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 [09:27] <Me>  hi!
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 [09:29] <Melanie>  Is there somebody that could help me with rake db:create ?
 [09:29] <Melanie>  I try to create Markus DB, but always get a rake aborted!
 [09:30] <mikeg1a>  Any message beyond that?
 [09:30] <Melanie>  with undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass
 [09:30] <mikeg1a>  bleah
 [09:30] <Melanie>  I can do a trace
 [09:30] <mikeg1a>  Try
 [09:30] <mikeg1a>  yeah, I was just gonna say that ;)
 [09:30] <mikeg1a>  I don't know the markus db in particular, but maybe something about a trace will sing to me
 [09:31] <mikeg1a>  You can use pastie.org or gist.github.com to share the trace - avoids dumping it in IRC
 [09:31] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:35] <Melanie>  That's the first time I use pastie.org
 [09:35] <Melanie>  I paste my txt there?
 [09:35] <mikeg1a>  Yes
 [09:35] <mikeg1a>  Then put the URL it gives you here
 [09:35] <mikeg1a>  Much easier than dealing with 50-line pastest in IRC
 [09:36] <mikeg1a>  And less likely to get you booted off IRC for flooding
 [09:36] <Melanie>  ok and than you go on that site and see what I have pasted?
 [09:36] <mikeg1a>  Yup
 [09:36] <Melanie>  that's it?
 [09:36] <Melanie>  good
 [09:36] <mikeg1a>  that's all there is to it. Just a public clipboard.
 [09:36] <Melanie>  so it's done
 [09:36] <mikeg1a>  url?
 [09:36] <Melanie>  http://pastie.org/613521
 [09:36] <mikeg1a>  looking...
 [09:37] <Melanie>  what you see, it's the output I get right before I get a reake aborted!
 [09:37] <mikeg1a>  hm...and that part is totally normal ;)
 [09:37] <Melanie>  looks like...
 [09:37] <mikeg1a>  OK, do you have a config/database.yml file?
 [09:37] <Melanie>  yes
 [09:37] <Melanie>  mysql
 [09:38] <mikeg1a>  It's acting like it's not seeing the development: section there for some reason
 [09:38] <Melanie>  Do you want me to paste it on pastie ?
 [09:39] <mikeg1a>  check and make sure that development: is right up to the left margin, and the keys under it are indented by two spaces - YAML is format-sensitive
 [09:39] <mikeg1a>  or you can just edit your pastie to add it there if you want
 [09:39] <Melanie>  development is in comment
 [09:39] <Melanie>  that is probably it?
 [09:40] <mikeg1a>  That would do it
 [09:40] <mikeg1a>  When you db:create, rails reads the section of database.yml for your current environment
 [09:40] <mikeg1a>  by default, your environment is 'development'
 [09:40] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:40] <mikeg1a>  So you need to uncomment that section, and put in the right username/password for your mysql install if it's different from what's in there
 [09:41] <Melanie>  so I uncomment it and comment the production: bloc?
 [09:41] <mikeg1a>  No need to comment the production block
 [09:41] <mikeg1a>  That won't be used unless you're in the production environment
 [09:41] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:42] <mikeg1a>  Generally, you'd expect to see uncommented development, test, and production blocks in a stock database.yml
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 [09:42] <Melanie>  great
 [09:42] <Melanie>  I try this
 [09:42] <mikeg1a>  development = default, what you're using on your workstation; test = used when you run tests; production = used on the live server
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 [09:43] <Melanie>  should I see "default" somewhere in the file database.yml ?
 [09:44] <Melanie>  According to the INSTALL procedure, I hade to Set environment variable RAILS_ENV --> export RAILS_ENV="production"
 [09:44] <mikeg1a>  Hm
 [09:44] <Melanie>  should I set it as "developmenet" instead?
 [09:44] <mikeg1a>  That'd be the install procedure for the live server
 [09:45] <mikeg1a>  they shouldn't be telling you to do that for dev ;)
 [09:45] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:45] <mikeg1a>  Just leave it unset, Rails will default to 'development'
 [09:45] <Melanie>  so I change it for "development"
 [09:45] <Melanie>  and should work?
 [09:45] <mikeg1a>  Well, that will work for now. You my run into trouble when trying to run test though
 [09:45] <Melanie>  ok unset
 [09:45] <mikeg1a>  So you'd be better off in the long run unsetting it
 [09:45] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:46] <Melanie>  thanks mikeg1a, I try this
 [09:47] <mikeg1a>  Holler if it doesn't work, it can be a challenge to get all the moving parts hooked up to start. Gets easier after that.
 [09:57] <Melanie>  mikeg1a: Now I have an error that says: "The procedure mysql_stmt_row_tell entry point is not available in dynamic link library LIBMYSQL.dll" any idea?
