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 [12:57:58] <kschmidt_>  Hi I'm driving I'll be a couple minutes
 [12:58:23] <m_conley>  kschmidt_: irc-ing while driving. That's a new one for me. :) Be safe.
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 [13:01:59] <m_conley>  karenreid: should we give kschmidt_ a few minutes before starting?
 [13:02:05] <m_conley>  (and jiahui)
 [13:02:14] <karenreid>  Hi everyone.
 [13:02:24]  kschmidt_ (~KurtisSch@S010690840dd4b228.wp.shawcable.net) joined #markus.
 [13:02:33] <kschmidt_>  Hello. I'm back.
 [13:02:36] <Hora>  hi
 [13:02:44] <kschmidt_>  And just so no one thinks bad of me. I was dictating my messages while driving.
 [13:02:52] <karenreid>  Yes, we could give it a minute or two. I'm going to have to leave by 1:50 our time to get to my next meeting.
 [13:03:04] <m_conley>  kschmidt_: neat. :)
 [13:03:15] <karenreid>  Let's get started now then. Hopefully Jiahui will join us soon
 [13:03:59] <karenreid>  I should have sent email about this earlier, but Victor decided to drop the course (and a bunch of his other courses) to work on his own project.
 [13:04:41] <karenreid>  On a more positive note, it is great to see all the activity
 [13:04:55] <karenreid>  mi_sa and viv_ do you want to start with the rounds?
 [13:05:28] <mi_sa>  sure
 [13:05:30] <viv_>  sure
 [13:05:47] <mi_sa>  so I've uploaded the new schema to the repository
 [13:06:14] <mi_sa>  we settled on adding 2 columns to the submissions table
 [13:06:27] <mi_sa>  one for remark_result_id which links to a remark result object
 [13:06:36] <mi_sa>  and another text column "remark_request"
 [13:07:45] <mi_sa>  i think everyone needs to do a rake db:migrate to add those columns to their database
 [13:08:47] <m_conley>  i'd like to interject, if I might: that latest commit might break some of MarkUs' behaviour. I gave mi_sa some bad advice the other day about Rails associations. I have a patch up for review to fix it.
 [13:09:25] <mi_sa>  oh ok, thanks, Mike
 [13:09:33] <mi_sa>  =)
 [13:09:56] <m_conley>  np
 [13:09:59] <jerboaa>  m_conley, what's up?
 [13:10:16] <m_conley>  jerboaa: see - http://review.markusproject.org/r/833/
 [13:10:35] <jerboaa>  m_conley, k
 [13:10:49] <viv_>  I think Misa's working on the submissions view now, and i've been looking at the student/instructor views for the remark tabs
 [13:11:31] <mi_sa>  yep
 [13:11:54] <karenreid>  Sounds good. Any questions there?
 [13:11:56] <viv_>  then i think we just need to put everything together..
 [13:12:15] <mi_sa>  i've actually been working on my own branch
 [13:12:16] <m_conley>  viv_: I'll have a review up for your patch (#826) soon - just check out my latest comment, when you have a chance.
 [13:12:28] <mi_sa>  if it turns out to be a problem, i'll switch to using vivien's
 [13:13:10] <viv_>  m_conley, yup i saw. will adding @branch <name> link to it? or is it supposed to be just text?
 [13:13:18] <m_conley>  just the name of the branch is fine
 [13:13:30] <m_conley>  so @branch name-of-branch
 [13:13:39] <viv_>  ok
 [13:14:00] <karenreid>  Okay, Hora and kschmidt_ how is the dashboard work going?
 [13:14:18] <kschmidt_>  I've almost got the dashboard layout set up
 [13:14:44] <kschmidt_>  It's taking a little bit of time for me to figure out how to get things like number of assignments, how many are submitted, etc.
 [13:14:54] <kschmidt_>  I'm just figuring out how everything works for assignments and groups
 [13:15:08] <kschmidt_>  Here's what it looks like right now...
