[00:10:10] <hanson>  xddadacha: submitted my punchline to you just now
 [00:12:03] <hanson>  git question for anyone ... how do I keep my feature branches on my github fork up to date? I sychronized all the master branches (origin, local, upstream), but my feature branches on my fork are still behind ...
 [00:12:23] <hanson>  do I rebase them somehow, similar to what I do with my local feature branches?
 [00:22:45] <Egop>  @hanson that is exactly wut i've been doing....otherwise the .diff file will be all weird for the review board
 [00:23:25] <Egop>  haven't had a problem with it yet... although i can't give u the git command to do it if that's wut you're looking for
 [00:25:11] <hanson>  Egop: hello, thanks for the reply
 [00:26:31] <hanson>  my feature branches on my github fork seem to be behind the master branch on the fork
 [00:26:43] <hanson>  wondering how to fix that :S
 [00:40:53] <ChristineY>  hi everyone, just pulled from markus-upstream and I'm getting "NameError in Main#index undefined local variable or method `invalid_override' for #<Assignment:0xb441d188>"
 [00:51:00] <Egop>  it says in irc ( right after u entered room ) that severin was pushing some things into Markus/master
 [00:51:26] <Egop>  maybe he broke something o_O
 [00:51:36] <Egop>  is it at all possible to reach him on irc?
 [00:56:06] <ChristineY>  he's not online right now, guess I'll go back a few commits
 [00:57:03] <ChristineY>  git checkout 695464ff -> error doesn't occur here
 [01:00:17] <hanson>  695464ff is a while ago isn't it?
 [01:00:23] <hanson>  there are 5 or so commits since then
 [01:05:53] <hanson>  ChristineY: where does that error occur?
 [01:10:55] <ChristineY>  @hanson after login,
 [01:11:09] <ChristineY>  on /app/views/main/_grade_distribution_graph.html.erb
 [01:11:51] <ChristineY>  where line #20 raised:
 [01:12:01] <ChristineY>  undefined local variable or method `invalid_override' for #<Assignment:0xb4110f80>
 [01:13:51] <hanson>  hmm..
 [01:13:56] <hanson>  I don't see that error
 [01:20:51] <ChristineY>  :( hope it's ok that I keep working on my feature branch...I'll ask at the meeting tomorrow.
 [01:24:13] <Egop>  @ChristeneY I think this is an error specific to your environment....if the Markus/master was broken then the error would show up on sandbox.markusproject.org
 [01:24:26] <Egop>  but i don't see any errors after login
 [01:24:40]  Nick change: Egop -> Erop
 [01:29:30] <hanson>  ChristineY: yea I made sure my master branch on my local was the same as the one on upstream master, and I don't see it
 [01:40:42] <hanson>  NelleV: nelle, how do I sync my feature branches on my GitHub fork?
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 [02:04:47] <Erop>  oh no...i am getting the same error that christine talked about now :o
 [02:08:27] <hanson>  hmm ...
 [02:08:42] <hanson>  The graphs are broken for me now too
 [02:08:59] <hanson>  does your page just die? Mine still loads but it just doesnt show the graphs
 [02:09:16] <Erop>  mine dies...exact same thing as what christine described
 [02:11:17] <ChristineY>  D:
 [02:13:04] <hanson>  :S
 [02:15:02] <Erop>  it looks like it was broken by Aaron Lee in submit id: e782e2cfd8f4f14a6135dd3b551cc51e967f309e
 [02:15:47] <Erop>  problem starts in models/assignment.rb on line 209
 [02:19:18] <Erop>  aaaaaaaaah n/m
 [02:19:20] <Erop>  it's our fault
 [02:19:31] <Erop>  @ChristineY you gotta reload your db schema
 [02:19:36] <Erop>  to fix this error
 [02:19:56] <hanson>  db:migrate i think?
 [02:20:14] <hanson>  either way, yea I think I updated mine and thats why mine is ok
 [02:20:28] <Erop>  bundle exec rake db:schema:load i think
 [02:20:51] <Erop>  just re-entered all of those bundle exec rake db:* ones just in case
 [02:20:55] <Erop>  and now all is good :D
 [02:23:45] <NelleV>  hi
 [02:24:32] <NelleV>  hanson: you need to fetch data for the markus repositor. If you added a remote for it (named markus for example) you do 'git fetch markus'
 [02:25:12] <NelleV>  hanson: if it is in a feature branch (so a branch in which you've comitted) you can leave it as it is: we'll take care of it
 [02:25:29] <NelleV>  hanson: or you can merge or rebase (merge is easier) by doing git merge markus/master
 [02:26:24] <NelleV>  Erop: that won't work. You need to migrate
 [02:26:59] <NelleV>  so bundle exec rake db:migrate
 [02:27:23] <NelleV>  schema:load is for when you recreate the db from scratch, *and* when the schema.rb has been build properly
 [02:28:02] <NelleV>  usually, if is a new migration that is causing this (ie, you update your code and you have a problem during development) rb:migrate is the command to run
 [02:28:59] <Erop>  yeah, I guess that's why db:load worked for me....aaron lee commited an updated schema.rb file in one of his commits
 [02:29:34] <Erop>  but ya thx...useful command to remember
 [02:29:44] <ChristineY>  oh! thanks guys.
