class GracePeriodSubmissionRule

Public Instance Methods

after_collection_message() click to toggle source
# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 10
def after_collection_message
  I18n.t 'submission_rules.grace_period_submission_rule.after_collection_message'
apply_submission_rule(submission) click to toggle source
# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 37
def apply_submission_rule(submission)

  # If we aren't overtime, we don't need to apply a rule
  return submission if submission.revision_timestamp <= assignment.due_date

  # So we're overtime.  How far are we overtime?
  collection_time = submission.revision_timestamp
  due_date = assignment.due_date

  overtime_hours = calculate_overtime_hours_from(collection_time)
  # Now we need to figure out how many Grace Credits to deduct
  deduction_amount = calculate_deduction_amount(overtime_hours)

  #Get rid of any previous deductions for this assignment, so as not to
  #give duplicate deductions upon multiple calls to this method

  # And how many grace credits are available to this grouping
  available_grace_credits = submission.grouping.available_grace_credits

  # If the available_grace_creidts <= 0, simply get the submission
  # from the due date.
  # If the deduction_amount is greater than the amount of grace
  # credits available to this grouping, then we need to destroy
  # this submission, find the date of the last valid commit, and
  # use that as a submission, and return it.

  if available_grace_credits <= 0
    grouping = submission.grouping
    submission = Submission.create_by_timestamp(grouping, due_date.localtime)
    return submission
  elsif available_grace_credits < deduction_amount
    grouping = submission.grouping
    collection_time = calculate_collection_date_from_credits(available_grace_credits)
    submission = Submission.create_by_timestamp(grouping, collection_time.localtime)
    # And now, a little recursion...
    return assignment.submission_rule.apply_submission_rule(submission)

  # Deduct Grace Credits from every member of the Grouping
  student_memberships = submission.grouping.accepted_student_memberships

  student_memberships.each do |student_membership|
    deduction =
    deduction.membership = student_membership
    deduction.deduction = deduction_amount

assignment_valid?() click to toggle source

GracePeriodSubmissionRule works with all Assignments

# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 33
def assignment_valid?
commit_after_collection_message() click to toggle source

When Students commit code after the collection time, MarkUs should warn the Students with a message saying that the due date has passed, and the work they’re submitting will probably not be graded

# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 6
def commit_after_collection_message
  I18n.t 'submission_rules.grace_period_submission_rule.commit_after_collection_message'
description_of_rule() click to toggle source
# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 92
def description_of_rule
  I18n.t 'submission_rules.grace_period_submission_rule.description'
grader_tab_partial() click to toggle source
# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 96
def grader_tab_partial
overtime_message(grouping) click to toggle source

This message will be dislayed to Students on viewing their file manager after the due date has passed, but before the calculated collection date.

# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 16
def overtime_message(grouping)

  # We need to know how many grace credits this grouping has left...
  grace_credits_remaining = grouping.available_grace_credits
  # How far are we into overtime?
  overtime_hours = calculate_overtime_hours_from(
  grace_credits_to_use = calculate_deduction_amount(overtime_hours)
  if grace_credits_remaining < grace_credits_to_use
    # This grouping is out of grace credits.
    I18n.t 'submission_rules.grace_period_submission_rule.overtime_message_without_days_left'
    # This grouping still has some grace credits to spend.
    I18n.t 'submission_rules.grace_period_submission_rule.overtime_message_with_days_left', :grace_credits_remaining => grace_credits_remaining, :grace_credits_to_use => grace_credits_to_use
remove_deductions(submission) click to toggle source

Remove all deductions for this assignment from all accepted members of submission, so that any new deductions for the assignemnt will not be duplicates

# File app/models/grace_period_submission_rule.rb, line 102
def remove_deductions(submission)
  student_memberships = submission.grouping.accepted_student_memberships

  student_memberships.each do |student_membership|
    deductions = student_membership.user.grace_period_deductions
    deductions.each do |deduction|
      if ==