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 [11:04:30] <NelleV>  hi m_conley !
 [11:04:38] <m_conley>  NelleV: hey!
 [11:04:41] <m_conley>  NelleV: how are you?
 [11:04:47] <NelleV>  m_conley: good and you ?
 [11:05:11] <m_conley>  NelleV: busy, but well! :)
 [11:05:21] <NelleV>  m_conley: same here :)
 [11:05:36] <NelleV>  m_conley: I was just wondering if you were managing students on RB :)
 [11:05:45] <m_conley>  NelleV: I am indeed!
 [11:05:50] <NelleV>  cool :)
 [11:06:43] <m_conley>  NelleV: do you know if accounts have been created for the new MarkUs students?
 [11:06:50] <m_conley>  NelleV: if not, I'll do that tonight.
 [11:07:08] <NelleV>  on RB ? I have no idea
 [11:07:50] <m_conley>  and the blog, and adding them as developers to the MarkUs GitHub project...
 [11:08:10] <NelleV>  I added my students on the github project, but I don't know for Toronto
 [11:08:46] <m_conley>  Alright, I'll take a peek tonight. Mailing list has been quiet - time to stir things up. :)
 [11:09:08] <NelleV>  yeah..
 [11:09:19] <NelleV>  I'm too busy with my degree to send emails
 [11:09:49] <m_conley>  NelleV: how far along are you?
 [11:11:15] <NelleV>  m_conley: I was working last year, and I just started a master degree
 [11:11:25] <m_conley>  NelleV: cool! Congrats!
 [11:11:31] <NelleV>  In france, it is only one year, and it is not the same format as in Canada
 [11:11:39] <m_conley>  thesis?
 [11:12:05] <NelleV>  we have 8months of intensive courses and an internship to do
 [11:12:18] <m_conley>  I see. Where are you interning?
 [11:12:27] <NelleV>  it used to be called "DEA", and it is usually done right before a phd
 [11:12:30] <NelleV>  I don't know yet :)
 [11:12:43] <NelleV>  I'm looking for something in research
 [11:13:20] <NelleV>  there's a research team near here that work on natural language processing
 [11:13:49] <NelleV>  I might be interested in this, but I'm still hesitating
 [11:14:39] <m_conley>  Neat
 [11:15:06] <m_conley>  Natural language processing is pretty cool. I took a course on it - I wasn't very good though. Too much statistics for me. ;)
 [11:15:43] <NelleV>  my masters is in applied maths :)
 [11:15:54] <m_conley>  NelleV: then it sounds perfect! :D
 [11:16:20] <NelleV>  I just hope they work with python...
 [11:21:47] <m_conley>  I had to work with both Python and MatLab in my course... *shrugs*
 [11:22:29] <ddadacha_>  jerboaa said he'd take care of the accounts on the dev list fyi
 [11:22:33]  Nick change: ddadacha_ -> ddadacha
 [11:22:46] <NelleV>  m_conley: both ?
 [11:22:54] <NelleV>  how can you use both matlab and python ? o_O
 [11:23:04] <m_conley>  NelleV: oh, not at the same time. But for different portions of the project
 [11:23:07] <NelleV>  ah
 [11:23:13] <m_conley>  NelleV: Python for corpus munging, and MatLab for analysis
 [11:23:20] <NelleV>  yes, that happens a lot with this master
 [11:23:31] <NelleV>  but I tend to eliminate all courses in which matlab is a requirement
 [11:25:39] <ddadacha>  (or rather, he said he'd try so if you want to beat him to it, don't think he'd mind =) )
 [11:28:21] <m_conley>  ddadacha: ah, cool. :) Or *you* could beat both of us to it... ;)
 [11:28:38] <m_conley>  NelleV: yeah, MatLab is painful painful stuff. Can't stand it.
 [11:29:18] <NelleV>  m_conley: my elder brother (python fan) thinks I should learn it very well before criticizing it too much :(
 [11:29:42] <m_conley>  NelleV: fair point, fair point
 [11:29:46] <m_conley>  but it sure makes a bad first impression
 [11:29:47]  *** ddadacha does not have the elite admin account access ;)
 [11:29:59] <m_conley>  ddadacha: hm, we should remedy that at some point
 [11:30:17] <m_conley>  ddadacha: remind me at the sprint, and I'll see what i can do
 [11:30:23] <ddadacha>  tobi and I met with jerboaa yesterday, he said he would at some point =)
 [11:30:32] <ddadacha>  m_conley: booked your tickets yet?
 [11:30:45] <ddadacha>  we're goin in a bit early on Thurs to roam around Vancouver
 [11:30:52] <m_conley>  ddadacha: yep! yourself?
 [11:30:59] <m_conley>  oh, cool
 [11:31:07] <NelleV>  oh, you're going to vancouver ?
 [11:31:18] <m_conley>  NelleV: yeah, the codesprint this semester is at UBC
 [11:31:47] <m_conley>  (which is strange, considering that the composition of the students this year is mostly UofT and UWaterloo students)
 [11:31:48] <NelleV>  sweet
 [11:32:00] <NelleV>  anyone want to invite me ? :(
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 [11:32:22] <m_conley>  NelleV: if you showed up, you'd be welcomed with open arms. :D
 [11:32:23]  ddadacha (ddadacha@nat/redhat/x-yybcifnfinhbbhpl) joined #markus.
 [11:32:32] <m_conley>  NelleV: but only the students get their flights covered
 [11:32:35] <ddadacha>  yep, tobi and I are going to attempt to substitute for jerboaa :P and also do another term of UCOSP
 [11:32:41] <m_conley>  woop woop
 [11:32:53] <ddadacha>  _attempt_
 [11:32:58] <NelleV>  well, technically I'm a student
 [11:33:00] <NelleV>  with no money :(
 [11:33:24] <NelleV>  and unlike other students, I also seem to have no time...
 [11:33:53] <m_conley>  objection: I, as a student, also had no time. :)
 [11:33:54] <ddadacha>  unlike? :/
 [11:34:00] <ddadacha>  ditto.
 [11:34:18] <ddadacha>  and I can speak for _many_ of my friends too
 [11:35:08] <NelleV>  well, students from my engineering school also said they had no time, but compared to what I'm doing right now, it's not the same level of no time :)
 [11:35:15] <NelleV>  in france usually, we don't work much for our masters
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 [13:47:28] <mmagnin>  Hello !
 [13:47:37] <NelleV>  Hi mmagnin !
 [13:49:01] <Benjamin_V>  mmagnin: Hi o/
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