 [02:30:03] <NelleV>  ah ok
 [02:30:10] <ChristineY>  now I get
 [02:30:12] <ChristineY>  DEPRECATION WARNING: You have Rails 2.3-style plugins in vendor/plugins! Support for these plugins will be removed in Rails 4.0. Move them out and bundle them in your Gemfile, or fold t
 [02:30:13] <ChristineY>  hem in to your app as lib/myplugin/* and config/initializers/myplugin.rb. See the release notes for more on this: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2012/01/04/rails-3-2-0-rc2-has-been-relea
 [02:30:15] <ChristineY>  sed. (called from /home/cyu/workspace/Markus/Rakefile:21)
 [02:30:16] <ChristineY>  rake aborted!
 [02:30:41] <NelleV>  that's not the problem, as it is a deprecation warning
 [02:30:47] <NelleV>  you must have another message
 [02:31:48] <ChristineY>  I see it now
 [02:31:51] <ChristineY>  undefined method `debug_rjs=' for ActionView::Base:Class
 [02:35:48] <NelleV>  mmh, let me update my code to see what is going on
 [02:39:52] <NelleV>  ChristineY: I don't have any problems. Is it possible that this caused my some changes you've made in the code base ?
 [02:41:41] <hanson>  NelleV: so I don't need to worry if my on my github feature branch, it says that it is "behind 4 commits" ?
 [02:42:17] <NelleV>  hanson: can you paste the whole message, please ? That doesn't tell behind from what
 [02:43:46] <hanson>  NelleV:
 [02:43:47] <hanson>  hanson@hanson-desktop:~/Workspace/Markus$ git push origin 326_add_column_graders_submissions To git@github.com:hansonwu/Markus.git ! [rejected] 326_add_column_graders_submissions -> 326_add_column_graders_submissions (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to 'git@github.com:hansonwu/Markus.git' To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected Merge the remote changes (e.g. 'git pull') bef
 [02:44:11] <NelleV>  hanson: mmmh, one sec please
 [02:44:16] <hanson>  ok :)
 [02:46:38] <hanson>  i think it is because origin/master has been updated, but origin/326xxx has not been rebased to pick up those changes !
 [02:47:03] <hanson>  not sure, maybe I'm confusing myself too
 [02:47:04] <hanson>  :)
 [02:47:30] <ChristineY>  fixed!! thanks everyone. http://chenoadev.blogspot.com/2011/09/updating-rails-3010-application-to.html tells me to remove
 [02:47:38] <ChristineY>  config.action_view.debug_rjs = true
 [02:47:52] <ChristineY>  db:migrate worked after.
 [02:48:13] <ChristineY>  hmm, do you guys have that line in your config/environments/development.rb though?
 [02:48:34] <NelleV>  hanson: have you pushed anything to your origin ?
 [02:48:59] <NelleV>  hanson: basically it tells you the history has been changed between your local branch and the github one ?
 [02:49:04] <NelleV>  hanson: or maybe you've rebased something ?
 [02:49:24] <hanson>  NelleV: when you say pushed anything to my origin, do you mean origin/master ?
 [02:49:45] <NelleV>  hanson: no, origin/326_add_column_graders_submissions
 [02:51:03] <hanson>  NelleV: well, yes I have when I submitted the code review
 [02:51:48] <hanson>  NelleV: when I run git diff 326_add_column_graders_submissions origin/326_add_column_graders_submissions, i just see changes that I picked up from upstream/master (other people's commits)
 [02:52:03] <NelleV>  hanson: have you rebased anything ?
 [02:52:27] <hanson>  NelleV: yes, I've rebased 326_add_column_graders_submissions to master (local)
 [02:52:29] <NelleV>  or have you (or anyone) committed and pushed from another computer ?
 [02:52:33] <NelleV>  ok, that is the problem
 [02:53:14] <NelleV>  hanson: create another branch from this branch (git checkout -b new_326 326_add_column_graders_submissions) and push this one.
 [02:53:45] <NelleV>  hanson: you've changed the history of your branch, which you should never do :)
 [02:53:59] <hanson>  NelleV: let me try that, thank you :)
 [02:54:03] <NelleV>  hanson: git is preventing you to push from the same branch in order to avoid data loss
 [02:54:34] <hanson>  NelleV: gotcha .... I am now reading the part where it says never rebase something you've pushed to a public repo ...
