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 [12:10:08] <baadshah>  heyy..i was wondering..so if we forked a copy of the upstream markus repo, then how do we keep our forked repo updated with the upstream markus repo??
 [12:14:15] <NelleV>  baadshah: hi
 [12:14:40] <NelleV>  baadshah: you can pull from the organisation repository, and merge the code to keep it up to date
 [12:15:36] <baadshah>  ohh..so like git merge <branch of upstream repo>??? something like that??
 [12:15:42] <baadshah>  and that will do it?
 [12:17:37] <NelleV>  no, because you can use merge only on code you've fetched :)
 [12:17:58] <NelleV>  baadshah: basically, you add the organisation repository as a remote
 [12:18:10] <NelleV>  "git remote add markus path/to/repo"
 [12:18:19] <NelleV>  then, you fetch the code from it
 [12:18:24] <NelleV>  "git fetch markus"
 [12:18:28] <NelleV>  and then, you can merge
 [12:18:55] <NelleV>  git merge markus/master <- merge branch master from remote markus into my working branch
 [12:19:59] <baadshah>  ohh
 [12:20:18] <baadshah>  okk..awesome...thanks :-)
 [12:20:50] <NelleV>  baadshah: git can be confusing at the beginning, but you'll get used to it
 [12:21:04] <NelleV>  it has a lot of features :)
 [12:22:50] <baadshah>  yeaaa..it is..i understand how we have a master branch and then feature branches and then we merge them once we're done
 [12:23:05] <NelleV>  well, technically, you shouldn't be merging in master
 [12:23:07] <baadshah>  but then with multiple repos, it gets confusing
 [12:23:27] <NelleV>  master should be synchronised with the organisation repository.
 [12:23:48] <NelleV>  The feature branch would be merged into it, once they are merged in the organisation repository
 [12:24:14] <baadshah>  oh..how do we synchronise it with the organisation repo?
 [12:24:21] <NelleV>  That avoids merging code in your master before it is integrated (sometimes, we discover bugs just when we are about to merge it
 [12:24:27] <NelleV>  baadshah: just what I told you :)
 [12:24:32] <NelleV>  by fetching the code and merging it
 [12:25:39] <baadshah>  so whatever i work on, i leave it on that specific branch?
 [12:25:47] <NelleV>  yes
 [12:25:51] <baadshah>  and only merge it once i get the pull request or something?
 [12:25:59] <NelleV>  that is correct
 [12:26:09] <NelleV>  you do the pull request from the feature branch
 [12:26:27] <NelleV>  when the pull request is merged by one of the admin, it integrates the organisation repository
 [12:26:51] <NelleV>  and then, when you synchronise your branch master with it, you would pull your own code
 [12:27:14] <NelleV>  if you have any doubts about what command to use, when, why, how etc, don't hesitate to ask
 [12:27:23] <baadshah>  okay yeaa for sure
 [12:28:30] <baadshah>  wow ya it is confusing
 [12:29:33] <NelleV>  I should write a blogpost on that, with nice pictures to guide students through that
 [12:29:39] <NelleV>  it is painful the first times :)
 [12:29:49] <NelleV>  (but I don't have time, so don't count on it...)
 [12:29:51] <baadshah>  lol that would be great!
 [12:29:57] <baadshah>  oh damn it! :)
 [12:30:14] <baadshah>  it's okay..well for starters i've to get the forked copy on my system
 [12:30:27] <NelleV>  ok, I might have less work next week-end. I'll try to work on that :)
 [12:31:16] <baadshah>  yea that'd be great because the page on markus is just an overview. so it's kindaa hard to figure it ou
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 [13:01:18] <ddadacha>  baadshah: we were going to go over that at the code sprint =)
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 [19:56:48] <tobioboye>  aimenk: Hello
 [19:56:50] <aimenk>  tobioboye: hey
 [19:56:54] <tobioboye>  k cool
 [19:56:59] <aimenk>  tobioboye: hey tobi
 [19:57:13] <tobioboye>  when we get to the code sprint I will show you a more fancy IRC client :)
 [19:57:22] <tobioboye>  so what's up aimenk?
