class GradeEntryItem

GradeEntryItem represents column names (i.e. question names and totals) in a grade entry form.

Public Class Methods

create_or_update_from_csv_rows(names, totals, grade_entry_form) click to toggle source

Create new grade entry items (or update them if they already exist) using the first two rows from a CSV file

These rows are formatted as follows: “”,Q1,Q2,… “”,Q1total,Q2total,…

(We’ve included “” at the beginning of each line so that it is easy to upload grades directly from a spreadsheet where there would be a blank column heading in the first row in the table. The “” also appears at the beginning of the first two rows when downloading the grades as a CSV file so that the table is formatted nicely when using a program like Excel to import the CSV.)

# File app/models/grade_entry_item.rb, line 32
def self.create_or_update_from_csv_rows(names, totals, grade_entry_form)
  # The number of question names given should equal the number of question totals
  if names.size != totals.size
    raise I18n.t('grade_entry_forms.csv.incomplete_header')

  # Make sure the first elements in names and totals are ""
  unless names.shift == '' and totals.shift == ''
    raise I18n.t('grade_entry_forms.csv.incomplete_header')

  # Process the question names and totals
  (0..(names.size - 1)).each do |i|
    grade_entry_item = grade_entry_form.grade_entry_items.find_or_create_by_name(names[i])
    grade_entry_item.out_of = totals[i]