 [02:54:44] <NelleV>  hanson: the reason I'm asking you to push in another branch is that if there is a problem in the rebase you did, we'll be able to retreive things
 [02:55:22] <hanson>  NelleV: ok :)
 [02:57:26] <hanson>  NelleV: everything is actually all done for the 326 and I already submitted the pull request, but I got that error and wanted to figure out why
 [02:58:57] <NelleV>  hanson: ok
 [03:01:04] <hanson>  NelleV: thanks Nelle
 [03:02:32] <hanson>  ChristineY: hanson@hanson-desktop:~/Workspace/Markus$ cat config/environments/development.rb | grep config.action_view config.action_view.debug_rjs = true
 [03:05:25] <hanson>  NelleV: one more question ... so I should only rebase a feature branch only before I push it to origin for the first time?
 [03:07:48] <ChristineY>  thanks hanson
 [03:08:56]  Nick change: Benjamin_V`afk -> Benjamin_V
 [03:10:13] <NelleV>  hanson: well, if you use rebase, yes
 [03:10:34] <hanson>  NelleV: isn't that required to keep your feature branch up to date with master?
 [03:10:56] <NelleV>  hanson: I don't recommand to use rebase. It is a complex tool, and unless you know how it works and why it is dangerous, you shouldn't use it
 [03:11:43] <NelleV>  hanson: I rebase people's feature branch when merging. I work on projects where developpers never update their feature branch to avoid using rebase, and only the core devs do. We don't really have any policy about that on markus
 [03:11:47] <NelleV>  so it is up to you
 [03:12:07] <NelleV>  you just need to be aware that using rebase means potential data loss
 [03:12:36] <hanson>  NelleV: gotcha
 [03:13:00] <hanson>  I only really need to push to origin when I am ready to send the pull request, right?
 [03:13:08] <hanson>  or I want to make it shared to others
 [03:14:49] <NelleV>  hanson: it depends. I use github as backup
 [03:15:03] <NelleV>  hanson: I push almost at each comit
 [03:16:23] <hanson>  NelleV: hmm, ok. I am still kind of confused of the right way to keep everything in sync. If I have a feature branch on both local and github, then how do I keep both of them synced with upstream/master ?
 [03:17:01] <Benjamin_V>  hanson: Hi. I regularly pull from upstream/master into my local master.
 [03:17:11]  lissyx (~alex@ joined #markus.
 [03:17:31] <hanson>  Benjamin_V: hi Ben
 [03:17:53] <NelleV>  Benjamin_V: he is talking about feature branches, not master :)
 [03:18:00] <hanson>  Benjamin_V: how do you sync your local master and local feature branches?
 [03:18:29] <hanson>  if I already pushed my feature onto github, then I can't do rebase.... it seems
 [03:19:37] <NelleV>  I personnally rebase when merging to master, before pushing to the markus repository
 [03:20:39]  gerard-majax_ (~alex@AOrleans-553-1-84-99.w92-152.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #markus.
 [03:21:14] <hanson>  NelleV: hmm ... not sure what you mean by rebase when merging to master
 [03:22:03] <NelleV>  hanson: I have read and write access to the repository
 [03:22:39] <hanson>  NelleV: ah okay
 [03:22:59] <NelleV>  hanson: when I merge a PR that isn't sync with master, I rebase it if necessary (after asking the dev if that can cause any problem)
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 [03:23:23] <hanson>  NelleV: I see, that makes sense
 [03:23:33] <NelleV>  hanson: else, I also rebase my feature branches regularly, but I have quite a lot of experience with git
 [03:23:57] <hanson>  NelleV: I have lots and lots to learn about git :)
 [03:24:15] <hanson>  NelleV: getting late here so off to bed... thank you again for the help!
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 [03:24:39] <NelleV>  hanson: see ya
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 [04:51:13] <AA-DESKTOP>  testing
 [04:51:32] <Aaron-mobile>  Cool
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 [08:59:41] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/l4emwg
 [08:59:41] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #625 from hansonwu/611_user_create_submit_cancel_buttons - Severin Gehwolf
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 [09:06:29] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/ix5nrA
 [09:06:29] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Merge pull request #626 from hansonwu/326_add_column_graders_submissions - Severin Gehwolf
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 [09:16:36] <Benjamin_V>  \o/
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 [09:20:04] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus] jerboaa pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/hvRg_w
 [09:20:04] <MarkUsGithubCIA>  [Markus/master] Closes #386. Add space between average and percentage sign. - Aimen Khan
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 [10:17:52] <ddadacha>  so many punchlines...
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