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 [09:19] <reid>  Hi Mélanie! I'll welcome you in the chat room too. :)
 [09:19] <Melanie>  thank you
 [09:20] <Melanie>  about tomorow meeting...
 [09:20] <Melanie>  will we need a mic?
 [09:20] <reid>  No. We'll just be typing like this.
 [09:20] <Melanie>  ok
 [09:21] <Melanie>  and about installation of markus... I already have some stuff installed,but I tink I think I need some help
 [09:21] <Melanie>  Mike send us message taht says that he on Severin can help
 [09:21] <reid>  Yes.
 [09:21] <Melanie>  but I would like to finallize it asap
 [09:21] <reid>  They are the best ones for trouble shooting.
 [09:22] <Melanie>  do youy know whenexactly they are available
 [09:22] <Melanie>  can I talk with theme today on IRC?
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 [09:23] <reid>  I'm not sure what their schedules are like today. They are usually on irc when they are on their computers. The safest bet would be to also send them email to check what time would be most convenient.
 [09:23] <reid>  Hi Farah.
 [09:23] <farahj>  Hi Karen
 [09:23] <Melanie>  thanks KAren
 [09:24] <farahj>  I'm just testing out my irc client on my MacBook
 [09:24] <reid>  Which client are you using?
 [09:24] <farahj>  Xchat-aqua
 [09:24] <reid>  I've been using Colloquy which seems to work reasonably well.
 [09:25] <farahj>  I've heard about that one too. I might try it out as well.
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 [10:15] <m_conley>  Melanie: Hello! Are you still having issues with the MarkUs installation?
 [10:17] <Melanie>  Hi Mike!
 [10:17] <Melanie>  I am actually installing another software for another course
 [10:17] <Melanie>  I come back in 10minutes
 [10:17] <m_conley>  Perfect - I'll be here.
 [10:17] <Melanie>  super!
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 [10:53] <Melanie>  Sorry Mike, I will need at leats 10 more minutes for that install... I come back as soon as possible
 [10:54] <m_conley>  Hm, OK - I may or may not be away from my desk for a few minutes. When you can, just write out how far you've gotten, and what problem you're having, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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 [11:29] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Hey Severin! Any word on installs here at UofT on Stanley? I'm eager to hear how they're going...
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 [11:35] <jerboaa>  Hi m_conley! Well I think Alan has some installs going on at the moment (I don't know if he is finished, though). Haven't heard from Sue for quite a while
 [11:36] <m_conley>  Maybe no news is good news. :p
 [11:38] <jerboaa>  I kept it that way, but who knows for sure. Maybe I'll send e-mail to both of them to give us brief feedback...
 [11:39] <jerboaa>  But you know at the moment it is probably the busiest time of the year for them :-)
 [11:39] <m_conley>  True, maybe we should hold off. How is the semester going for you so far?
 [11:40] <jerboaa>  It's alright. Curious about stats tomorrow ;-)
 [11:40]  *** m_conley shudders
 [11:40] <jerboaa>  :-)
 [11:41] <jerboaa>  could you do me a favour? what happens if you try to create a new review request?
 [11:41] <m_conley>  Let's find out - hang on...
 [11:42] <jerboaa>  I usually get a 500 (Internal server error) when trying to publish (If I retry, the error goes away).
 [11:42] <m_conley>  Well, first off, I'm redirected from the login to a non-existent page...
 [11:43] <m_conley>  When I go to review.markusproject.org, the next_page parameter in the URL is "//dashboard", so that when I log in, I'm redirected to http://dashboard/, which doesn't exist.
 [11:43] <m_conley>  Hitting back and refresh seems to work around. Where did that come from?
 [11:43] <jerboaa>  But it seems, no e-mail is been sent. Ok, I think I know how to fix that. one sec
 [11:46] <jerboaa>  BTW: read your blog post. How about creating a game engine as your masters project (it's all about ambitious goals, right?) :-)
 [11:46] <m_conley>  Yeah, publishing is taking forever. I have a feeling it's 500ing out.
 [11:46] <m_conley>  jerboaa: I've toyed with it - but how do I turn an adventure game engine into compelling research?
 [11:47] <m_conley>  Because it's been done - it's been done since the 90's.
 [11:47] <m_conley>  Unless I can use it as a case study for using a new software engineering technique, or model, or *something*, I don't see where it can fit. I also don't think Greg would be interested - but that might just mean a switch of supervisors. We'll see.
 [11:48] <m_conley>  Yep, I get the 500 error.
 [11:48] <jerboaa>  well operating systems/databases are around even longer. it's still subject for research :-)
 [11:48] <m_conley>  True, true..
 [11:51] <jerboaa>  I have no idea of games and their engines at all - I might not be a lot of help :-) There might be something research related in that domain though (I'm almost sure there is...)