 [09:58] <mikeg1a>  That may be a version issue...
 [09:58] <mikeg1a>  you're on windows, right/
 [09:58] <mikeg1a>  ?
 [09:58] <Melanie>  yes
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 [09:59] <Melanie>  it says that the bundled mysql.rb driver has been removed from rails 2.2. Install the mysql gem and try again
 [09:59] <Melanie>  that's what I did,
 [10:00] <Melanie>  but a got a lot of no definition for ... per exemple time_set_second...
 [10:00] <mikeg1a>  That's ok, that's just errors in the mysql rdoc
 [10:00] <Melanie>  ok
 [10:01] <mikeg1a>  If that doesn't fix the problem, take a look at http://crypto.stanford.edu/cs142/projects/6/project6.html - there's a fix just above the "Mac OS X instructions"
 [10:02] <Melanie>  ok
 [10:07] <Melanie>  looks better now
 [10:07] <Melanie>  but I still have an error
 [10:08] <Melanie>  I will send it on pastie
 [10:09] <mikeg1a>  ok
 [10:09] <Melanie>  http://pastie.org/613573
 [10:10] <Melanie>  now it looks more like a setup problem
 [10:10] <mikeg1a>  hm. that's a new one on me.
 [10:10] <mikeg1a>  It may be that the encoding option is a problem for windows though
 [10:10] <Melanie>  there is probably an error with the login or passwd...
 [10:10] <Melanie>  ok
 [10:11] <mikeg1a>  Ah, or, yes, could be u/n and p/w...have you done anything to create users on your mysql, or just gone with the stock instantrails install?
 [10:12] <mikeg1a>  try changing login to "root" and a blank password, if you have not added any users
 [10:12] <Melanie>  I just gon with the stock instantrails install
 [10:12] <Melanie>  ok
 [10:13] <Melanie>  seems to work
 [10:13] <Melanie>  no more error message
 [10:13] <Melanie>  I cntinue my intallation, thanks mikeg1a
 [10:15] <mikeg1a>  Great! I'll be lurking for a bit...time for our homeschool classes to start at this end. But if you run into more trouble, someone should be around.
 [10:16] <Melanie>  do you know where the db must have been created?
 [10:16] <Melanie>  is it in markus/db?
 [10:17] <Melanie>  cause I can not see any .db there...
 [10:19] <jerboaa>  Melanie, I read your conversation with mikeg1a. First of all, thanks mikeg1a! Regarding RAILS_ENV ...
 [10:20] <Melanie>  hi jerboaa
 [10:20] <jerboaa>  The INSTALL file says to set that RAILS_ENV because it's aimed at people who want to set up MarkUs in production
 [10:21] <Melanie>  ok
 [10:21] <Melanie>  now it seems that my rake db:create has worked
 [10:22] <Melanie>  but I would like to see where has been created that db...
 [10:24] <Melanie>  the next step in the install file suggest to do a rake db:schema:load
 [10:25] <Melanie>  IT either gives me the folowing error: rake aborted! no such file to looad -- ruby-debug
 [10:30] <mikeg1a>  Melanie: The database will be stored in a data folder somewhere under mysql, outside of the application tree
 [10:31] <mikeg1a>  rake schema:load won't work unless you have a db/schema.rb file in the tree...if you don't, you need to rake db:migrate instead...but you probably want to check with someone who has actually set up markus at this point :)
 [10:33]  melagaud (n=melanie_@c66.203.223-23.clta.globetrotter.net) joined #markus.
 [10:34] <melagaud>  jerboaa: I have been disconnected
 [10:35] <melagaud>  have you received my last error message about rake db:schema:load?
 [10:36] <mikeg1a>  melagaud: You didn't miss much - http://pastie.org/613596
 [10:41] <jerboaa>  melagaud, you are missing the ruby-debug gem - have you tried gem install ruby-debug?
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 [10:43] <jerboaa>  I have to leave soon, but I'll be back in about 1.5 hours - mikeg1a thanks for jumping in - btw. you could point Melanie to the logs found here: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~mconley/irc/markus/
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 [10:44] <melagaud>  sorry mikeg1a: porblems with my internet connection...
 [10:44] <melagaud>  I whent on pastie I look at it
 [10:45] <jerboaa>  melagaud, I've to leave - have a look here (logs of this channel) : http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~mconley/irc/markus/
 [10:45] <jerboaa>  you are probably missing ruby-debug (it's quite essential for development)
 [10:46] <bwinton>  jerboaa: Do you have a DEVELOPMENT file? Like INSTALL, but for people who want to hack on the code...