 [19:57:25] <aimenk>  tobioboye: oh that sounds great
 [19:57:36] <aimenk>  tobioboye: i am having a few problems
 [19:57:42] <tobioboye>  k
 [19:57:49] <tobioboye>  go ahead
 [19:57:51] <aimenk>  tobioboye: i havent been bale to install macports properly
 [19:57:56] <aimenk>  tob
 [19:58:36] <aimenk>  tobioboye: when i try to run "sudo port install imagemagick" i get an error message and everytime i try to install anything i get error messages
 [19:59:23] <aimenk>  tobioboye: that's the first issue and the second issue is what i emailed you about
 [19:59:31] <tobioboye>  you don't have to use "tobioboye" all the time btw. It helps to get my attention if there are many messages on the screen or I don't have the IRC chat window open
 [19:59:42] <tobioboye>  ok
 [19:59:46] <aimenk>  oh okk lol
 [19:59:47] <aimenk>  thanksss
 [19:59:59] <aimenk>  i thought i had to :s
 [20:00:10] <tobioboye>  no worries :). so the deal with mac ports is that m
 [20:00:43] <tobioboye>  *is that it is meant to help with installing most linux packages that can be installed with aptitude/apt-get
 [20:01:00] <aimenk>  yes
 [20:01:21] <tobioboye>  why you get many errors is because not all the dependencies of those packages have been pre installed in mac ports
 [20:01:35] <aimenk>  hmm
 [20:01:54] <tobioboye>  so from time to time installing software using mac ports will fail
 [20:02:01] <aimenk>  oooh okk
 [20:02:05] <aimenk>  so is there a solution to it?
 [20:02:23] <aimenk>  cos i have uninstalled and installed macports again but got the same error
 [20:02:26] <tobioboye>  and then you have to manually install those dependencies that are needed by the package
 [20:02:43] <tobioboye>  so what is the error you get when you try to install postgresql with ports?
 [20:03:00] <tobioboye>  you can paste the error logs on a site pastie.org and just send me a link
 [20:03:16] <aimenk>  well the error that I get when i install postgresql is Error: Port postgresql not found
 [20:03:56] <aimenk>  but when i try to install imagemagick. i get an error that's few lines long. I can email it to you if you like?
 [20:05:00] <tobioboye>  okay try $ sudo ports install postgresql83 postgresql83
 [20:05:26] <tobioboye>  k you can paste the error logs of image magic on the site : pastie.org and send me a link to ut
 [20:05:27] <aimenk>  http://pastie.org/3198612
 [20:05:28] <tobioboye>  *it
 [20:06:34] <aimenk>  Here is the error I get when i type "sudo port install postgresql83 postgresql83" http://pastie.org/3198614
 [20:09:10] <tobioboye>  Yikes those are some nasty errors. Do you know if you have ever installed mac developer tools
 [20:09:35] <aimenk>  Xtools?
 [20:09:44] <aimenk>  sorry i mean Xcode?
 [20:09:50] <aimenk>  yea i installed that
 [20:10:10] <aimenk>  i found a ticket about this error online, but couldnt really understand it. let me send you a link
 [20:10:22] <aimenk>  https://trac.macports.org/ticket/31772
 [20:11:56] <tobioboye>  k let me take a look :)
 [20:12:41] <aimenk>  thanksss :)
 [20:12:57]  tobioboye_ (~drone@bas4-toronto02-1176312998.dsl.bell.ca) joined #markus.
 [20:17:24] <tobioboye>  hey aimenk do you know if Mac Ports installed without any errors when you installed it?
 [20:17:37] <aimenk>  yea i think so
 [20:17:52] <aimenk>  i just downloaded it from the site and ran the installation
 [20:17:56] <aimenk>  and in the end it said successful
 [20:18:19] <tobioboye_>  oka
 [20:18:48] <aimenk>  yeaa :S
 [20:20:35] <tobioboye_>  the problem is with Mac Ports and not the packages
 [20:20:47] <tobioboye_>  how about you update mac ports using
 [20:20:59] <tobioboye_>  $sudo port selfupdate
 [20:21:12] <tobioboye_>  $sudo port upgrade outdatedK?