 [13:15:10] <kschmidt_>  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8262635/markus_dashboard.png
 [13:15:20] <kschmidt_>  Again, still needs some items to be added
 [13:16:05] <m_conley>  nice to see some stuff on that dashboard. :)
 [13:16:07] <karenreid>  nice. Looks like a great start!
 [13:16:14] <kschmidt_>  Thank you
 [13:16:18] <Hora>  yep, that looks good kurtis
 [13:16:24] <kschmidt_>  I'm also thinking of adding some helper functions to the assignments model
 [13:16:40] <kschmidt_>  From what I can tell, some of the views are using complicated nested calls to get information about assignments
 [13:16:48] <kschmidt_>  I don't like seeing long chains of accessors in views
 [13:17:39] <m_conley>  well, anything you can do to clean it up would be appreciated. :)
 [13:17:51] <kschmidt_>  Alright. I'd give an example but I can't remember it right now
 [13:17:59] <kschmidt_>  So that's what I have
 [13:18:05] <kschmidt_>  Also, the big gap is the space for a graph
 [13:18:16] <karenreid>  Great. Looks like some good progress!
 [13:18:28] <Hora>  awesome, my turn i guess
 [13:18:37] <Hora>  i finished the two reviews i had open, and wrote a blog post about the discussion one of my reviews spawned: http://blog.markusproject.org/?p=2326
 [13:19:01] <m_conley>  yeah, thanks for that blog post
 [13:19:05] <Hora>  it's about caching the data for graphing to speed up loading of the dashboard
 [13:19:29] <Hora>  my initial suggestion was that kurtis and i finish displaying some of the graphs
 [13:19:38] <Hora>  then move to incoorporate caching
 [13:19:58] <Hora>  but if people are uneasy about that, i can start working on the caching implementation right away
 [13:20:12] <m_conley>  hm.
 [13:20:13] <Hora>  it should be easy, just adding a new model
 [13:20:33] <Hora>  and some hooks in the existing code for doing the grade distribution calculations to keep the data as fresh as possible
 [13:20:49]  *** jerboaa prefers caching right from the start
 [13:20:49] <kschmidt_>  That's probably the best
 [13:20:56] <kschmidt_>  What I would do is add a model for caching
 [13:21:05] <kschmidt_>  Write the hooks in so that you can generate the graph
 [13:21:12] <karenreid>  I tend to agree.
 [13:21:22] <Hora>  i was just thinking that if we do some of the other work, we'd know exactly what we need to cache
 [13:21:26] <kschmidt_>  So basically, have a model that doesn't do anything yet. Call the graph functions needed.
 [13:21:34] <kschmidt_>  Then add in caching transparently
 [13:21:42] <Hora>  hmm
 [13:21:55] <Hora>  so you're saying just write the model that sits there?
 [13:22:01] <kschmidt_>  Essentially skeleton the caching model
 [13:22:05] <Hora>  and then do some of the graphing, then add caching later?
 [13:22:18] <kschmidt_>  That's how I would build it up
 [13:22:33] <kschmidt_>  If you are just adding caching into the already existing pipeline that way it should be really easy
 [13:22:52] <jerboaa>  How about you assume you have a bunch of numbers (comma-separated maybe or in whatever structure) in some table and go from there?
 [13:22:54] <kschmidt_>  We won't push any of the graphing stuff until the caching is working
 [13:23:04] <kschmidt_>  Yes, jerboaa is right
 [13:23:17] <Hora>  hmm ok that sounds like it'll work out well
 [13:23:32] <karenreid>  That sounds good.
 [13:24:04] <Hora>  so should i make a post (or edit the one i already wrote) similar to Misa's for the db schema? or is that not really necessary in this case since it's much simpler
 [13:24:19] <Hora>  at least for now, when we only have one thing to cache, really (the grade distribution)
 [13:24:21] <kschmidt_>  Probably not a bad idea if you want feedback
 [13:24:59] <m_conley>  can't hurt to blog.
