u well now
 [20:55:21] <dadacha_>  hi!
 [20:55:24] <Ayaya-Aaron-MBP>  hi karen
 [20:55:39] <karenreid>  Thanks, I'm back in good health. I hope everyone else is too.
 [20:55:45] <aimenk>  hii
 [20:56:09] <baadshah>  hello!
 [20:56:36] <karenreid>  Do we have everyone?