module CookieDetection

detects if cookies are enabled in the user’s browser, by attempting to read/write a cookie.

Protected Instance Methods

cookies_enabled() click to toggle source

true if cookies are enabled, false otherwise.

# File lib/cookie_detection.rb, line 8
def cookies_enabled
  if cookies[:cookieTest].blank?
    if params[:cookieTest].nil?
      cookies[:cookieTest] =
      # we need to redirect in order to test, otherwise cookies[] will not be blank even if no actual cookie exists because cookies[] was set locally
      # send a parameter, "currentlyTesting" to same controller, and attempt to write cookie again
      redirect_to :controller => "main", :action => "login", :cookieTest => "currentlyTesting"
      # if the parameter cookieTest is set, then we have already tried to write a cookie and it is still empty. Cookies are off.
      return false
   return true