 [20:21:22] <aimenk>  yea i tried those
 [20:21:23] <tobioboye_>  **$sudo port upgrade outdated
 [20:21:25] <aimenk>  didnt work :s
 [20:21:27] <tobioboye_>  k
 [20:21:32] <tobioboye_>  same issue eh
 [20:21:35] <aimenk>  i yeaaa
 [20:21:46] <aimenk>  i have been trying everything i possibly code
 [20:21:59] <aimenk>  do u think its not installed properly?
 [20:22:17] <tobioboye_>  have you tried uninstalling installing mac ports again?
 [20:22:39] <aimenk>  do u know how i can uninstall it correctly??
 [20:22:50] <tobioboye_>  The other alternative is to use "Brew" which is an alternative to mac ports but I will like to keep that option for last
 [20:22:58] <tobioboye_>  I'll find out i a sec
 [20:23:08] <aimenk>  kk sure
 [20:25:08] <tobioboye_>  aimenk: have you used mac ports to install any packages apart from those for MarkUs?
 [20:25:21] <aimenk>  noo
 [20:25:24] <tobioboye_>  ok cool
 [20:25:37] <aimenk>  this is the first time i installed macport on my comp
 [20:25:40] <aimenk>  havent used it before
 [20:25:40] <tobioboye_>  then I will suggest you follow the steps at http://guide.macports.org/chunked/installing.macports.uninstalling.html to uninstall it
 [20:25:44] <tobioboye_>  k
 [20:26:15] <aimenk>  yea i did use this earlier to uninstall
 [20:26:32] <tobioboye_>  how did that go?
 [20:26:40] <aimenk>  when i typed
 [20:26:41] <aimenk>  sudo port -fp uninstall --follow-dependents installed
 [20:26:57] <aimenk>  it gave me error Error: "No ports matched the given expression "
 [20:27:48] <aimenk>  then i entered the second set of commands, it didnt give me an error
 [20:27:57] <aimenk>  so i went on to install macports again and same thing happened
 [20:28:05] <tobioboye_>  o damn
 [20:28:10] <aimenk>  yeaaa
 [20:30:25] <tobioboye_>  try $ find / macports | grep macports
 [20:30:49] <tobioboye_>  *correction. First try uninstalling mac ports using the command on that link
 [20:31:04] <tobioboye_>  and then try $ find / macports | grep macports
 [20:32:16] <aimenk>  sorry
 [20:32:21] <aimenk>  so what do i enter first?
 [20:32:38] <aimenk>  this command: sudo port -fp uninstall --follow-dependents installed?
 [20:32:47] <aimenk>  then $ find / macports | grep macports
 [20:32:48] <aimenk>  ??
 [20:33:07] <tobioboye_>  no the rm command on the link
 [20:33:24] <tobioboye_>  then $ sudo find / macports | grep macports
 [20:33:30] <aimenk>  o ok
 [20:33:50] <tobioboye_>  then please pastie your output
 [20:34:02] <aimenk>  ok sure
 [20:34:11] <aimenk>  nothing has displayed so far so i guess its searching
 [20:34:22] <tobioboye_>  yep :)
 [20:38:09] <aimenk>  here you go
 [20:38:10] <aimenk>  http://pastie.org/3198699
 [20:41:33] <aimenk>  does this mean its uninstalled?
 [20:46:28] <aimenk>  tobioboye_: heyy
 [20:46:46] <tobioboye_>  k cool
 [20:46:57] <tobioboye_>  one more search and we will be in the clear
 [20:47:11] <tobioboye_>  just run $ sudo find / ports | grep ports
 [20:47:57] <tobioboye_>  I know it takes a while. I'm just trying to make sure that there are no installation files lingering on the file system
 [20:49:02] <tobioboye_>  brb 5 mins lemme grab a quick bite
 [20:50:31] <aimenk>  okk cool. take ur time :)
 [20:59:41] <tobioboye_>  k I'm back
 [21:00:02] <aimenk>  o yay
 [21:00:07] <aimenk>  i hope u had a good dinner
 [21:00:11] <tobioboye_>  aimenk: sorry got off work and didn't have dinner yet :)
 [21:00:22] <aimenk>  oh no problem
 [21:00:26] <aimenk>  i understand :)