 [11:51] <jerboaa>  so back to review-board, do you have any idea since when that is happening?
 [11:52] <reid>  how about adventure games as educational tools
 [11:52] <jerboaa>  since it was working before
 [11:53] <mikeg1a>  I'd take an adventure game UI for git. Probably not master's project fodder though. Someone did one for Linux sysadmin a while ago.
 [11:53] <m_conley>  reid: Adventure games are certainly good for telling stories
 [11:54] <m_conley>  reid: And stories are a great way of conveying information
 [11:54] <m_conley>  mikeg1a: Are you serious? What was the game called?
 [11:54] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Not sure what's happening - it all of a sudden just started to degrade.
 [11:54] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Logs?
 [11:55] <m_conley>  reid: I remember playing a few adventure games when I was younger that were certainly designed to help my reading/comprehension. I'm thinking particularly of a Sierra one called "Mixed up Mother Goose". Quite good. So was Reader Rabbit.
 [11:55] <jerboaa>  I haven't touched anything of review-board. Things which changed was the ssl certificate of stanley and probably some "global" system changes of the hosted server...
 [11:56] <bwinton>  mikeg1a: "You are in a maze of twisty repositories all alike." ;)
 [11:56] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Hrmrm...it'd be nice if there was more data attached to this 500 error. When I ask for details, I get nada.
 [11:56] <bwinton>  I'm new-skool, so I'ld want a DooM front-end.
 [11:57] <jerboaa>  m_conley, exactly! having the same problem - nothing shows up in the logs
 [11:57] <mikeg1a>  m_conley: http://nickm.com/if/book_and_volume.html and http://sourceforge.net/projects/h4x0rs/ and http://caia.swin.edu.au/urp/l3dge/tools/l3dgeworld/
 [11:57] <m_conley>  bwinton: Ahh, text adventures... an acquired taste. :D
 [11:57] <mikeg1a>  There was another shooter..not finding it tho ;(
 [11:57] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Maybe time to see what Firebug thinks...
 [11:58] <jerboaa>  I think I need to get it running on the console - If you find something out, let me know
 [11:58] <m_conley>  mikeg1a: This is wonderful. *sigh*...interactive fiction. I dig it.
 [11:58] <mikeg1a>  Ah, there it is - even an academic paper! http://www.cs.unm.edu/~dlchao/flake/doom/chi/chi.html
 [11:59] <m_conley>  mikeg1a: The title alone makes it worth the read.
 [11:59] <jerboaa>  :-)
 [12:00] <jerboaa>  m_conley, do you need the "etc", "mail", etc. directories on markusproject.org?
 [12:00] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Not me.
 [12:00] <jerboaa>  I think it's a left over of your bot endeavours...
 [12:01] <jerboaa>  is it?
 [12:01] <m_conley>  Let me take a peek...
 [12:02] <jerboaa>  ok, etc and mail might actually be some dirs we need - but how about irc and irclogs
 [12:02] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Those directories don't seem to have to do with ircbots...they look like something that site5 may have "given" us...
 [12:02] <m_conley>  jerboaa: IRC directories can go.
 [12:02] <jerboaa>  and MarkusBot?
 [12:03] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Can go.
 [12:03] <jerboaa>  tcl? ring any bells?
 [12:03] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Rings tons. I needed it to compile Eggdrop. Not necessary now.
 [12:04] <jerboaa>  :-)
 [12:04] <jerboaa>  so probably "src"?
 [12:04] <m_conley>  mikeg1a: Corrupt, or inspire? I'm lovin' this. Thanks for the reading!
 [12:05] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Correct.
 [12:05] <mikeg1a>  It's all the same on the grad school level, isn't it? ;)
 [12:05] <m_conley>  mikeg1a: It's slowly seeming so. :D
 [12:11] <jerboaa>  Hi Melanie! How do you find Rails so far?
 [12:11] <m_conley>  jerboaa: I wonder if the certificate thing is doing this - maybe when Publishing, Subversion is waiting for Review Board to answer whether or not to temporarily accept the certificate...?
 [12:11] <reid>  m_conley: I'd bet you could find some papers on the topic. I wonder if any of the Alice people have done anything in that direction.
 [12:11] <reid>  I just talked to Alan. He is working on the configuration right now
 [12:12] <jerboaa>  Ok, so he's (Alan) past installation?
 [12:12]  *** reid phew
 [12:13] <reid>  Not sure. He had a couple of questions about environment.rb
 [12:13] <reid>  He was asking exactly how to set things up for the 3 courses, so I suspect he has it installed.
 [12:14] <m_conley>  reid: That's some of the best news I've had all year. Holy smokes, that was painless.
 [12:14] <reid>  Let's not celebrate too soon :)
 [12:14] <m_conley>  Right, good call.