 [13:25:04] <m_conley>  it *never* hurts to blog. :)
 [13:25:09] <m_conley>  make it short and snappy
 [13:25:14] <jerboaa>  Hora, It would be a good idea to have something documented as to how dashboard caching will work.
 [13:25:34] <Hora>  ok, sounds good
 [13:25:40] <jerboaa>  3 lines blog post ;-)
 [13:25:50] <m_conley>  sounds like a tweet.
 [13:25:54] <Hora>  haha
 [13:26:01] <Hora>  a little longer than 140 characters :P
 [13:26:22] <Hora>  ok so i'll work on that this weekend
 [13:26:41] <Hora>  and work on implementing it
 [13:26:46] <karenreid>  sounds really great (I could have used the grade distrib. graphs this week :-( )
 [13:27:03] <karenreid>  Nice to see it starting to come together
 [13:27:11] <Hora>  the function that calculates the values is already there, karen, just not the graph :P
 [13:27:42] <jerboaa>  All: if you run into problems wrt to markus install/setup/dev let the others know. maybe there's quick help around - you never know.
 [13:27:44] <karenreid>  no problem. (evanb can tell you about the weird distribution we had on the last quiz in OS)
 [13:28:09] <evanb>  yes it was quite strange
 [13:28:11] <evanb>  you scared me at the beginning of the class lol
 [13:28:45] <karenreid>  evanb: you are on for the test framework status
 [13:28:59] <Hora>  right, sorry didn't mention that was it for my stuff
 [13:29:14] <evanb>  we got the test framework committed at the beginning of the week
 [13:29:30] <evanb>  so everyone can feel free to find bugs in it ;)
 [13:29:54] <evanb>  I worked on getting tokens to update every day correctly
 [13:30:21] <evanb>  although we still need to let the instructor decide whether or not they want tokens to refresh
 [13:30:49] <evanb>  I had issues at the start of the week with bundler but it was mostly due to my inexperience with linux... its all working now
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 [13:31:34] <jerboaa>  evanb, again - help's close by
 [13:31:35] <evanb>  I suppose I should wait for karen to return...
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 [13:32:21] <karenreid>  Sorry, I lost the connection there for a second. Did I miss anything?
 [13:32:28]  viv_ (~viviensue@CPE001a70e9c2cd-CM001cea371e90.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
 [13:32:28] <karenreid>  evanb, what is the next step for you?
 [13:32:28] <m_conley>  nope, we waited.
 [13:32:29] <m_conley>  :)
 [13:32:29] <evanb>  I dont think so
 [13:33:02] <karenreid>  thanks (it's disconcerting to have the whole conversation disappear)
 [13:33:15]  viv_ (~viviensue@CPE001a70e9c2cd-CM001cea371e90.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #markus.
 [13:33:16] <evanb>  I also worked with Jiahui on troubleshooting her problems, we figured out that she was running an old version of the test framework and the error was occuring in a part that had since been updated
 [13:33:48] <karenreid>  that's too bad
 [13:34:03] <evanb>  so I told her to install the latest version and it seems like she is having an issue with that too but it might be just a case of having to do a db:migrate or something
 [13:34:09] <m_conley>  hrm.
 [13:34:18] <evanb>  I just found that out today so I havent had time to really look at it
 [13:34:26] <jerboaa>  evanb, her JUnit tasks problems solved now?
 [13:34:29] <karenreid>  I'm sorry she wasn't able to make the meeting today. I think I'm going to ask her to work on other bugs since she is having so much trouble with the test framework.
 [13:34:50] <evanb>  that might be a good idea, theres no point in wasting all this time
 [13:35:19] <evanb>  jerboaa, I am not sure
 [13:35:37] <jerboaa>  evanb, ok
 [13:36:27] <karenreid>  evanb, do you have enough to work on with the tokens to keep you busy, or are you shifting attention to something else?