 [10:46] <jerboaa>  I'll be back in about 1.5 hours
 [10:46] <melagaud>  thanks jerboaa
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 [10:47] <jerboaa>  not really, but there's this: https://stanley.cdf.toronto.edu/drproject/csc49x/olm_rails/wiki/InstallationRorRadrailsDebian
 [10:47] <bwinton>  Maybe melagaud could work on adding Windows instructions to that, as she runs across the various problems?
 [10:48] <jerboaa>  bwinton, melagaud totally, good idea :-) so please feel free
 [10:48] <jerboaa>  see you later
 [10:48] <bwinton>  (I did the same thing for Basie, back when I was using Windows.)
 [10:53] <melagaud>  bwinton: I should have write it down... I will look at the IRClog file and try to do something...
 [10:53] <melagaud>  mikeg1a are you still avail?
 [10:53] <bwinton>  You can always uninstall everything and try again, too. (Although you probably don't want to. ;) )
 [10:54] <mikeg1a>  still around but a bit slow b/c dealing with my own kids
 [10:54] <melagaud>  bwinton: I am not masochist ;-)
 [10:56] <melagaud>  mikeg1a: no problem... I have a db/schema.rb file in the tree
 [10:56] <mikeg1a>  ok, so schema:load should work. Hae you installed ruby-debug?
 [10:56] <mikeg1a>  gem install ruby-debug
 [10:57] <melagaud>  I dont remeber having done anything like that...
 [10:57] <melagaud>  I try
 [11:01] <melagaud>  mikeg1a: Great! I did gem install ruby-debug, and it has installed some stuff and now rake db:schama:load is running and tables are being created in db:-)
 [11:03] <mikeg1a>  :)
 [11:17] <melagaud>  next step in the install file tells me to do rake markus:instructor, with first name, last name and user name
 [11:18] <melagaud>  I was still issing files. I did gem install fastercsv
 [11:18] <melagaud>  so I try again markus:instructor... and I get a no such file to load -- svn/repos
 [11:20] <melagaud>  Do I have to create a repository?
 [11:21]  *** adamgoucher notes that this whole continued conversation is a wealth of things for the markus product backlog
 [11:23] <mikeg1a>  melagaud: I recall others have hit that same roadblock, but I don't recall the solution
 [11:23] <reid>  I'm looking at the docs right now to see if I can help.
 [11:24] <reid>  I know the actual repos get created on demand, but it must be looking for some setup information.
 [11:25] <adamgoucher>  rake markus:setup would be your friend
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 [11:29]  Melanie (n=melanie_@c66.203.223-23.clta.globetrotter.net) joined #markus.
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 [11:33] <Melanie>  sorry, I still have been disconnected, That's the first time I have that much internet connection problem... I went on log and see taht reid has joined the conversation
 [11:34] <Melanie>  reid: You think I have to create a repository?
 [11:36] <reid>  I'm not good at the low level details, but I suspect you need to find a rake task to run that does some setup.
 [11:36] <reid>  I don't think you need to create repos by hand.
 [11:36] <adamgoucher>  rake -T will list all the tasks
 [11:37] <Melanie>  So I do a rake -T?
 [11:37] <reid>  yes
 [11:37] <adamgoucher>  rake -T will just pase all tasks available to you
 [11:37] <Melanie>  to see something that looks like setup?
 [11:37] <adamgoucher>  thats the plan
 [11:38] <Melanie>  ok
 [11:38] <adamgoucher>  or anything namespaced as 'markus'
 [11:38] <reid>  there's a rake repos:build
 [11:39] <Melanie>  yes there is a rake repos:build... I try?
 [11:39] <adamgoucher>  might be worth making that markus:repos:build for obviousness as plugins can clutter that top level namespace
 [11:39] <reid>  but that looks like it will create repos for existing groups
 [11:40] <adamgoucher>  where is the markus code located? i should likely grab it :)
 [11:42] <Melanie>  adamgoucher: sorry for my english, I am not sure I understand your previous intervention
 [11:42] <reid>  svn co https://stanley.cdf.toronto.edu/svn/csc49x/olm_rails/
 [11:42] <adamgoucher>  don't worry about it. isnt directly related to what you are doing
 [11:42] <Melanie>  ok
 [11:43] <reid>  adamgoucher: I agree with the namespace comment.
 [11:44] <reid>  trying to find the code that does the instructor setup.
 [11:58] <reid>  Looks like a bug to me. The admin creation code wants to give permissions to the new instructor for all the existing repositories, but there shouldn't be any repos at this point.
 [11:58] <reid>  I wonder if the path just needs to be created?
 [12:01] <reid>  Sorry Melanie, I wasn't much help and I have to run to another meeting.
 [12:02] <Melanie>  ok
 [12:02] <Melanie>  I will try your last suggestion
 [12:02] <reid>  It sounds like you are getting pretty close.
 [12:02] <Melanie>  and create the path to see what appends