 [12:15] <jerboaa>  well he was already close on Tuesday... :-)
 [12:15] <m_conley>  reid: concerning Alice - this looks interesting: http://www.alice.org/kelleher/storytelling/index.html - thanks for the tip!
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 [12:19] <jerboaa>  m_conley, ok I'll look into the certificate thing again - let's see...
 [12:19] <reid>  It's funny, I don't have a strong visual image of most of the users on the channel, but my brain won't let go of the image of mike and severin sitting in 2270. I almost walked into the room on my way downstairs to ask you a question.
 [12:20] <m_conley>  Aww. ;) Memories of good times.
 [12:20] <jerboaa>  right, totally! :-)
 [12:21] <jerboaa>  I discovered yesterday that the "lab is closed" poster is still hanging there
 [12:34] <Melanie>  hi Mike
 [12:34] <m_conley>  Melanie: Hey! So, how far have you gotten with your MarkUs install?
 [12:35] <Melanie>  Tell me when you are available to talk about MarkUs installation
 [12:35] <Melanie>  ok
 [12:35] <Melanie>  I went on this site: https://stanley.cdf.toronto.edu/drproject/csc49x/olm_rails
 [12:35] <m_conley>  Alright
 [12:35] <Melanie>  and have installed everything under Windows
 [12:36] <Melanie>  means InstantRails, Postgres
 [12:36] <Melanie>  I also have installed FireFox
 [12:36] <Melanie>  know I am not sure about the next step...
 [12:37] <m_conley>  Ok, fair enough
 [12:37] <m_conley>  I have to admit, I've never tried the Windows install - a teammate from a few months back wrote those instructions up.
 [12:37] <m_conley>  But let's see if we can get it going.
 [12:38] <m_conley>  What is the next step, according to the instructions?
 [12:38] <Melanie>  the instruction to install softs under Windows is just gret
 [12:38] <Melanie>  great*
 [12:38] <Melanie>  on https://stanley.cdf.toronto.edu/drproject/csc49x/olm_rails, the next step seems to be CDF-LAb
 [12:38] <Melanie>  but I think that it is for your sutendts
 [12:38] <m_conley>  Correct.
 [12:39] <Melanie>  so
 [12:39] <m_conley>  Ok, so you have completed the instructions in Windows, InstantRails, Postgres?
 [12:39] <Melanie>  yes
 [12:39] <m_conley>  Wonderful.
 [12:40] <m_conley>  Are you able to start the MarkUs server?
 [12:40] <Melanie>  you mean with Instantrails?
 [12:40] <m_conley>  Yes.
 [12:41] <jerboaa>  Melanie, you also need subversion and ruby bindings installed. I'm not sure how that would work in Windows (probably cygwin)
 [12:41] <m_conley>  jerboaa: Yep, I'm a bit worried about that bit.
 [12:41] <m_conley>  Melanie: I have to admit, installing on Windows hasn't been tried in months and months.
 [12:42] <reid>  Was Fernando installing it on Windows?
 [12:42] <m_conley>  reid: I think he has a Mac, if I'm not mistaken. Or maybe it was Gabriel. Someone has a Mac, anyhow.
 [12:42] <Melanie>  I can start the MarkUs server
 [12:42] <m_conley>  Melanie: Wonderful!
 [12:42] <reid>  Cool!
 [12:42] <Melanie>  but MySQL is PEnding
 [12:42] <m_conley>  Melanie: You're still going to have problems (re: subversion bindings, like Severin said), but that's a start.
 [12:43] <Melanie>  ok
 [12:43] <m_conley>  Melanie: You're using MySQL? Or Postgres?
 [12:43] <Melanie>  good question
 [12:43] <m_conley>  Hmm...
 [12:43] <Melanie>  I am realy confused with al that installation
 [12:43] <m_conley>  That's fine.
 [12:44] <Melanie>  InstantRails wants to start Apache and MySQL
 [12:44] <m_conley>  Have you done the "Installing the Driver" step in those instructions?
 [12:45] <Melanie>  I did everything
 [12:45] <Melanie>  I took me hours
 [12:45] <m_conley>  Ok, just checking.
 [12:45] <m_conley>  Hm. Alright. So it says that your Rails server is running, correct?
 [12:45] <Melanie>  yes
 [12:46] <m_conley>  Ok, boot up Firefox, and try going to http://localhost:3000
 [12:46] <Melanie>  Apache is started and MySQL is started
 [12:46] <m_conley>  You may just end up using MySQL for simplicities sake. That's fine, it should work.
 [12:46] <Melanie>  ok
 [12:46] <m_conley>  Is there anything at localhost:3000?
 [12:46] <jerboaa>  it definitely works with MySQL :-)
 [12:46] <Melanie>  let me see