 [13:36:49] <evanb>  karenreid, I definitely have enough work on the tokens to keep me busy
 [13:36:55] <karenreid>  :-)
 [13:36:58] <evanb>  and after that is done I can work on examples as well
 [13:37:06] <karenreid>  Great
 [13:37:15] <karenreid>  So...
 [13:37:22] <evanb>  So I think that is all for me this week
 [13:37:23] <karenreid>  We have 4 weeks before we have to wrap things up for this term, so one of the things I'd like to see before the next meeting is a breakdown by week to bring your work to a closing point.
 [13:37:32] <evanb>  sounds good
 [13:38:04]  mi_sa (~chatzilla@b2240-04.cdf.utoronto.ca) left irc: Remote host closed the connection
 [13:38:12] <karenreid>  You won't be able to "finish" any of the projects you are working on (although I'm willing to be surprised)
 [13:38:32]  mi_sa (~chatzilla@b2240-02.cdf.utoronto.ca) joined #markus.
 [13:38:48] <karenreid>  so that means that you need to be able to find a point where enough of what you have done can be reviewed and committed so that we can make use of it in the next term.
 [13:39:16] <jerboaa>  kschmidt_, If you have time, I think it would be a good idea to keep the API token control of the dashboard at the top (maybe to the right of "Dashboard")
 [13:39:19] <karenreid>  I'd also like to see a blog post with screen shots or a web cast at the end of the term showing off what you have done.
 [13:39:31] <m_conley>  and if you've got pieces of your project still dangling, and you're not going to continue working with MarkUs (it'd be awesome if you do!) - please document! blog posts!
 [13:40:05] <kschmidt_>  jerboaa, I'll try that out.
 [13:40:53] <karenreid>  Any questions?
 [13:41:40] <m_conley>  all: again, if bundler is giving you problems, hop onto IRC and talk to us.
 [13:41:40] <jerboaa>  kschmidt_, cool, thanks - we may have to find a different place for it, though...
 [13:42:04] <m_conley>  also - kschmidt_: friendly reminder: you're on minutes today.
 [13:42:08] <kschmidt_>  jerboaa, yes we might. Is the api key something that is used so commonly it needs to be on the dashboard?
 [13:42:13] <karenreid>  I've been quite pleased with all of your progress this term. I'd like to see another 3 weeks of steady progress, but overall things have been going well
 [13:42:18] <kschmidt_>  m_conley, yup, I'm on it
 [13:42:42] <karenreid>  kschmidt_: It needs to be visible on the web site somewhere for the instructor.
 [13:42:42] <Hora>  karenreid, i didn't realize how little time we had left
 [13:42:45] <kschmidt_>  karenreid, is there any way for us to get individual feedback about progress, if we so desire it?
 [13:42:55] <karenreid>  kchmidt_: absolutely!
 [13:42:56] <kschmidt_>  I assume, just contact you
 [13:43:00] <karenreid>  sure
 [13:43:06] <m_conley>  Hora: tick tick tick. :)
 [13:43:19] <Hora>  i hope we all get to finish our projects by the end, but i've been enjoying working on markus that i'm sure to hang around after this semester
 [13:43:21] <kschmidt_>  Alright, I'll probably contact you this weekend or early next week
 [13:43:29] <m_conley>  Hora: nice! Glad to have you!
 [13:43:43] <jerboaa>  Hora, cool!
 [13:43:59] <Hora>  :)
 [13:44:55] <karenreid>  Hora (and everyone else) I would be thrilled to have people continue working on MarkUs even in small ways!
 [13:45:20] <karenreid>  And, I would also like to point out that if you need reference letters, I'm a good person for that.
 [13:45:42] <jerboaa>  she is :)
 [13:45:59] <karenreid>  When do classes end for everyone? We end on the Dec 8th
 [13:46:06] <kschmidt_>  Same here
 [13:46:19] <Hora>  i don't remember the exact date
 [13:46:27] <Hora>  but that sounds about right, i know it's in early december